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Egirdir Map

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General Information
” Alternatively, a tourist paradise : Propolis is a … ”

Lake District tourism one of the corners Egirdir all types of extreme sports to allow for the nature , unique forests, by Lake and hospitable people with an alternative tourist paradise … If nature sports If you are interested , this is for you! Options that will dazzle you ! With undiscovered beauty of this green paradise awaits you .
Propolis is Turkey’s fourth largest lake in the county where the summers are very hot during the winter snowfall seen. Although in the Mediterranean region yerals literally spinning in the Mediterranean climate does not count. Weather conditions during the spring of all activities in the region are getting can be done easily . Both sunbathe, and says they want to participate in outdoor sports activities are the most ideal season from October to April …
Eğirdir very easy to transport … this quaint town of Isparta have different transportation options : Isparta southbound bus routes on most of the excerpt. Thus, any of the southbound bus can reach the city . In addition to the city can be reached by train from Izmir …

After arriving in Isparta Egirdir having to go to the local bus company Petrol Tourism and Gurmak select or you can reach by public bus to town .
Is spinning and the surrounding area Arzava Kingdom (ca. 2000-1200 ) is known to be the center since the time of settlement . From this region Burdur Lake ” how to the region , Antiquity Askaniya called is believed that . These regions Luwi era of civilization in the Askaw valve , the” island “the country named . Respectively, Phrygians, Lydians and Persians was dominated region in 188 BC Apamea ( dinars ) treaty to the Romans was left . Rome during the ” Prostanna known as” seen. Prostanna , today’s city in the southwestern part , Camila Plateau was taking place at . Kent, Ptolemaios, Central Pisidia ” the Hierocleste ” ta, Timbriada ( Mirahor) and Konane ( Gonen ) are included .

Eğirdir belonging to the Roman period and a boundary stone found near the village of Bedri Parlais defines the border between the Prostanna . Prostanna Limna (Hoyran ) was an important center of Christianity along with . After the year 381 is the bishop combined the two .

395 is spinning around ” the Byzantine ” s sovereignty after entering the stove in the middle of the city ” Akroterion named as” seen. The word Acroterieon the most extreme of any object in the Hellenic language or the top section tells . The city is so named , behind Propolis is a sharp “s entire region stands out in the zenith was due. Byzantine rule in the last years , the city’s name ,” Akrotiri ” were going under . Propolis is a Byzantine Anatolikon Thema boundary was included .

First Turkish settlement in the region is thought to occur several years after 1071 . Dorilaion 1097 (Eskişehir) Turkish clans after the War , the Crusader – Byzantine oppression into Anatolia çekilmişlerse a short time later, in 1176 with the victory of Myriokafolon again began to settle on the environment . Due to the natural beauty of the Seljuk sultans for almost 75 years, the luxury resort is spinning as they use ” of , in this period, ” Heavenly “, respectively, are known .

From time to time during the period of the Ottoman Sanjak Hamideli ” Propolis , which is the center , after the Tanzimat Konya Province Hamid Banner ” became the center of a district of .

Egirdir Turkey Republic ” After the establishment of the Ottoman Empire at the time of the county continued status . Republic Period Eğirdir occurring in the big event one of the May 4, 1959 was the great fire . These fires after Egirdir was rebuilt .
Things to Do
Mother Nature has been generous to Eğirdir it so that neither side can encounter beauty a surprise waiting for you if you return .

Are spinning at the same time local governments also have a conscious … With all these positive elements that complement the beauty of Eğirdir soon as we think of his fame would spread .

One of the mayoralty’s services to you , upon your request , voluntary guide to help . In the municipality ‘s mountaineering club . If the environment if you want a guide to help you when visiting the mountaineering club or one of the young people working in the municipality is going to help you . ETUDOSD continue these activities within the Association , a study of volunteers …. If you need a guide number you can call :

Tourism Info: 02246 311 4388

If you are one of those who love the sea Eğirdir 3 km away from Altinkum Beach must begin exploration of the area 200 meters from the shore … When opened you will see that even the water at shoulder level . Beach , changing rooms , showers , with 50 tents camping area and a cafeteria equipped to provide much comfort to the visitors at the same time …

Another location is the spin – Bedri Barla Beach … on the way to the center, 11 km away from the beach at Bedri ‘s also space for camping . Here , just as in Altinkum Beach has achieved a certain level of comfort .

9 km wide located around the lake in Aquarius Aquarius around Lake National Park , wild boar, marten, badger, fox , rabbit, squirrel , wild ducks, geese, dumb , partridge and woodcock possible to see animals such as …

Center 35 km away from the hoop Forest is another green paradise … Down weekly village located on the top hoop Forest butterfly collections or just butterflies and colors lovers an ideal area for … Here butterflies and wild flowers unique varieties you can find her .

Number of historical sites of the region in the year 1219 which was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad Hamitoğlu to 1285’t Dundar Bey Madrasa Dundarbey translated into madrassas , BC 5 Lydian King Croesus century the castle was built by the spinning , spinning , and the Dungeon Cave 27 km from the village of Sagra in position with a Psidia city ruins on the island …
Wining and Dining
Propolis is a product of the lake water has a special place in … Perch , carp , and in particular we suggest tasting lobster . You can also eat the trout . Located on the shores of Lake suggest you choose one of the restaurants .

Eğirdir’s fruit , especially cherries and apples are famous. If you come in June , you can taste the most beautiful cherry .
Propolis is one of Turkey’s apple store … Starking and Golden apple flavor and aroma has a special place … Also famous for cherries ! Maybe your loved ones can take fresh fruit . The first thing that comes to mind at the mention or Isparta made ​​of roses , rose water , which …
Outdoor Sports
Eğirdir , very suitable for paragliding … This area should not miss paraglider in flight …

Propolis is the only paragliding not almost all extreme sports, according to a scenic location with a … District may be made in activities of climbing, hiking , windsurfing , caving , camping, slope surfing, climbing , cycling , bird watching, amateur hunting wide as well as options .

Region Antalya , Cesme from tourist areas such as jeep tours are organized. Written Çandır Canyon, National Park and the Caves held in the bucket for these tours can get information from the local ETUDOSD Association . Phone numbers: 0246 311 4388

Also standalone or creating your own group for those who want to stay in the county fair ‘s many hostels .
Is spinning with Turkey ‘s largest bone diseases hospital … 1000 -bed capacity of the hospital which is frequented by local health issues make .
Isparta , Izmir, Antalya, Konya

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