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General Information
“Ice cream Maras land .. ”

Kahramanmaras is located in the eastern Mediterranean , is a province famous for its ice cream . Kahramanmaras , I Keyf CAVES sleepers Complex, has significant tourism potential with springs . Kahramanmaras province remain completely in the Ceyhan Basin . There is a wide network of rivers in the province . Ceyhan of Turkey’s major rivers are born from the land of the province . Kahramanmaras and the surrounding area a special place in case of culture and tourism in the Mediterranean climate zone , although vardır.kahramanmaraş Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia and is bordered by climate zone . According to South City is cool . A large number of springs in the highlands there.We BasKonuş Plateau, Plateau and mullet Yavsan worth Plateau in Turkey and in the world with a small number of the vegetation has an important place . It is rich in streams and springs .

In Kahramanmaras , in general, due to the distance from the sea and elevation changes undergone uplift is dominated by a Mediterranean climate . Summers are hot and winters are cold in the province . If you prefer summer Kahramanmaraşın swim in icy rivers and springs would be much more fun to navigate through .

Kahramanmaras located to the east of the Mediterranean region and both land and railway transportation routes from the Mediterranean in the south and connects the east and north is located in a prominent position . Bus Terminal , city center. Kahramanmaras train station and rail transportation is provided. The airport is 8 km from the city center . away. Possible to reach the airport with taxis and minibuses . Istanbul – 1045 km distance between Kahramanmaras . dr. Ankara – is 592 km from Kahramanmaras . dr.

Maras meaning of the name come from and what is argued that a few opinions . Herodotus , the Hittite city of Varosha from Maraj, a military commander because of the city ‘s building have been given the name Maraj . Maras on February 12, 1920 , when freed from French occupation was burned and ruined due to the collapse . Maras gangs and defending against the French Forces of the Nation members running to the front for the defense of the country due to the occupation of the city in ruins in the days to fix a failed effort . In the 1920s, the population of Maras was 20,000 . Oppression and persecution of the Armenians during the occupation by the French and some of the people went to the village . Maras on the successful outcome of the War of Independence migrating peoples returned to their homes in the city again .

Things to Do
Towards the end of spring springs Kahramanmaras and Andırın District Adana , Hatay and summer venue in the case of a second is important to Icel . Ahırdağı skirts back from them kalmaz.kahramanmaraş ‘s Yenicekale , Süleymanlı , Döngel , mullet , Fırnız , Pigeon , Excavation , in Kozluder , Fabric Lake, Kapıça and Pinarbasi Elbistan
District of the County of Pinarbasi and Ekinözü summer and fall between the public ‘s preferred region is located. In the city center magnificent castle, the Grand Mosque, Stone School , Pazardzhik our region Evra and Foxes Ruins, Andırın our region Gökahmetl and Çokak Ruins with the path length and the Ottoman and Byzantine castles, Süleymanlı the Byzantine Structures alone, even very large with a value Afsin the sleepers Complex and more Kahf not going to be many of our cultural and tourism values ​​are important for our domestic and foreign tourists . Kahramanmaras is the castle on the hill in the city center stack . BC to the present, many of the castle was undergoing repairs I. OS- II. century . düşünülmektedir.kal be made ​​between the walls of the park are arranged in -house . Outdoor tea gardens, children’s park and recreation spaces are available.

Wining and Dining
An item of cultural value in Kahramanmaras are also dinner and dessert . Tarhana , bulgur, scalings , starch is prepared and peppers, eggplant, zucchini, okra and bean foods such as dried and stored . Tarhana , eşkili soup , must be born lentil soup, yogurt should be born soups, Maras away as soups ; wheel patties, vicious patties, stuffed meatballs , sömelek meatballs, suluyagli meatballs, eşkili meatballs, yogurt, meatballs, uninspired meatballs, eşkili month patties as meatball varieties; sharp vaccine ( vaccine scalings ) , Maras and rice, chicken rice , cheese and skim pie, donut feast dishes like rice and pastries are unique to the region .
Must not forget the famous Maras ice cream as dessert . Peanut butter, flour sausage , fruit pulp sausage , other sweets are known in the local jail .

Hand embroidery Crochet from Kahramanmaras , Sim Sirma, Jewelry , Copper and Wood Carving Carving at any moment to tempt everyone’s feelings of admiration values. Also known paprika and cream is unrivaled in the world . Several countries in the world to participate in food fairs in the dormitory at the festivals take place at the level of the importance of Kahramanmaras ice cream proves Tattoo . Country and region constitutes an important potential for tourism .

Outdoor Sports
Kahramanmaras next to the suitability of historical and natural tourism resources , particularly carp icy water gushing from sources including natural trout yetştiril value is known by everyone . Besides hunting tourism in Kahramanmaras wild swimming in rivers , trekking and camping can be done , especially in summer .

Drinking the Elbistan ( Ekinözü) Elbistan 23 km of the town . south Ekinözü is close to the village of Celina . Up and down two drinking are drinking with the name . Is a haunt of the people , especially the southern provinces . And treatment of a variety of recreational facilities around the bounce serves seasons . Digestive diseases is very good. If smoking gives more mülayimlik . In this respect , our major treatment centers is one of the southern provinces . The water temperature is 32 ° C . Döngel connected to the central district of Hot Springs Village is Döngel . It is good for rheumatism and skin diseases . Olive Springs Central district , depending on the parish Süleymanlı is Ilica Village . It is healing to those suffering from rheumatism and skin diseases .

Gaziantep , Osmaniye, Adana , Kayseri, Malatya, Turkey.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 0 /7 February : 2/10 March: 6/16
April: 11/22 May: 14/27 June: 20/34
July: 22/36 August: 23/38 September: 19/33
October: 14/26 November: 5/16 Range: 4/13
special Days
Heroes Day every year on February 7 at the center of Kahramanmaras
It is celebrated on the first day . Pomegranate arrival of Atatürk in to Narlı on January 26 is celebrated for a period of one day .

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  4. Que faut-il faire pour rendre vos vacances en Turquie? Je suis venu sur votre site et je reçois beaucoup d’informations en demandant.

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