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Ankara Escort


General Information
“A busy road at the intersection of the city ”

Position as one of the most important places in Turkey , Eskisehir , training centers, libraries and museums has become a cultural center thanks to the … The density of population in this province is young , hot springs and historic structures is remarkable . Marmara , Black Sea and Central Anatolia region and located at the intersection of Eskisehir meerschaum recognized by the entire world , developed industry , tourist attractions and recreational facilities is gaining more importance with each passing day .

Eskisehir, can be visited in all seasons . Due to the presence on the busiest roads in this city, life continues in every month of the year . Especially in spring and fall , green areas are very relaxing … In the spring, Eskişehir vicinity of larger settlements in the surrounding nature walks and picnics is possible to see that … Again, wake up from hibernation in the spring revival of nature and animals , can lure interested in photography .

Located at the intersection of the three regions is easily accessible by rail and road to Eskişehir . Istanbul – out Bilecik Ankara, Afyon, Konya province as most of the area of the right way to train, suffers from Eskişehir Station . Every day from Istanbul, the Bosphorus and the Capital moving trains taking passengers from Eskişehir .

Eskişehir road transport is also very easy … Certain flies to all major bus companies in Eskisehir . Pamukkale, Kamil Koc, Uludag ‘s offices as well as firms in Eskişehir .

Eskişehir – a total of 330 km from Istanbul to Eskisehir -Ankara is between 233 km ‘s .

Dorylaion old name , Eskisehir , has embraced its current name due to many civilizations have won. The first settlement in the area , BC Dates back to 4000 . Today, the remains found in and around the city , from Phrygian to the Byzantines , from the Hittites to the Ottomans carries traces of many civilizations . The Lydians and Persians also dominating the region between the civilizations … Pessinus ancient city, far from centuries before Christ filled with the remains of various temples and structures …

Things to Do
Eskişehir forested areas , spas, a privileged city … Break the fountains of green areas , roadside restaurants and picnics in the countryside where you can come across .

The city is very famous spas … Sakar supported Ilica a tourist facility , 32 kilometers north of the province is located. Hasırca good for skin diseases recognized by the waters of the hot springs , a healing center near Badger Dam … HAMAMKARAHİSAR HAMAMKARAHİSAR spas in the village is known as the cure of various diseases .

Besides the natural beauty , rich history of Eskisehir should also not forget ! Pessinus ancient city founded by the Phrygian water channel, theaters and stadiums still standing by the ruins … Pessinus Sivrihisar ‘s 16 miles away . Is the product of the Phrygian civilization ruins, Eskisehir be seen in the museum . In particular, this remains dedicated Pessinus Museum prehistoric an attractive place for those interested in …

Yazılıkaya the Midas Tomb of the area’s important historic ruins … In Yazılıkaya Phrygians, Lydians and Persians rest of the underground passages , inscriptions have been found .

Which is an important element in the history of Eskisehir ” dervish culture” can meet at the Museum of Yunus Emre . Various structures remaining from the Ottomans , and show various stages of Islamic architecture in terms of interesting … Sheikh Edebali Tomb, Tomb of Seyyid Battal Gazi , Leaded Mosque in the city of browsing may be of interest to visitors .

The town of Eskişehir , Nasreddin Hodja has the distinction of being the birthplace . Sivrihisar born teacher, then emigrated to Anatolia . Today you can visit his house in Sivrihisar . History of the city who want to know more about the idea , you can also visit the Museum of Ethnography .

Wining and Dining
Visitors staying in Eskisehir prefer fish and local dishes . Near almond meal in restaurants and homes find regional dishes . Various types of kebabs , to reflect local cuisine are offered . Beginning in summer Sakarya open almost 24 hours at the site you can find fish restaurants . Especially those who travel by car stays in the area and can enjoy a delicious lunch .

40 km later in Sivrihisar Fish Dam , on the name of the fish is known for . Fresh fish in the restaurants near Fish Dam ‘s . Carp, trout, fish caught in the area of broadcasting … Moreover, the Eskişehir höşmerim çiğbörek and dessert specialties as we say Do not leave without tasting

First comes to mind at the mention of shopping in Eskisehir , meerschaum in the case of the city’s landmarks … Souvenir shops in Eskişehir made ​​of meerschaum able to find many items …

Hand-woven carpets and rugs , glassware featured products you can find in Eskisehir … International Festival held in the city during Meerschaum , meerschaum is used and where you can see how much is open to creativity .

If you want to buy souvenirs to close Seydişehir can also pay a visit , Nasreddin Hodja trinkets you can find in the market , you can choose from . Eskisehir Bazaar Tradesmen ‘s largest shopping mall you can find every type of textile products . Eskişehir Army Market, the city’s most in-demand New Karamursel Store shopping places .

Eskişehir’s night life, live more in the period in which the university is open . Imagine Istanbul’s famous attractions of coffee-house has a branch office in Eskişehir . For university students in Eskisehir , a lot of bars with live music in vogue. Capella, Escape, such as tequila bars attracts visitors who love the nightlife .

Outdoor Sports
Forested areas are lovely walks , trekking and nature by boat rides , fishing and coastal fishing , flight sports events of Eskişehir’s popular …

Musaoz Pond surrounded by forest , in the event of a popular recreation center … Plateau Çatacık the famous fountain and trees embracing the sky … Çatacık in forest partridge, rabbit, wild duck, bear, wild boar can be hunted . Have lived in the area for deer hunting ban . Badger Creek and the fish are hunting in the Sakarya River , river cruises are made.

Turkish Aeronautical Association Inonu Glider Camp is located in the education center paragliding, gliding able to do activities such as … Inonu Glider Camp also attracts attention with natural hot springs . There are numerous sports center in the center of Eskisehir . Ataturk Stadium with a capacity of 20,000 people , Atatürk Indoor Swimming Pool , tennis , volleyball can be made of almost any sport Hanafi Governor Demirkol Indoor Sports Complex are the most important …

Kutahya , Istanbul , Izmir, Ankara.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -5 / February 1 : -5 / 2 March: 1/12
April : 5/19 May: 8/22 June: 12/27
July: 14/29 August: 17/33 September: 11/24
October: 8/19 November: 1/10 Range: 0 /6
Saricakaya – Sakarılı Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Eskisehir Province in Central Anatolia Region is Mihalgazi county .
» Transportation: Eskişehir 33 km . away.
» Water temperature : 56 ° C
» PH Value: 7.6
» Features: hyperthermal , hypotonic mineral water. Bicarbonate, sodium , magnesium, calcium , sulfate, nitrate
» To heal diseases: diabetes , obesity , gout, diseases like elements accumulated in the blood , clears the way sugar and fat , urinary excretion of excess uric acid , making would be an obstacle to the growth of kidney stones .
» Accommodation Facilities : Municipal Facilities ( 150 rooms, 400 beds), Aytaç Resorts (20 B , 40 B )

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