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” Altinkum Beach and Didyma ”

108 km away from the center of the province of Aydın Didim, Bodrum and Kusadasi , right next to major tourist centers , organizations which are based on thousands of years of civilization, the cradle … Join the richness and diversity , as well as having the best beaches of the Aegean Didim have adopted particularly indigenous and British tourists . Our country resort of Didim is the number one retirement immediately recalled .
Domestic tourism in Didim season , the beginning of June prorogation of school begins. Other very large cottage sites, rest camps of various public agencies and private organizations have . Especially towards Akbuk , you can encounter a great deal to the rest camp .

Summer months are going through a lot of movement , the school opened in the period of domestic tourists and cottage owners are turning to big cities where they live . Foreign tourists can found in Didim twelve months of the year . Not only beach and sun , which is an important place in terms of historical value Didim, even in winter attracts the attention of foreign visitors .
Kusadasi 3, Söke, 53, 110 km away from Bodrum to Didim, despite having next to two major tourist district , because of the value it had grown rapidly and become one of Turkey’s major tourist centers have succeeded .

Soke -Milas highway 29 from kilometer ( Dalyan from turnoff ) , turn right after about 24 km . When you go are Didim’d . Didim , Izmir and Recycling able to find the car every hour from the bus station . If you prefer road transport local stone roads, narrow streets , white, Greek-style , from small houses can arrive . In its center of Didim Didyma …

Bars, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions in Altinkum Didim’s face is reflected in the . Altinkum and
There are 10-minute drive from Didim . Altinkum infrastructure work is still in progress so that area can be difficult and sometimes even take a step .

Seaway , perhaps the best way to reach to Didim . During the tourist season the ferry between Bodrum and Didim
doing time .

Visitors who want to reach the environment from Didim town , the county can hire a car from the agencies .
Region Local Transportation
The resort of Didim minibuses provide transportation from the bus station . Central Altinkum. Didim – from Akbuk with this van takes half an hour .
Provider based on the Didim before Christ , the existence of the Ottoman Empire ” Yoran / Yero the” View as a Greek village continued . ( After the War of Independence when the Greek Cypriots to leave the area , Didim and nomads from outside the area who own land in vicinity of residential units comers , with the identity of a small village to the town of Soke won ) .

Didim’s first residential district , the temple of Apollo and the environment ( the present Hisar district ) … Damaged in an earthquake that happened in 1957 this neighborhood , in the same year by the government that three hundred evinyapıl moved to Didyma . Until the 90s, ” Didyma ” Söke team has existed as a small village became a town in 1990 Didim . In 1996, a decision made by the local government district called ” Didim ” modified .
Things to Do
Temple of Apollo at Didyma’s most significant historical value … The world’s largest temple which has the distinction of being the third temple , Didim first established at the same time and place where the remains of the oldest …

Located 20 km away from Miletus Didyma unknown exactly when it was founded . According to mythology, the god Apollo at Didyma encounters and her prophecy Brankhados’l to shepherd the secrets of yeteg donations. Brankhados on this today , can still be seen ” Holy Well” s location
Establishes the first temple for Apollo . Over time, especially BC 6 After a century oracle , which has become a hub in the world famous Apollo Temple , destroyed in the many wars and natural disasters , but again restored. However, the construction of the Temple of Apollo in Didyma never fully unfinished .

The ancient city of Miletus , Didim is 20 km. getting away . The city formed the religious and political unity of the 12 Ionian cities , which is one of the most important members of the Panionion …

Miletus has maintained the splendor of the city for centuries , and most of all as a great center of culture and art of antiquity given the direction of civilization . Trained many famous philosophers of Miletus in the city and the city became the center of the Ionian philosophy . Kent , theaters , baths , temples , the city council building , with remnants of the stadium remains today glory . The agora , the Temple of Athena , a monumental fountain and ceremonial splendor of ancient times with the street today is carrying . But nowadays for people of Miletus neglected and dilapidated state of the burkuy .

European historians and archaeologists ” Pompeii of Anatolia ” called Priene Orofornes after Alexander the Great Cappadocians the first time because of the richness of the treasure , and then looted by the Romans and the Byzantines have been devastated . Sea due to natural reasons dwindling away Priene, MS 18 century completely deserted.

Start, experienced a catastrophic earthquake in 1955 , after the installation is located within the ancient city of Miletus , taking re-established in ruins 2 km , a small village where agricultural activities were carried out . A combination of Greek and Turkish Cypriots lived with significant commercial potential of this typical Aegean village , is a host of many civilizations .

By Altinkum : Altinkum Didim Beach undoubtedly among the natural beauty of the tops . Requirement beach , bars and cafes along the beach need , shops , entertainment venues, night and day with the reigns of life in Altinkum provides a unique holiday opportunity . The lowest in the region (30-60 ) and having humidity can swim in every square meter of beach near Altinkum put thirty consisting of a beach about 55 kilometers …

Lake Bafa : Bafa Lake , 30 km from Didim ‘s . Owned by typical Mediterranean vegetation around the lake , surrounded by olive groves and pine forests . Lake of the Twin Islands , the island also available as Menet and Ghost Island … Which have very large resources in terms of fishing on the lake with more than 700 members of the Cooperative ‘s Fisheries .

Akbuk : Akbuk , Didim, a quaint resort town and away from the noise , clean air , clean water is one of the major centers of tourism in Turkey … Established in Akbuk about 11 km long coastline to undertake all kinds of water sports available … Especially good for rheumatic diseases in Akbuk from the source water are also available.

Akköy : Requirement of Didim , despite being close to the ruins of Miletus as well as agriculture-based economy has lagged behind due to the touristic terms Aegean village with a quaint hunting Akköy suitable conditions , a church , untouched
The values ​​in the beauty of the region’s favorite resting place …

Ak -nikSy : Ak -nikSy Miletus on one side , the other side of the Menderes delta, where the other side of the Lake Bafa and rapidly urbanizing at a town occupies a unique beauty …

Through the on-site National Park , which is rapidly spreading across the world in terms of nature tourism future promises.
Wining and Dining
Didim fish specialties … Right on the seafront fish restaurants , overcrowded during the summer season expires. Do not coincide with many upscale restaurants in Didim , because foreigners here , as well as the charming little town called middle-class Turks … Fast food restaurants , meat and fish restaurants in vogue. Bamboo beachfront cafes , you can try different types of sandwiches , you can sip your beer .
In Didim and Altinkum various alternatives available to shop … Yenihisar shopping in the center of the county , as well as in Altinkum Didim Shopping Center can meet your needs from . Many markets in Didim , jewelers , gift shop and marine accessories stores there. Altinkum prices are a bit “touristy” ! If you affordable shopping fans , Didyma prefer the store . ATM can not be found in the area too much , thinking about emergency situations on your side , you must have a certain amount of cash .
Didim more locals that cater to tourists and nightlife for the season opening with the closure of the coloration of the school begins . Altinkum bars and discos along the coast in the summer season allows you to have fun until the morning . Akbuk of the places where the night life is very lively … Oasis Oasis Hotel’s bar , Cafe Bar in Altinkum Swan and Toy Bar, between the ideal place to have fun … Disco- Bar at Pirate ‘s runway can dance like crazy until morning .
Outdoor Sports
Didim is done in almost all marine sports . Each bungee jumping and paragliding in June shows are . All the major hotels in Akbuk sports activities related to the sea there . Canoeing, water skiing, windsurfing and snuggling is done. Bafa Lake fishing in the common …
In Didim , Akbuk , especially in the region have much mosquitoes , for a comfortable night’s sleep you may need to take measures in this regard . This is hardly a single method does not work on mosquitoes ; few insect repellent may need to use one . Didim is a small place but it ‘s not enough space to get help about their health . Government agencies as well as private institutions also gives health care . Yenihisar and Altinkum ‘s many clinics and polyclinics . Depending on the state in Akbuk has a health center . That there are a number of pharmacies in the area immediately recalled .
Bodrum, Soke , Watermelon , Milas
Holidays with Children
Didim is an ideal holiday destination for families … The sea is shallow , relaxed on the beach for families with children enables consumers to . Also in the cottage site for children ‘s parks and playgrounds . Didim in the market for kids clothes, toys,
marine accessories are sold.

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