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General Information
” Lakes region”

Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia region at the intersection of Lake District called point located in the province of Isparta , Spinning , Aquarius and puddles lakes, Aquarius and Kızıldağ National Park with rich flora and fauna has . The Davraz Tremblant Ski Resort , hiking and river sports and convenient canyons, caves and mountains with a lot of extreme sports has been performed . Propolis is the door of Isparta tourism , alternative tourism paradise. Mountaineering, trekking, windsurfing , paragliding , camping are some of the kinds of tourism .

Central Anatolia, Mediterranean climate and is located in the transition zone between the climate . For this reason, both characteristics of climate in the province is also seen . What’s rainy in the province of the Mediterranean , Central Anatolia, nor the arid climate does not appear fully . According to the plains of the province is colder plateaus segments . Which is close to the Mediterranean Sea in the southern region of the province of the Mediterranean climate characteristic is observed. Summers are hot and dry, winters mild and rainy compared to the northern part of the province . Manifests itself when one approaches the northeast continental climate features . In the northern regions the winters are colder and less rainfall . Every season is a different city can be visited by the wonderful landscape of Isparta .

Istanbul – 601 km from Isparta . dr. Ankara – is 422 km from Isparta . dr. City transport is by road in the first degree . The benefit of railway transportation facilities in the province, if there is very low compared with that road . From Isparta reopened when the AP through the air will also be able to transport . To take advantage of sea transport is possible , but the neighboring province of Antalya . Isparta connects to the Mediterranean region of Anatolia is a residential center . Road links with other cities of the province of Afyonkarahisar , Konya, Antalya is out . In 1995, Isparta- Antalya road between the opening of Dereboğazı the distance between the two provinces were reduced to 126 Km.y . So in other words, the Mediterranean city of Antalya zoom in Anatolia , this was quite easy road access . Railroads; İzmir- Aydın railway , which is an extension of the tariff in Isparta , depending on the Pamukkale Express Railway , Lake Express, Mail Train , which has been working mototrains . On each side of the country is served by rail .

Paleolithic settlements in the region ‘s history ( Eskitaş ) until the period is based . Pisidia BC LUV in 2000 and was Arzava residential area of the community . Wanted to conquer the Hittites in the time , but for centuries in response to the hassle Arzava a definitive sovereignty over the territory kuramamışlardır . BC In 1200 from the Balkans “Aegean Migration Tribes” Arzava country have put an end to the political existence of the confederation , have entirely changed the political structure of Anatolia . From this date, BC 8 century until the Phrygian , BC Lydians in 690 BC Regions were ruled by the Persians in 546 . BC In 334 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic period in Isparta entering this period as a residential center Minassos ( ‘re Mina ) is noteworthy. BC Upon the death of Alexander the Great in 323 by order of the Kingdom of Pergamon in Isparta , Seleucid , BC 190 – M. S. 395 of the Roman Empire , A.D. Came under the rule of the Byzantine Empire 395-1204

Things to Do
Kovada Lake and Red Mountain National Parks, Isparta puddles , the Çamyolu and Kuyucak forest recreation areas , Curve is a Pulley Oak and dairy Sweetgum Forest and Nature Conservation Areas, the curve is , Uluborlu and Yalvaç Castles, Pisidian Antioch and Apollonia Ancient Cities , Ertokus and Dundar Bey Madrasa the Isparta Speed ​​Bey , Kutlu Bey , Ferdowsi Gentlemen , Yarn, Curves is the Speed ​​Bey , Barla Çaşnig the Uluğbey Parents father mosques, Firdevs Bey , Curve is a Caravanserai, Ertokus Khan , Baba Sultan Tomb, Isparta and Yalvaç Museum absolute must-see places.

Wining and Dining
Isparta’s famous taste of traditional tandoori kebabs may also be seen at various restaurants in the center . Is spinning all kinds of delicious seafood is a town that offers services in a way . Here you can get enough of the taste of carp stuffed .

Isparta traditional products can be found next to modern shopping centers also have sales centers . Especially roses and hand-woven carpet products can be purchased in all seasons . Also in Yalvac traditional handicrafts products, leather goods and seals, as well as the traditional function as tourist souvenirs are sold .

Outdoor Sports
In the region camping in the canyon , is spinning the mountaineering, trekking in the mountains of Dedegöl , is spinning in lake swimming, surfing, and sailing are among the alternative sports that can be done .

In the region there are too many spa and healing water . 2 km from the town to drink Değirmendere Keçiborlu . away. In the composition of free sulfuric acid. Water GHB is drunk , but made ​​the bathroom would be more useful . Water temperature is 15 ° C. . Sinap Sava Water
8 km from the central district of Isparta . Sava is far from the village . Is utilized by way of drinking and bathing . Water temperature is 12 ° C. . 60 km from the town to drink Tote is spinning . Tote Kuzac remote forest near the village is within . Six boiling off the ground . There is no accommodation facility . Liver , biliary tract disease is good . Water temperature is 18 ° C. .

Burdur, Antalya, Konya , Afyonkarahisar .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -3 / 4 February: 0 /7 March : 2/12
April : 6/ 17 May : 8/22 June: 13/27
July: 15/30 August: 16/33 September: 11/25
October: 7/20 November: 1/12 Range: 0 / 9
Ski Resorts
Davras ski resort in the middle of the three lakes are crystal clear and beautiful view of the lake while skiing is Propolis is fascinated .. These three lakes Davras gets into a golden triangle . Ideal for amateur and professional skiers have the runway . 1211 m. capacity to carry 1000 people per hour in length chairlifts are available. In addition, the resort also has a T-bar . Northern skiing , ski touring Alpine Skiing , snowboarding , climbing, botanical observer , paragliding , and trekking is possible .
Isparta , or 26 km . 154 km from Antalya . Davras ski resort located at a distance of 50 beds and a modern 150 -seat restaurant oberj facility is located. There is also accommodation in the center of Isparta .

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