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General Information
Many features of the world-famous town of Nevşehir , the fairy chimneys , Ihlara Valley , underground caves … At one time , this area is located on the Silk Road to Kızılırmak’l arm-in-arm , through the centuries has hosted various civilizations . Now almost every part of the world that welcomes visitors from . Central Anatolia solemnity and wisdom always on ; mysterious , mysterious Cappadocia region as well as a soothing …
Because continental climate in the region , is experiencing the scorching heat of the summer months . In the winter months you expect the cold weather and rain . Cappadocia ‘s best season with the spring months can be considered the beginning of autumn September, October are the months . 29 October and 23 April , especially domestic visitors will encounter during the holidays .
Nevsehir is provided with access to most highways . The region extending roads are generally in good condition … The most important of the Ankara-Kayseri highway access .

Region to go to Istanbul from the way you have set out , following the highway can make a pleasant journey . Istanbul – Nevsehir, Izmir – Nevsehir , Ankara, Turkey – Nevsehir route can be found every day in the car . Cappadocia Nevsehir and Goreme Tourism Luxury on these routes as well as local companies has once too often . Distance to large settlements of the region is as follows: 730 km from Istanbul -Nevsehir , Izmir, 763 km from Nevsehir , Nevsehir between Ankara and 276 km …

Opened in 1998, the Nevsehir- Cappadocia Airport , 30 km away from the city center … From the city airport
TK to go to the center and use the minibus service .
Region Local Transportation
Haci Bektas center and 40 km from Nevşehir , Derinkuyu, from Gülşehir as 20 km. Uchisar is 10 miles away … Nevsehir- Cappadocia tour the most practical way to take a tour … Thus, far from each other can easily see the local tour arrangement . But one of those who choose to travel independently , said to traverse distance , depending on the municipality or private minibus tools you can use . Tourist routes from the city center and fifteen, twenty minutes , you can find a van .
According to information obtained from the excavations carried out in Nevsehir, BC Has a history dating back to 3000 years . BC In the 2000s, under the rule of the Hittites, the Cappadocia region, BC History of Assyrian domination in 1150 . Then BC 7 century, as in other Anatolian region of Cappadocia joined the ranks of the Iranian Empire’s territory . BC In 333 the Emperor Alexander the Great of Macedonia demolish the Persian Empire , this has included among its territory .

BC Region 1st century ” Roman sovereignty recognized . 395 AD, the Roman Empire ” s after the split in 1077 ” the Anatolian Seljuk state , with the establishment of Cappadocia Turkish sovereignty entered . Cappadocia region in 1071 before” especially 7 and 8.yy ” s Iran in the east , the south has been the target of Arab raids . Hittite era in the region of 200 ” underground city close to the time of this influx improved. Throughout the history of the region is home to many civilizations known. Proto – Hittite , Phrygian , Medes, Persians, Pontic Kingdom , Romans, Seljuks, Ottomans are taking the lead among these civilizations . Cappadocia volcanic landforms owed ​​to a wealth of historical richness and the Red River at the intersection of trade routes to have …
Things to Do
Avanos :
Avanos town on the banks of the Red River , the region’s most advanced centers . Famous for its handicrafts such as pottery and wine production . Restaurants, cafes , bars and accommodation centers and an attractive place … Gardens do you need to see !

More advanced than Avanos is a town Urgup, with churches and temples sheds light on hidden history .
Seljuk Sultan Kılıç Arslan’s tomb is located in this town . It has an international wine festival
Dionnissos land , small hostels and gets better with regional dishes .

Zelve :
Monks unique in the valley and majestic churches . Uzumlu Church , which is the largest church in the area are located here. Photo attracting visitors can quietly greet with the following haughty fairy chimneys .

Çavuşin :
Dovecotes Church, the Baptist Church in this region as the historical values ​​… House, carrying Central Anatolian motifs .

Ihlara Valley :
The 10 kilometer long valley carved into the rock face of this historic church up there . Serpentine , a columnar structure and Eğritaş Church of the region’s lucky . Today is a very historic church in very good condition , but it is still standing that counts … Reliefs, icons beware! Ihlara Valley is literally an open mind to visit , 24 hours and you will need plenty of energy .

Underground cities :
Consisting of 8 layers at a depth of 40 meters big cities … Since there are believed to be from the Hittites . Christians against Arab invasion of hidden underground . If you have claustrophobia , impossible for you to ride ! Of the largest underground city of Derinkuyu … Tastes are also careful to structure the city’s room .

Dargah Haji Beştaş :
Haci Bektas Veli commemorating this lodge , bears the traces of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture . Hacıbektaş structure that gives its name to the town , as one of the most important centers of religious tourism has attracted great interest .
Wining and Dining
Cappadocia pide and kebabs in the food culture an important role. Yasar Baba Restaurant in Uchisar and Avanos Tafana you during your trip to Cappadocia ” to feed ” with rich flavors . Speaking of kebabs ; gone without eating you need to return , test preparation 5 hours specific to the area of the original lamb tandoori kebab is worth remembering var.yör , vegetable dishes, should be sampled at any … Satisfaction Kebab Mediterranean and local dishes can be ordered in the restaurant . When it comes to drink … The wines made from grapes grown in the region must go through trials .

Crafts are very advanced in Cappadocia . Goreme, Urgup, you can come across examples of this in Üçhisar . Manufactured in the workshops of the local population as bowls, pots , jugs , area rugs in villages where women representing the texture of motives … The most highly acclaimed products as souvenirs ; fairy chimneys, miniatures , trinkets, soil testing and embossed wall decorations … Jewelry is also very advanced in the region . Money changers , especially foreign visitors flocked to the souk . Uzundere Museum in Goreme and local shopping centers, streets again …
Haci Bektas center and 40 km from Nevşehir , Derinkuyu, from Gülşehir as 20 km. Uchisar is 10 miles away … Nevsehir- Cappadocia tour the most practical way to take a tour … Thus, far from each other can easily see the local tour arrangement . But one of those who choose to travel independently , said to traverse distance , depending on the municipality or private minibus tools you can use . Tourist routes from the city center and fifteen, twenty minutes , you can find a van .
Outdoor Sports
The Cappadocia region is ideal for trekking … With all the drama of the volcanic geography under your foot will be fascinated watching that series . Damsa Lake and extreme sports such as hunting around Uchisar is done. Take place in various climbing in the region . Various agencies, two major cities in the region , they are organizing a three -day hiking .

Another unique attraction in the balloon traveling to the region … Devoted to the art of photography , unique natural beauty of this region known for its love of capture with the lens .
In the region of the state ‘s hospitals and health centers . Medical Cappadocia also available as private health institutions . The region’s scorching summer heat challenging for heart patients … If you have shortness of breath or a smoker , you can become lodged in the Ihlara Valley .
Tectonophysics, Kayseri, Nigde, Aksaray
Holidays with Children
Nevsehir, Urgup, Goreme, Ihlara Valley is a challenging area for children aged 0-6 … The best time to come to the area with the children , and the crowd is less than warm autumn … Nevsehir and Goreme stores selling clothes and toys for children can be found. The chimneys coming to the region immediately attracted the curiosity of young visitors . Ihlara Valley is a tight walk that requires a lot of smaller ones can get tiring .

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