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Ankara Escort

Erdek Map

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General Information
” A tranquil haven in the Marmara ! ”

Istanbul – Istanbul is now much closer to the ferry from Banda quiet bays Erdek especially popular with those who want to spend a quiet holiday which is a central … ‘ll Spend days in the surrounding villages , squares and coffee for breakfast in the shade of trees will never forget !
Erdek’te sea season opened parallel to the closure of secondary schools . With the start of school in the new training season slowly comes to an end of the season . Write a bustling city that is extremely Erdek much calmer in this regard in the winter , it becomes more of a coastal town . A sizable majority of visitors sitting in İstanbul Marmara Region and creates cutting . Due to easy access and close to Istanbul at the weekend occupancy rate is further increased . Erdek’te expect it to be so warm sea , no matter how hot the weather is always cold sea water , is even cooler .
Banda continuous ferry and hydrofoil from Istanbul ‘s expeditions . If you go fast ferry will reach Erdek two hours . 1.5 hours after a sea voyage to Banda , from there with a special tool or acting in a row during the season Banda – Erdek Erdek can be accessed by minibus .

Virtue in Istanbul and Bursa, within easy reach by bus into the road from place to place … Banda ‘s tiring bend but suddenly appears in front of you is quite nice landscape !
Historians have , by virtue of the nearly 7000 -year history , it said.

Erdek , formerly of Artek , was a city built beside large Kizikos civilization . The oldest communities settled in the region of Thessaly in Ancient Greek Dolio are migrating from the city is known.

Later, the name of the king , so the name field Kizikos Kapıdağ and regions, in BC 749 and 680 years , living in the Aegean have been colonized twice by the Milesians . Kizikos second colonization of the city with the city of Artek in the Lydian Empire , became ruler Gipes time .

According to various sources , Kizikos and the cities of Artek , BC , starting from the date of the Ottoman Empire until it was annexed to the territory remained under the sovereignty of many states . In the Hellenistic period and Arteka Kizikos numerous , architect, astronomer , historian and writer grew up.
Things to Do
Banda – the path of virtue , Beşiktaş ‘s ruins at the entrance Kizikos . The ruins of a great civilization that once Kizikos today has quite a bad image . A large part of the remnants of civilization is thought to be under the earth . Also places around the city you will come across ancient ruins . 10 -minute walk from the ruins of Hadrian ‘s Temple . Only the walls of the temple standing today …

In the southeast of erdek Seyitgazi also have some remains at the top . One of these Erdek Castle … Today the castle is a ruin in a rugged place … in view Again Seyitgazi on the hill , visitors and visitors from surrounding villages vow they wish adayıp ‘s a cave . Furthermore, in the same vicinity also possible to find another cave … Erdek about 250 meters in Zeytinadası located across the street has a few historical remains .
Wining and Dining
Erdek’te according to taste all kinds of places are to eat . Buffet of various sizes along the coast – from restaurants , fish restaurants, all kinds of sandwich you want until you can find a space .

Very common , especially during the day beachfront baked … You can come across a kumpirci per step . In the evening, the more popular fish and seafood restaurants . Depending on the season , especially mackerel, bream and sardine fish the area’s attractions … Served with the fish unique to the region , sweet red onions, fried mussels and mussels from the area’s indispensable food …

Having come to erdek sure to taste the wine . Kafkas Restaurant located on the beach of the fabulous appetizers and mussels from the tasting menu located in your daily fish and encourage you to try with the rack .
Erdek quite lively during the summer season and has a lively bazaar . As well as a large supermarket , opticians per step , to silversmith , a souvenir shop and convenience store that sells marine supplies can come across . Erdek woodcarving and basketry very common especially in and around the … In the homes of villagers in their baskets can come across just about anywhere . Again inlaid wooden items , photo frames, wine coasters , keychains , pen quite common … Established on Monday Erdek market rates as well as in color … Here fruits and vegetables at affordable prices , olives, canned , fish and red onion can get unique to the area .
Erdek a lively nightlife during the season . The hotel’s disco Erdek Agriento for a long time one of the most favorite night spots … Next to the main runway , especially alone and a single mezzanine floor ideal for dance enthusiasts who want to dance … Again, Parrot, continue until the morning of the venues of entertainment … Shazia is also quite fashionable lately a venue …
Outdoor Sports
Erdek’te this year , held the third Erdek Turkey Triathlon Championship sees considerable interest . In July, the first winner of the championship prize money and various gifts are given . Overall Erdek quite suitable for all water sports holiday destination … Also in hiking and nature photography is quite suitable conditions …
In erdek large and has a fully equipped hospital . But within 15 minutes Banda in this regard is quite advanced , you can choose to Banda in the face of a health problem . Erdek’te can find health services, a health center and a health center …
Avşa , Marmara Island , Gonen , Banda , Kapıdağ
Holidays with Children
Erdek’te has a nursery where you can leave your children . However, a playground on the beach is very nice … In addition, the virtues usually come from families with children your child in such a situation not lonely .

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