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Gocek has long been a desirable destination for Turkish and foreign yachtsmen, as well as a popular stopover for jet-setters and celebrities alike. This fabulous village of two thousand inhabitants is only 20 minutes drive from Dalaman International Airport, which can be reached in under 1 hour from Istanbul.

It is not only a world-class yachting that makes Göcek a special place, it is the way in which culture and nature with such a quiet way. Strict development laws ensure that this very unique environment is protected, and there is no oversupply of hotels.

You can at internationally renowned boutique hotels to stay at a private beach or swim in one of the dozens of heavenly bays of Göcek dine in the gourmet restaurants, or enjoy a day of sailing in the blue and green fjords of the Mediterranean. gocek

Bedri Rahmi KOYU
Bedri Rahmi Bay is one of the most popular bays in the Fethiye Gulf, which is opposite Tersane Iceland (Dockyard) and is known as Tasyaka Bay. Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu was a great writer and painter in Turkey. He and his close friends were the first blue voyagers of the country, the beautiful Lycian coast and discovered the people informed about these beauties. On one of his trips, he painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain of the bay in 1973, and since the bay has been called by his name.

The bay is well protected against the wind and suitable for anchoring. Pine, olive and oleander trees on the surrounding slopes, small beach and crystal – clear water complement the historical remains on the hill and create an idyllic environment. There are many Lycian rock tombs hidden behind the trees, as well as those shaped like drawers on a large rock. You can also rock a grave with an ornamented door and a triple grave on the slopes. According to ancient historians, the city was located behind the hill to the Lycian city Crya.

Boynuz Bükü between Bedri Rahmi Bay, Göcek Yassica over the island.
It is a good anchorage, and very little affected by the winds. If your boat anchored in the bay you can see, incense (liquidiambar oriantalis) trees that are protected by the government.

On Bükü, located north of Boynuz Bükü, consists of two small bays, coves Günlüklü and Osman Aga. Again, you will find incense (liquidiambar oriantalis) and pines. Osman Aga bay also has a small beach and spring water.

Merdivenli Bay is located next to Göbün (Kapi) north Bay of Fethiye Gulf. The name of the bay (Merdivenli = joined) is very impressive steps taken in both sides of the rocks in the bay. The nearest small town is also known as Merdivenli Koy (joined village).

Domuz ICELAND (The Island in the Bay of Pigs)
The island in the Bay of Pigs is the next island, the peninsula west of the Gulf. It is covered with olive trees and pines. A wharf and to see a few houses, if you sail along the northern coast. East and west of the bay are ideal for overnight anchorages.

Göbün Bay is the first anchorage, if you enter Fethiye Gulf between the peninsula and island Domuz. The bay is of pine and olive trees and well protected against all winds. Therefore Göbün Bay is an ideal place for yachts in the winter. A fisherman / diver, Tahir, runs an excellent restaurant specializing in fresh fish, and is well acquainted with Blue Voyage.

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