City of Safranbolu

Date of inclusion on the World Heritage List: 12/17/1994

List reference: 614 Criteria: Cultural


Safranbolu, an Anatolian city that brings history to life through its mosques, markets, neighborhoods, streets and original houses, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. The city is located in the Paflagonia region, which Homer described in his epic poem The Iliad and its well-known history dates back to 3000 BC. BC back. The city was ruled by the Hittites, the Phryigians, the Lydlans, Persions, Hellenistic kingdoms (ponds), Romans (Byzantines), Seljuks, Beyliken of Cobanoglu and Candaroglu or the Ottomans.

Safranbolu’s current layout and physical characteristics were established in the 17th and 18th centuries. Safranbolu, one of the few cities that was still intact in the second half of the 19th century, was expanded in accordance with the changing needs of time in harmony with nature.

Safranbolu’s economic muscle is reflected in the life of the city, and Safranbolu Houses reveals the city’s culture in an original way. The Safranbolu houses are the building blocks that represent Turkish urban culture as a living reminder of our time. There are around 2000 traditional Turkish houses in the county seat. Around 800 of these houses are under legal protection. The houses have plans that reflect the Turkish lifestyle, customs and traditions in a rich spatial arrangement. The houses are modest buildings with an understanding of respect for nature and neighbors.

The overhanging extensions of the first floors of the Safranbolu houses disturb the undesirable evenness of all houses. The house windows are specially designed as narrow and high windows. The wooden window frames and sashes are fitted with wooden grilles called “musabak”. Details such as wooden ceilings, decorated wooden wall surfaces, wrought iron door fittings, locks and keys, malakari decorations (flat plaster of paris) on external wooden surfaces and the quality of the masonry are important and show how aptly they complete the whole. Safranbolu is a must-see for anyone looking to explore a city and breathe history. Enjoy the magnificent architecture and shake hands with Anatolian hospitality.

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  4. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

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