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General Information
“Turkey’s tourism capital ” too hot. Your eyes do not see anything else from the sea ? Lara and Lara beaches await you. Do you want me to swim outside of Antalya ? Side, Alanya is ready to embrace you . Does your stomach is hungry ? Do you want to eat fish in a different place ? Manavgat Waterfall near the trout to eat what do you think? Do you want to make a stroll in the city . Fluted Minaret , Hadrian’s door , the Kaleici , did you see the marina . What “sample museum ” which received the award Antalya Archeological Museum ? Antalya, Turkey’s tourism capital might even say … When you enter the Tourism Information Bureau , who want to buy houses in Antalya and legal procedures may encounter foreigners trying to learn . Around the world, many people self enthusiasts have is a city of Antalya … big and prosperous city view … Environment surrounding small towns, historic, cultural values ​​and not going to be the natural richness of the Mediterranean is the pearl . Its endless beaches, mysterious caves , between the folds of the rest of the Taurus Mountains and plains extending an indescribable blue of the Mediterranean … Antalya is human self jerk . From there, you will not want to leave .

Two type of climate is rife in Antalya : First, a typical Mediterranean climate in the coastal regions , and the latter in the upper region , the Mediterranean climate and the land constituting the passage of the Central Anatolian climate climate . Therefore, in two regions of the tourist season , could differ slightly . Antalya’s annual average temperature of 18.7 degrees. Winter season is not experienced. Therefore, especially for visitors from colder climates generation loves to Antalya … Antalya “s tourism season four seasons open . Summer months are naturally more lively going through . Beaches and sun to benefit those who want Between May and October comes . Natural beauty and historical monuments who want to see the year in the 12 months Antalya ” or suffered can .

Antalya is very easy transport especially in the spring . Turkey’s once all the major bus companies are doing in this city . During the summer months can be difficult to find tickets . Road is pretty crowded . Recreational amenities hard to find a place in the tea beverage . But there is a nice night cruises separate . When night off from Istanbul , Antalya sleepy at first light in the morning how nice it feels to be reunited … Antalya Airport is packed at in the summer . Some of the tourism sector, the number of aircraft to meet the demands of visitors even say . Therefore , in summer , especially on domestic flights do pre- book your place . Have received your tickets in advance of departure and return . Antalya “or by sea comes within reach . Just not certain passenger vessels , yachts and fishing boats in the harbor of Antalya in” is seen .

Region Local Transportation
Antalya urban transportation in vans and provide a city-owned vehicles . To reach out to various districts , local bus firms (eg Manavgat Tourism ) can benefit . Many tools moving from Antalya Bus Station you can take to surrounding towns . Kemer Hotels cliff in front of moving vehicles can find . Because the city is very crowded in the summer , in varying tariffs and transportation may need to take additional information from the tourist office .

Antalya’s history dates back to M.Ö.159 year . 2nd King of Pergamum Attalos , the soldiers sent to find the most beautiful place in the world . They also saw Antalya , the most beautiful place in the world have decided that it is here . Attalos find this beautiful new Attaleia gave its name to the region . Antalya, Lydians , respectively, before entering the sovereignty of the Ottomans , Romans, Byzantines and Seljuks directed by . All of these civilizations , they left the city with cultural and architectural values ​​. Therefore, vivid traces of history in Antalya … Each residue is telling another story . For example, the symbol of Antalya ; Fluted Minaret Mosque , the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat 13 century built . The famous Hadrian’s Gate , A.D. Built in honor of the Emperor Hadrian in 130 .

Things to Do
Are countless places to visit in Antalya . If you attracts architecture and history , the Citadel , the Clock Tower , which is located in Kaleici Karatay Madrasa , Kalekapisi of the Fluted Minaret , Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque , in the north of the Fluted Minaret Nigar Hatun Mausoleum , former church Truncated Minaret Mosque which you must see . Antalya is 18 km away from the house inn , located 30 km from Antalya city’s centuries before Kırkgöz Inn proves to be a busy commercial center . A restoration of the district of Kaleici great … Vicinity of the marina filled with the kind of make history . A.D. 130 Hadrian’s Gate from ancient times to the present day symbolizes the glory . Antalya and the surrounding caves attracts visitors due to various features . Other caves found hundreds . 30 km northwest of Antalya, the Karain Cave sheds light on prehistoric periods . Where people lived during the reign of chipped stone , an answer to the question … now open to visitors , to go and not get chills seeing . 50 km north Kocain Ahirtas cave located in the village , even the Byzantine period, was used as a hiding place . There are a few different ways to go to my husband . But you advise Ahirtas road passing through the village . More hours of walking a look at , because it takes way more time than it seems . Write prefer my husband to go to the morning hours . The resort area of Antalya, depending on the case in many other caves can be visited there . You can put them on the list to see . Among the tourist attractions in Olympos near Antalya , Perge and Thermessos necessarily need to count . When you stay in Antalya , this place one day to three months , you will not regret it . Near Olympos Mountains and Coast National Park, Thermessos Gulluk National Park in Manavgat, depending on the nature of the Koprulu Canyon National Park would have preferred places for those who want to stay in love . Adrasan Bay, Phaselis beaches, sea and sun in the summer months bring us privileged places … Antalya’s beaches, enhanced by the surrounding cafes . The agenda of the beach culture , is determined here every summer . Even with a Hollywood star in this beach you can come nose to nose . Fish restaurant to enjoy the benefits of being close to water sources there . Waterfalls near Antalya , Duden, Manavgat and leaded buyers mind with extraordinary natural scenery . Leaded minibus from Antalya city center you can find Waterfall . Leaded minibus takes half an hour to arrive at the maximum . Then you might forget how time passes . When you arrive in Antalya , you can be one of the luckiest people in the Mediterranean : on one side of the mountain gods of Olympos , on the one hand Saklıkent on one side, Aspendos and Perge and Simena … Belek is also necessary to note . ” Bored ” is deleted from the word dictionary in Antalya .

Wining and Dining
Able to find a variety of restaurants in Antalya . Chinese, Mexican , British, German cuisine restaurants hold of the examples demonstrate , the Southeast procedure giving way to kebabs and pide restaurants , grill until the … Of course, in general, dominated by Mediterranean cuisine and seafood . Advanced age Antalyali orange jam Can I offer you ladies . Also, a menu of local dishes in the Antalya’s most beautiful arapas If you come across a try . In Antalya , the beach and the restaurants around the harbor and rich menu and attentive service will encounter . If in the resort of Antalya , and prices , as well as vary the type of restaurant . Not saturated at the water’s edge seafood dishes . Most seafood restaurant with an extensive wine menu is tempting . In the plateau region have the chance to find the local food . If you have to plant the breakfast in the morning of your stay , you have many places to offer English type breakfast . Some small chip pie you can eat at the café . Will give you energy throughout the day , freshly squeezed orange juice waiting for you in just about every corner . Antalya will prepare you for a busy day everything will be at your fingertips .

There are numerous shops in Antalya . Almost all well-known brands have opened a branch here . Assorted boutiques . Especially in summer , slim and stylish to wear too many clothes on you can get around here . Of course , prices in Istanbul, Izmir , Ankara may be slightly above the city like . With local processing in Antalya can be found on fancy clothes . Apparel and accessories for women, especially eye-catching . Silversmiths difficult to pass without looking at the counter . Can be used tastefully throughout the summer anklets , earrings , bracelets , evil eye beads , ethnic jewelry stalls adorn associative . Near the historical remains souvenirs will come across products that expand the boundaries of the definition . Trinkets, religious motif items, miniature imitations of historic statues , and even a small Santa Claus … At the center of Antalya , you’ll see in the towns carpet, while jewelers and leather dealers will surprise you. Mostly these places that cater to foreign tourists per step you will encounter . Antalya in ancient times , you can find numerous resources on . Tourism Information offices, bookstore and detailed maps of the popular history books written in various languages ​​can be found.

In a few centers in Antalya nightlife livens more . In the summer season discos and bars at a marina full of energy. In the surrounding districts and towns , especially in the arch and Titreyengöl dance together in the morning and have been dealing with high-volume music is achieved. Antalya’s marina, where you can listen to live music in there . Rock, techno, hip hop genres of music you are listening to like , will appeal to you in marina has many attractions . Domestic and foreign many visitors prefer here . Kaleici, as well as the British pub , bar and tavern songs can come across . Available in a wide variety of night life . Revue shows, dance performances, places open until almost morning . Rock bars will encounter stiff drink menu . Certain choices you have about beer , you must specify a location to suit your taste . Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival during the night of your life more colorful and I need to add that become qualified .

Outdoor Sports
Summer and winter in Antalya , able to perform various activities . Not very advanced in terms of tourist attractions , nature facilities provide the most accurate and safest forms of evaluation have . Once, for the sake of Antalya once established temples anayl peace with nature . National parks, picnic areas, picnic areas clean and well maintained . Important in terms of eco-tourism, natural parks, bird of paradise there . Titreyengöl , in areas such as Demre the wonders of nature you can see colorful birds’ wings . Surprisingly, a city of Antalya 50 km away from the winter . far from a ski resort : Saklikent Ski and Recreation Centre … Central , to kayaksever winters , summers are calling those interested in mountain tourism . After elevation of 2000 m in Saklikent ski areas begins . Taurus Mountains , climbing an attractive place for people interested in the sport . Beydağları within the borders of Antalya , only climbers , but also attracts the attention of geologists . Girls as sharp and Copper Mountain peaks , is calling on mankind arduous struggle . Antalya -Apple Valley to Çamkur when you deviate from the road , to meet girls with sharp little is left of the peak . Bey Mountains surrounding plateaus and valleys can come to camp . In this area most suitable to go on nature walks month is April . Koprulu Canyon rafting, cycling tours and golf in Kemer , offroad jeep safari itineraries and most important events . Sailing, windsurfing , canoeing, sea activities such as jet ski popular in demand. Turban Kaleici Marina, Setu centers such as Kemer Marina is ideal for yachtsmen … Antalya and the surrounding lakes, rivers and sea fishing is a common hobby …

Antalya visitors from colder regions , particularly climate change will lead to discomfort must pay attention to . If you have a sensitive site in such matters , to come to the region which is cooler than April , as the month of May you can choose . Antalya serves healthcare institutions , diversity and a great city in terms of quality . During the summer months due to sunstroke or stomach discomfort from eating heavy meals can shoot . At Antalya State Hospital , will find the cure to many large health center trouble .

Kemer, Beldibi, Side, Belek , Manavgat

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
Jan. 5/ 13 February : 6/ 15 March: 9/18
April: 13/22 May: 16/26 June: 21/31
July: 24/34 August: 25/34 September: 21/30
October : 17/ 25 November : 10/20 Range: 8/17
Holidays with Children
Antalya is an ideal place for vacation with kids . Aqua park, playground , children’s pool and majestic natural beauty of the elements of interest to children . The EKOD my belt , you can go as a family to fun places like the waterpark . Short -distance nature walks, the tiny negatively affected by the gloom of the city develops and relaxes . Beach and sun are many children realize their dreams . Many of the tiny restaurant with attentive children’s menu actually worth how much respect and attention that individuals are stressed . Visitors small -minded facilities , animators, children’s clubs and a variety of activities ensures that they never get bored . Meanwhile, the children’s section of the Antalya Museum should not be forgotten . In this section , a first in Turkey , since prehistoric times, little of the favorite toys are on display. Only children, but also of great interest toured a section where .

Ski Resorts
ANTALYA – Antalya Saklikent ski resort SKI CENTER Beydağları 50 km from the city center . It is in the north west . A cooperative of private property has two lifts . A cafe is operating . There are hostels belonging to cooperatives . Ski season December -March in Antalya are reached in 1 hour by car

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