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General Information
Beloved capital of the Republic of Turkey in Ankara, is a cultural city . Centuries ago , based on strong infrastructure , transport facilities and spacious with high education level of the people and how special it is a city that attracts attention is certain to Ankara . In terms of location , which is extremely central Ankara today , universities , museums and concert halls is a place frequently visited by . Political life , the heart of the capital , with the surrounding natural beauty and modern atmosphere is privileged . Science and our pride in the culture of the Ankara every year , many walks and attracts visitors for many reasons . The truth is , no matter what reasons you are staying in Ankara , this is not the case you can not find what you are looking in the city . Ankara immediately you open your heart and shows the way . Tidy and clean streets and numerous urban transportation facilities and can give you what you want . Historic buildings, magnificent museums, cultural centers and leisure facilities where you will spend your time with full definite …

Ankara is under the influence of the continental climate . The snows of winter . In summer the temperature is high. Ankara is a place visited four seasons . History and culture is developed in terms of tourism . Also in terms of congress tourism is a very important city . In terms of management of the centers in this region have often visited it has also become a city .

Almost every province in Turkey’s capital Ankara, which is held from the bus . Outside of large firms , local firms have even time . 453 km from Istanbul to Ankara . 580 km from Ankara- Izmir . Long- distance intercity buses and night cruises may be preferred. Thus, along the way serving many are able to benefit from an accommodation center . 40-50 kilometers from Ankara to eat and get some rest at your tiredness can escape . Ankara station, the bus station is quite modern and comfortable . Ankara also with bus companies service you can easily reach all major districts . Ankara also reach by rail is extremely simple. Capital , Fatih, Istanbul Bosphorus and the Ankara Anatolian Express connects . Capital Express, you can choose to travel by day . This afternoon you fly in on the morning train to Ankara delivers. In the evening, the Ankara Anatolian Express, you can choose . İzmir Blue Train , Train , and Dumlupınar Railway Square , Izmir and Ankara are connecting . Cukurova using the Blue Train can travel between Ankara and Adana . September 4 Blue Train connects the Diyarbakir and Ankara . The city center is located 35 kilometers away from Ankara Esenboga Airport , one of Turkey’s most important airports . Istanbul, Izmir , Batman , Dalaman, Diyarbakir , Adana, Antalya , Van, Elazığ, Erzincan , Erzurum, Gaziantep , Kars, Malatya, Mus, Samsun, Sinop , Sivas, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon and Ankara flights between able to find …

Region Local Transportation
Ankara city bus , subway, Ankaray , commuter trains, the main transportation options . Minibuses and vans are used they are not so popular in Istanbul . Crescent – Batıkent a very practical means of transportation between the subway . Ankara- Kayaş – of Xinjiang can use the commuter train . Ankaray , traffic on the route between labor- Dikimevi allows you to travel without getting caught .

The Hittites , the Ankara garrison of the region , has become a center of settlement in that period . King Midas of Phrygia which is thought to establish the city of Ankara , since the First Age have been found on major trade routes . First name is one of the Engürü . Today the name is thought to derive from Engürü . Order the Phrygian , Lydian, Persians and Alexander the Great , the city came to rule , then the government has entered into Celtic Galatian tribes . Galatians, is the first public -proclaimed capital of Ankara . BC Romans They captured the city in 189 , and have brought a new face to the city . The Romans founded the city council and the city of granting autonomy , have given importance to the city’s infrastructure and aqueducts , baths were constructed with the city . The Byzantine era, the city has become a commercial hub and giving importance to the defense of the city in this period , the walls have been restored . 1073’t filed after the Turkish settlement , the city has maintained its importance in Seljuk and Ottoman periods . Ankara rail transport facilities in the near term and the economic structure has become the heart of Anatolia . Parliament during the War of Independence as the birthplace of the prominent Ankara, has for example become a very important center politically and with the establishment of the Republic on 13 October 1923 has been declared the capital . Ankara, the history of the modern Republic of Turkey is an ideal place to explore . Ethnographic museums in the city such as the first Parliament building structures, a solid foundation of the Republic, tells the story .

Things to Do
Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara , the Turkish Parliament , the ministry ‘s such an important place . They are open from 9:30 to 23:00 every day except Atakule and shopping , as well as an ideal place to eat … Here are many products available in hundreds of stores . Also watching the panorama of the city revolving restaurant is quite a good choice for dining . Ankara, with parks and recreation facilities attracts attention. The summer months, the Youth Park , the hippest places like Bar Dam . Leisure facilities at the outside Ankara Kızılcahamam welcomes those who wish to spend a peaceful holiday . During the spring months are very popular , especially at weekends . Ankara will not pass without seeing the museum . Ethnographic museum, get to know the local culture and handicrafts very striking and attractive place in terms … One of the most important museums in the area of ​​Turkey’s history at the Museum of Natural History finds prehistoric eras may encounter . Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the Hittites, Phrygians , has been dominant in Anatolia examine an important center of civilization . Famous Sun courses here. Removed from Çatalhöyük many valuable finds are on display in this museum . On the history of the Republic in Ankara also has many museums and cultural centers . The city also is a source for research on this issue . 19 Since centuries while those who want to study the history of art , with the vast collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts welcomes interest . Column Jülyanüs city’s most important historic ruins and Roman ruins , Temple of Augustus , the Clock Tower, St. Clemens Church. Aslanhane Church and Haci Bayram Mosque of the most important examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture . Also in Ankara and around the many historic inns to be found. 17 century, the remaining aqueous Khan, 15 Leaded rest century inn from the 16th century, the most prominent of the remaining hook Han . The architectural features of this structure might be interested in sex . Historic Ankara Castle , can not be shared through the ages has undertaken the task of protecting the city . Spa tourism is also developed around Ankara . 73 kilometers away from Ankara Haymana Springs, 80 kilometers away from the Ayas Springs, natural treatment possibilities with interest. Located 41 kilometers east of Ankara Elmadağ winter sports center is home to many visitors are doing .

Wining and Dining
Ankara Anatolian cuisine can come across almost all instances . Several pies , Ankara pan , made ​​famous from Ankara pear desserts and homemade dishes such as stuffed grape leaves , comes at the beginning of the most sought-after food . Haci Arif Tunalı Hilmi Street in the restaurant , with dishes prepared using all the intricacies of Turkish cuisine is famous . If they Street cafe in Argentina , with a rich menu will draw your attention . Fast food culture is highly developed in this province . Branches of the familiar fast-food brands , serves on the city’s busiest places . Moreover, Ankara , bagels and pancakes to the people of their choice for their bellies is one of popular food . If Atakul is an ideal place for dinner extremely . This revolving restaurant at the top of the tower , has become one of the symbols of Ankara . Tunisia is quite a nice cafe on the Lycian Street . Here you can eat something cold or hot beverages as well as you can try . Pizza Cafe Italliano Vento , Italian cuisine lovers and qualified for the practical option. Schnitzel , German and Austrian cuisine , ideal for lovers . El Torito Mexican cuisine attracts attention. If you want to fish you can Yakamoz Fish Restaurant in Tunalı Hilmi , the most beautiful of the places where you can stop . 49’t both types of classic kebab kebab , you can enjoy a variety of both meat dishes . Ankara’s fireside and Iskembecisi culture is also very advanced , you also stay open late at night, never to be recalled . In addition, berry butter , coconut butter , molasses specific as Ankara suggest you try the local specialties .

Major shopping venues ; Atakul Tunali Hilmi Caddesi , Argentina Street, the shopping center ‘s . Akköprü Migros, Tunalılar Karim , Kocatepe we like it there . Bilkent surrounded by trendy boutiques , shops selling certain products of the brands you will come across . Crescent also a place rich in boutiques . Tunalı Hilmi stationery , bookshops and music shops will remind you that you found a culture in the city . Jewelers Bazaar If you can find what you are looking for about jewelry . Ankara jewelry is very advanced. Especially gold and silver jewelry lovers, interesting examples can add to their collections . Street cafes in Argentina by eating , can break your shopping , then you can continue where you left off . The prices here are a little more high compared to other districts . Difficult to say anything certain about souvenirs . Especially if you want to get something very unique , souvenir intention imitation of antique furniture you’ll find the environment we recommend the Ankara Citadel .

Argentina Street, Köroğlu , Gazi Osman Paşa , Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi, Farabi Street , places like Jinnah Avenue in Ankara are among the most colorful in terms of nightlife . In particular, Kashmere , Nazif Suleiman , Murphy’s, The North Shield places like the choice of people of all ages . Lemon Bars in Sakarya Caddesi , Ankara’s the best alternative venues . Live music program draws immediate attention . Saklikent also continues to be a pioneer of alternative venues . A classic nightlife , Hard Rock Cafe Ankara, very moving , especially at weekends . Live music here is also very qualified. Jazz, blues communities scene worth watching . Köroğlu of the oldest bars on Avenue Blues Mainland . While sipping your drink you can listen to rock songs of the 1970s . SSK Business inn located in the shadow , is one of the places preferred by young people . There is live music almost every evening . Prices are also reasonable. Paps of convolutions in the street , one of the most crowded bar . Music is not much here in the foreground . Capital Casino , the famous headliner television that entertains and programs are subject to a popular entertainment venue …

Outdoor Sports
Ankara as a place inhabited by young population , almost all kinds of sporting events , is a center where international tournaments take place . Elmadağ an important place for winter sports . Kayaksever with 650 -meter ski trails in the winter paradise state. Plants, disco , nightlife and recreation centers and resort very important … Altınpark golf and an important center for various indoor sports . From volleyball to tennis facilities here in all kinds of sporting events takes place . Rent a kayak at the Youth Park to visit. Water bike a separate entertainment … Beynam hiking and trekking in the jungles can be made. Picnic areas are popular in spring and summer . Lakeside and Karagöl also important centers for nature walks . Eco-tourism developed here . Karagöl cool near springs and lush vegetation , ideal for those who want to get away from the intensity of Ankara . Rowing lakeside resort , especially from places where young visitors showed interest … In Kesiköprü camping areas, lounge and outdoor sports facilities are suitable for . Kesikköprü can come to take your tents and caravans . In addition, the university has sports clubs . Here you meet Turkey’s most active sports centers . In Ankara, Turkey around the outdoor tours, nature tours regulating travel agents in vogue.

Ankara place is easy to find all types of health services . A full-fledged state-owned hospitals and private hospitals you will find a very well equipped . Ankara Hospital, Ankara University Medical Faculty Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe Hospital, Gazi University, Medical Faculty Hospital as large as possible to find the solution to all health problems in health care organizations . In addition, due to government and private organizations ambulance service is also available .

Eskişehir , Department of Cardiology , Istanbul, Bolu

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -4 / 2 February: -2 / 4 March: 3/12
April: 7/19 May: 10/22 June: 14/28
July: 16/30 August: 19/34 September: 13/24
October: 9/19 November: 1/11 Range: 0 /8
Holidays with Children
Ankara traveling with kids can be a lot of fun . Transport facilities in a city with so much that you ‘ll never have to drag the kids here and there . If you already wander with them , one of the part-time child care service you can call. Among the places you can take the kids coming Atatürk Forest Farm . A full promenade here , especially in summer . Dam 12 miles from the center bar in the future. With children can eat a nice lunch by the water , the surrounding areas of the game , you can enjoy the amusement park -like recreational vehicles . If you visit Ankara on April 23 across most colorful Children’s Day is celebrated here we have to say . Children’s balls, celebrations for children is creating a real party atmosphere . Private organizations in these days organizing events for children are very colorful . Youth Park in vogue , especially on weekends . Between May and October visitors can relax as a family , have fun , eat one of the places where … April 23 Culture Center in Altınpark in Turkey, one of the great cultural centers for children . Atakul only children, but adults will also like to wander somewhere . Both dishes for dinner , you can choose to shop for both . Kuğulu Park, a large play area for children with Seymenler Park may be interested . If you experience health problems related to children , Mughal Street’s Sami Ulus Children’s Hospital , you can get a comprehensive health service .

Kızılcahamam Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Kızılcahamam is the county .
» Water temperature : 47 ° C- Big Springs Supply, 44 ° C -WELL Spa Supply, 19.5 ° C -Kızılcahamam Mineral Water Supply, 34 ° C – Acısu Thermal Supply, 43 ° C -Seyler Bath Supply, 37 ° C – Candids Source.
» PH Value: 7.06 -Great Spas Supply, 7.45 -WELL Spa Supply, Kızılcahamam Mineral Water Supply 6.62 – , 6.20 – Acısu Thermal Supply, Supply 6.52 -Seyler Bath and Candids
» Features: hyperthermal , hypotonic , Great Spas , Small Hot Springs Resources , Hypothermal , hypotonic , Kızılcahamam Mineral Water Supply , Thermal, hypotonic , Acısu Spas Resources , Isothermal , hypotonic , Acısu Source, bicarbonate , sodium, chloride, arsenic , carbon dioxide, Great Spas , Kızılcahamam Mineral Water, Thermal Candids , Candids resources, bicarbonate , chloride, sodium , arsenic, Small Spa supply . Bicarbonate, sodium , calcium , carbon dioxide.
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Treatment Diaesses : Drinking cures , liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines , internal and external sökresyo slaves and metabolic diseases ; bathroom cures heart , circulatory disorders , rheumatism is acting on .
» Accommodation Facilities : Municipal Thermal Hotel ( 130 beds ) , Pine Hotel ( 39 rooms , 81 beds )

Well Bath Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Kızılcahamam – Çerkeş Güvem on the road is located in the west of the parish .
»Transportation : Trust 2 km from the parish . away.
» Water temperature : 43 degrees
» Water (PH) value: 6.5
» Features: Bicarbonate, Sodium , Calcium, carbon dioxide and fluoride has a composition .
Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, joint and arthritis , gastrointestinal , circulatory , nervous disorders, liver and gall bladder, which makes a positive impact on diseases such as malnutrition .
»Accommodation : 14 guestrooms at Hot Springs , 28 beds are available .

Ski Resorts
ANKARA – ELMADAG SKI CENTER 18 km away from the city center . METU – Ankara University – to – Hacattep by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Ministry of Tourism with ski house party with peat hotel is located two meat barbecue resturant . 1 teleskis resort 548 meters in length 720 people / hour capacity of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports Transportation vehicles and special facilities are provided by the University . Ski season in January-March snow depth of 30-60 cm.

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