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“The Thousand and colorful city ! ”

Kebab with spices , coppersmiths Search Bazaar narrow streets and courtyards to be seen from the wonderful colors in Gaziantep, which is where you should start to tell ? ! … Gaziantepliler who love their city to join , it is not possible to be fascinated by the city …. ‘ll Wander dreamily through the streets of this city , you should see !

The rest of the Mediterranean climate and continental climate features in Gaziantep also possible to find two climates . In the summer it was very hot during the day two of the terrestrial effects seen in the city at night and the air cools down. During the winter months are mild and rainy weather . Able to go all the seasons of the year . You decide what you want to see in Gaziantep which season is enough.

International Gaziantep E-24 and E- 6 is on State Highways ample opportunities in transportation take long for the ride is not recommended .

Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, Gaziantep regular bus service is available.

Date of inscription in the circuits of Mesopotamia , in the internal affairs independently , Small cities Antep is understood that it was founded on the roads in the province .

Pistachio meat in the province of independent city-states Dülük time , the administrative and religious capital city has become . The excavations carried out in the villages and forests within Dülük many rock and underground tombs have been unearthed . Karkamış another district center has become one of the most important countries of the world .

Pistachio is a city rich in historical texture . Built on the highest hill of the city of Gaziantep Castle, the exact date of construction is unknown, but of the Roman period are believed to have been built as a watchtower . The city is located 10 km north Dülük ( known in ancient times at the Antiochian my attitude ) also remain in and around the host rock and the Roman catacombs, tombs and ruins of buildings are noteworthy for other regions . Here Hittite, Greek and Roman times, has been an important religious center .

Due to the heroism of the people of the War of Independence in the Grand National Assembly in 1921, the city ‘s ” Fallen” has gained its present legal title to the delivery of Antep , has been Gaziantep .

Things to Do
Gaziantep throughout history always been a trade center . Accordingly a view houses and bazaars in the city … Although now often used as an inn does not give you the names of the buildings in this historic touring constantly reminds me .

Antep be seen very colorful and have something unique to the region … Between them in the beginning of the geliyor.bura hardware yourself , coppersmiths , herbalists , spinners consisting of a color you will find in the sea . Sedefçilik made ​​since 1963 in Gaziantep today is moving at up to 50 workshops . Yet another craft also coppersmith . Coppersmith Bazaar Antep ” place to be seen in … from

Ah! Course, a hundred years Tahmis Coffee … Wooden chairs , hookahs and a mezzanine with a foamy stop by to relieve the fatigue of the day you can drink coffee the best venue …

Pavilions and a popular nightlife because of Antep one thousand … Foreign tourists up now begun to attract the attention of domestic tourists who Antep , a dreamily in a color that roam the land …

Wining and Dining
Kebabs famous Gaziantep rich cuisine kebabs as well as many varieties of food var.çeşitl spices and mixtures prepared with these regional dishes of stuffed meatballs , raw meatballs, şiveydiz , anal -girl , ages vaccine , sautéed , abukanuş and Antep kebab sayabiliriz.tatlı when it comes to … First, we must say that it is very famous Antep baklava Baklava outside … while other special sweet pistachio butter , nightingale’s nest and a carrot slice .

Urfa , Adiyaman, Maras , Nimrod

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -1 / 7 February : 1/10 March: 4/16
April : 9/ 21 May : 12/27 June: 17/35
July: 21/36 August: 22/39 September: 17/31
October: 12/25 November: 3/15 Range: 2/13

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