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Anamur Map

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General Information
” Take a refreshing dip in the shadow of history ”

Anamur, a few miles up the Mediterranean coast , a city built on mountain slopes … In the coast just south of the city , rather than indigenous peoples in the interior of Anatolia have come from cities to families on vacation, you’ll come across . Away from the pomp of holiday destinations on the Mediterranean coast , the sea is clean, peaceful town of Anamur … When you go out of town to secluded beaches , undiscovered bays await you …
Summer season begins in May and continues until the end of October . Anamur reflects the typical Mediterranean climate . There are a scorching hot summer . Sea water temperature in July-August to the highest level is reached. Showing falling into the sea after October fingers . Mild and rainy winter … Write in a way that might have tired of the crowds and warm in the winter silence and welcomes ziyeretçi who enjoys traveling .
Anamur is possible to reach by road in two different ways : Alanya Gülnur out or … If it takes longer to reach through the city of Alanya also , the road condition is better this way is preferred by most bus companies . Gülnur so many drivers on the road is a nightmare for hard cornering , though, I will say no view of the fact … 16 hour bus ride from Istanbul to Anamur is in progress. Antalya by plane the nearest place you can iulaş … Five hours by road from Antalya to Anamur able to reach …
Anamur the first settlement on the outskirts , 5 kilometers from the city of today Anemurium … This seaside ruins of the ancient city that spans a large region continues to attract attention today . For the first time in a city of Cilicia, as we face the Anamur, Roman has become a one stop commercial vessels . In the Byzantine era has been restructured and changed the face . Anamur 12 After centuries of Turks who settled in the city participated in the Seljuk territory . Karamanoğulları and then passed into the hands of the Ottoman Empire .
Things to Do
Which is the most ancient settlement near Anamur Anemurium , as well as the history , clear sea and collect the visitors . Just in front of the ruins of the ancient port city of large pebbles able to enter the sea at the beach … Large , scattered in a hilly region where some of the ancient structure is quite well preserved mosaics . Located in the city such as concerts and bath shared living spaces also worth a visit.

Mamure Castle , built during the Roman era and used by the Ottomans . Do not walk into a citadel which is now a museum and be able to enjoy the view from the high towers …

Kosekbuku Cave, believed to be good for asthma with moist air a favorite venue . Although not very large , with an abundance of stalactites and stalagmites attention. There is a resting place in the forest around the cave , a day of sightseeing satisfied if you wish , you can spend a few days in a wooden hut .

You can join a boat trip from the pier of the old Anamur , the castle and the road to be able to stay away from human impacts can see some of the bays .
Wining and Dining
Mersin -specific tantuni kebab, very common in Anamur … If you want to have a snack while walking , taking paninis . If you are not suffering from loving , you must specify it . If you do not warn from Ocean can be very painful . Also pay attention to the small peppers that accompanies every meal … Conventional tastes like pancakes and pita , Anamur adapted to local tastes , though, appear frequently . Other delicacies unique to the region of the goat meat, goat cheese and goat yogurt …
Anamur center of night life , “Pier ” … Anamur coastal region called the city itself is a few kilometers from the sea , Piers , is also quite popular venue for residents of the town … A short walk down the main street on the coast you can see in you can select one of the bars . Dance to the jetty on the road between Anamur had a big disco .
Outdoor Sports
Anamur, a very convenient area for caving … Other ‘s many caves . The most famous of these is located in 1990 and is said to be Turkey ‘s second largest Cukurpinar Sinkhole cave ( Cave) Anamur is 46 km away … It was descended from the cave as deep as 1200 meters .

Apart from this region , trekking, hiking, and also very suitable for diving activities …
Anamur ‘s public hospitals and private practice .
Alanya Silifke, Bozyazı
Holidays with Children
Anamur, which is the most attractive side of the sea , some shorelines can deepen one . If you are staying in the pier , the beach is shallow let’s say that most of the medium . In Anamuryum may need to be careful because the water is very deep , but also occasionally rocky …

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