Dalyan and Kaunos

Dalyan is a small and beautiful resort on the left bank of the Dalyan River (Çayı), a stream through the reeds of Lake Köyçeyiz down to the sea. The lake narrows into a channel flowing into the Dalyan river, into the sea Iztuzu beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey empties. This beach is a protected area as a breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta which are one species of sea turtles. The best way to enjoy the entire site is a pleasant boat ride from Dalyan down to the sea (or vice versa for those on a cruise) instead. On the right bank of the river stands the ancient city of Kaunos with Hellenistic fortress, beautiful rock-cut Lycian tombs, a well-preserved theater and some other small debris.
According to Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” the story comes from the founding of Caunus as follows: Miletus, the son of Phoebus (Apollo) and Miletus founded the city, loved the nymph Cyanee, the daughter of the river god Meander, who has twins Byblis and Kaunos known for their beauty. Incestuous Byblis fell in love with her brother Kaunos and declared their love for him in a letter. Kaunos, horrified, she refused. On the run to his sister, he came to this part of Caria and founded the city Kaunos. As with Byblis, she pursued him as he fled, but could not find him.She was crying so much and was about to die of grief and exhaustion when she was turned by nymphs into a fountain.
Kaunos was a rich city, but gained an unwholesome reputation because the locals contracted malaria, widespread through thedalyan-kanali proliferation of mosquitoes was. The decline in Kaunos, which was once at sea, was by the progressive silting of its harbor, which made it causes dangerous for ships. The population gradually turned life in the villages and fishing, as it has remained until today. The Turkish word “Dalyan” means “fishing”. The river with the wooden structures over her case to the mullet, as they occupied on the sea after spawning return to the fresh water of Lake Köyçeyiz.
Dalyan and Koycegiz Lake are also for its therapeutic mud baths and hot sulfur springs used since Hellenistic times and renowned believes, rheumatism, skin, cure, liver, spleen and bowel complaints, as well as beneficial for nervous and digestive disorders. Also cleans and beautifies the skin.

Sultanye The spa: The spa in the southwest of Sultaniye Koycegiz lake. The water here at 40 degrees Celsius is second to none. The water in these baths was first used in Caunon time, then by the Byzantines, who rebuilt the accommodations.The ruins of the buildings from the period are under the water of the lake sunk. It is not uncommon to see the Turkish elderly make a pilgrimage to the baths by the water’s healing properties in neuralgia, rheumatism and skin diseases of the liver, spleen and intestine.

The Mud Baths: “Beauty Mud” which not only cleanses and tones the skin, but is intended to correct rheumatism and has anti-aging properties. After deduction of the mud to dry, it can be removed in a natural sulfur-clear water pool, at temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius. This leaves you refreshed and relaxed.

Caunos: The Kaunos stands in the middle along the canal in front of Dalyan.Settlement is assumed here that from 3000 BC by Caunos date, the son of Miletus and later became an important port on the border between Lycia and Caria. Sprawling over a broad slope overlooking the sea and the delta are the main attractions in Caunos see the Acropolis surrounded by city walls, a theater, four temples, an agora, stoa nymphain, baths, palestra, churches and a cistern.

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