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Kuşadası Map

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General Information
” Everything you’d expect from a city and more … ”

Kusadasi, no doubt one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey … When assessing the reasons for this , the presence of the surrounding rich in history and unique beaches , as well as the climatic conditions of the region would do well to keep this in mind . Kusadasi beach town , before anything else , since a major port city and should have a lifetime to live with the natural beauty of a resort town …

Kusadasi holiday season never ends ; region takes visitors to the twelve months of the year . Kusadasi is close to one million population during the summer season . Due to a major port city welcomes tourists from ships and yachts .

Kuşadası lovers all over the world there are fanatics , they do each year to the island once they suffered . About 40 thousand inhabitants of the county ‘s residents live in a big city so advanced and of course the fact that there are those who complain … They ‘re always miss Kusadasi serene state . Well, not easy to live in a paradise has been discovered …
Kusadasi is easy to transport because it is itself a great city … To reach the resort, you have several alternatives .

If you prefer the Izmir-Aydin highway road 65 miles , turn right after about 1.5 hours following the 25 -kilometer road from Kusadasi to reach. Unlike other resorts in Kusadasi more skyscrapers reaching out to karşısınızda premises in view of the cottage fool you. Here , rather than a cute little resort town , where you can find every kind of social activity , a warm and comfortable city …

Those who prefer the airline to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and from there to the service can reach Kusadasi . Ankara , Istanbul, Izmir by ferry from the Trojan expedition is doing . Couple ‘s large harbor pier in Kusadasi . Also Kusadasi tourist from abroad has numerous ferries plying .
Region Local Transportation
Women of Kusadasi hotels Sea , and Bird Key is a minibus that goes to the beach there . This minibus in front of the hotel until all passengers are entering and downloading. Again, this minibus transportation between the resorts of Kusadasi is done with ; minibuses depart from designated stops in the marketplace .
Depending on Kusadasi Ephesus ” Neopolis ” with the name sanılıyor.şeh was founded by Ion Pilavtepe previously foothills, was established at a place called Andızkule . Then belongs to the Byzantine Venetian and Genoese to these shores , became economically dominant . BC In 300 years of Leleka , BC 11 Aeolyalı and M.Ö.9 century . century came to dominate the ions in the region .

Kusadasi, Anatolia in antiquity was one of the major ports of the Mediterranean Sea . BC 7.y.y. ‘ the Lydians , BC 2 If the Romans had dominated the region for centuries . In the early years of Christianity , one of the apostles St. Virgin Mary . Jean came to Ephesus with the settlement has become a religious center here . Miletus was the center of a bishop in the Christian era . Byzantine era began to be referred to by the name” ” Ania . Kuşadası is a port used by pirates in the Middle Ages is written. 15 century the Venetians and the Genoese to the city ” ” takes its name from Scala Nuova . II in 1186 . Sword Lion Hotel Selcuk added to the state and the Turkish rule began .
Things to Do
Tusan , Sevastopol , Thirty , Women Sea, Aslanburnu , Karaova , Guzelcamli, Big and Small Kalamaki, Ilyas Agha, Dipbur the Tacşanburn beaches as clean beaches north and south for miles is extended and goes. The total length of the beach strip is over 20 km .

Kusadasi is located on the shore of a small island connected to shore by a breakwater which is Güvercinada . Built on steep rocks on the island there is a Byzantine castle . Guvercinada little ahead of the peninsula jutting into the sea which is in a second Neopolis ( Ophiuchus nose ) … the first settlement in Kusadasi

Kusadasi National Park, due to the interesting geological and geomorphological structure , botonikçiler scientific value gained through research conducted by . The natural environment of the National Park have not until recently that the road to some wild animals in an area that has been protected . Meanwhile, strain out almost to the earth in this region to the species that are able to come across … The most typical example is the Anatolian Pars . National Park, the large number of reptiles , mammals and bird species as found specific to the Mediterranean in coastal sea with all kinds of fish are kaplumba opportunity to live and reproduce . Get the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal in the Mediterranean countries is one of them .

Kadıkalesi , Kusadasi- David of the path 10 kilometers, is located on a narrow road . Venice and the Byzantines used by a section of the castle was restored in 1976 .

David and leaded Monastery, Dilek National Park behind , waits to be discovered on Samsun Mountains . Panion the parish within the boundaries of Kusadasi connected to David , David to – Guzelcamli road edge, a few hundred yards from the road is inside. Ion Ion 12 connected to confederation in history is the center of the city .

Pygale , 3 km to the north of Kusadasi is a small settlement . It was built by Agamemnon ..
Lion ( Yaren ) Cave, Cherry Village, Plateau is located .
Wining and Dining
Kusadasi, due to the diversity of the tourists also have endless choices in the dining area … The numerous restaurants, Chinese, Italian, French and Turkish cuisine you can taste unique dishes , grilled seafood you can eat all kinds . Since your choice of seafood restaurants on the shore fish for you … But ” I do not have much time to eat if you say” you can choose the fast food restaurant at the mall .
There are all kinds of shopping opportunities in Kusadasi . In the center of shopping stores, small shops and supermarkets closed Deposition able to find everything you … When met outside of supermarkets at prices that are much more affordable specify. It also meets the needs of domestic and foreign tourists , the region’s unique souvenir shops, carpets and jewelery shops here in abundance … Your loved ones can take all kinds of souvenirs can be found in the center of Kusadasi .
Kusadasi almost every month of the year with a vibrant night life … Especially where there are Irish bar in Bar Street, with the exception of the music that makes squatting lower the bar street there . The old stone building was designed as the bar on this street you will find the opportunity to listen to famous names . Kusadasi is located on the upper side street of bars Disco- Bar and Captain bars on the way to the beach is a bird decoration and friendly environment with interesting places we can recommend . During the summer season , where all of the night with colorful animation shows the surprise of entertainment venues would be pointed out .
Outdoor Sports
Kusadasi is a resort town that allows all kinds of sports … Here you can see all the sea sports , diving trained sea , and you can leave yourself a parachute . Water skiing , windsurfing, and scuba diving enthusiasts in the region snuggling all find what they are looking for .

Trekking and nature trips also common … National Park ecotourism center full . Button on the side of the hotel by renting a horse from the woods surrounding areas can perform enjoyable rides .
High air temperature in Kusadasi , you must be careful against sunstroke and flies . After an eventful night in Kusadasi you will find yourself in a hospital . Depending on the state to provide health services in Kusadasi , ‘s two health centers and a hospital . In addition, numerous doctors serving in the region .
Ephesus, Selcuk , Sirince , Didim
Holidays with Children

Kusadasi bustling nightlife and faster pace than the child can do with a holiday with a group of friends or as a couple should be the preferred place … Here , various sports activities during the day , enjoy the beach and evening stroll with ; tipsy at night while trying to spend time chatting or mobile entertainment to neglect your child may have .

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