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General Information
” In the shadow of the Taurus Mountains and an adventure center nook ”

Limits Colakli Manavgat , starting with the famous resort of Side ” , as distinct from its unique natural structure and stands out with a variety of local wealth .

Celebrity Manavgat Waterfall , Colakli, Ilica, Kumkoy, Selimiye, query , Titreyengöl and Alder in regions of great tourist hotels, rafting, jeep safari , paragliding outdoor facilities and the Mediterranean ” s leading center one. Small pensions, the rich maquis vegetation , a privileged Mediterranean town with its warm atmosphere . Seleukeia with such historical region attracts the attention of the whole world .
Manavgat, Mediterranean climate but with waterfalls, dams than in surrounding counties during the summer thanks to a cool place . Due to a settlement , not only in summer , in winter moving. After the April 15 opening of the tourist season and the region , including in particular the German , tourists flock from various countries . Great accommodation facilities , resorts and five-star hotels are starting to fill in this period . During the summer months the population of the county is growing at least twice . Manavgat mostly in spring and fall trips to nature and welcomes those who want to see the historical sites . In July and August are the hottest months of summer more swim , sunbathe on the beach frequented by visitors in the desire . Plateau regions , warm and spacious even during these two months . Therefore, without going to Manavgat , you need to think about what you expect from your holiday . One according to your purpose
You can choose the season .
Manavgat bus station Varan , Kamil Koc, Pamukkale and representatives of Metro ‘s bus operations , such as certain . Between Antalya-Manavgat there is a bus every half hour . This road , 75 km. Istanbul and 800 km from Manavgat . This means , if you are moving from Istanbul on the way you will pass at least 12 hours . Ankara 620 km from Manavgat . 540 km from Kusadasi Manavgat .
Region Local Transportation
Manavgat Manavgat and moving between the municipalities have three bus companies . These firms are sparse in winter , in summer they provide transportation quite often . At the exit of the district such as Side Manavgat Tourism ‘s agency, and waiting areas .

Manavgat Tourism : Side and the hotels of the vehicle 10 , departs every 15 minutes .
Side Trip : Side and outgoing vehicles to the hotel leaves every 10 minutes .
Travel Query : Query the vehicle to the destination and hotel depart every 10 minutes .
Manavgat, BC Has become the center of a settlement between 150-200 . Transport and trade in the region in the years before Christ , were held . During the Ottoman Empire near the area known as the nomads settled . Manavgat district in 1913, was considered to be . The region’s major historical centers, Seleukia , Selge, Alarahan , Etanna and a popular destination in itself , Side .
Things to Do
Seleukia Manavgat Manavgat Waterfall after passing the exit , continue in the direction of dams . After passing the village of Sikh ancient city of Seleucia your face will appear. Much of the region’s indigenous know this ancient city , more tarihsev attracts foreign tourists . Seleukia , from Alexander the Great’s successor, King of Syria I. Nikator Seleucids ( 321-280 BC ) established for one of nine cities . As a city built on a mountain settlement of the Hellenistic culture and Roman culture, many tips about vermekte.seleuki ‘, or 15 minutes to reach a shield from Manavgat selectin expired in the summer season you need to get on . The distance up to 12 km . And 34 km from Side- Seleukia .

Selge Selge , 35 miles north of Serik , at the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains . Is there a way bends . Koprulu Canyon 14 km stabilized after a road you need to progress . You can come across the road to rock reminiscent of fairy chimneys . Selga Lydia, Persia , Alexander the Great and the Roman government entered into . Ancient Theatre of the region’s most important ruins . Which consists of 45 digits and 5 at the door of the theater , head of the column and the famous temple on the west Ionic style . Theatre south of the stadium , the gymnasium has the remains of a . The stadium ‘s south remains of the agora and the fountain . North of the walls surrounding the city are adorned with Artemis and Zeus monuments include the remains of a necropolis . If the cause of the ruins remain intact , on the busiest roads absence .

Etanna Manavgat 29 km. to the north. Falling on the back of the village built on a hill . BC ancient ruins 4 y.y. on coins minted . Was the center of the dioceses of the Byzantine period . Here basilica, acropolis, rock tombs, Herron (St. grave ) , such as cisterns and baths can be found in the ruins .

Alarahan : 9 km from Manavgat . to the west . 13 century by the Seljuk capital of Konya and the southern coast between Alanya was built to ensure that trade connections . Courtyard , rooms and consists of a small mosque at the entrance . Alarahan the north to the castle there . Views of the castle and the valley view is really worth watching .

Springs , dams , recreation areas : Köprüçayı that divides the Valley’s many springs on the Taurus Mountains, ‘s . Beloluk Plateau, Avanos Belig the Power Plateau in Ahmet Tefekli, MD , Topalceviz and Hawthorn important sightseeing areas of the highlands . 36,000 hectare area of the Koprulu Canyon National Park is a true wonder of nature . Side 6 km . away , this park is also famous for the diversity of landforms . Bridge River with a total length of 120 meters , is flowing through deep valleys and canyons . Park in the east Dipoyraz Mountain 2980 meters in height and is ideal for those who love hiking . Sports such as rafting on River Bridge is done. 3 km from the center of Manavgat . Located north of Manavgat Waterfall falling from a height is amazing . Around the waterfall ‘s fish restaurants and picnic areas . Several agents from Manavgat waterfalls and throat organizes daily tours . At least 4 hours if you do not want to participate in this tour , can be reached by minibus from the district of Manavgat Waterfall . In some parts of the Manavgat River to swim and dive able to do .

In 1984, the number of Oymapınar Dam accommodation and recreational facilities around too available . In this region, the very nature of lovely walks and picnics are made. Titreyengöl with three thousand square meters , and accommodation, as well as with the natural beauty stands out . Titreyengöl , contains a large number and different types of birds . According to legend , once living near the lake and feed the birds is an old fisherman . When hunters to shoot the birds , the old fisherman walked over and works to protect birds . They pointed their guns on fishing hunters . Here , in this exact birds flapping wings off and creating a small tornado hunters manage to miss . But the old fisherman was shot already , has died. After this incident , the lake always seems to tremble . The local people, this lake does not want to forget the sorrow and bind event .
Wining and Dining
Titreyengöl near Manavgat Waterfall and many seafood restaurants are located . Titreyengöl eating – drinking a more expensive place for a unique dinner at least $ 10 per person . Titreyengöl , very rich in terms of tourist facilities . Therefore, in this region of 5-star hotel restaurants are very popular . Mediterranean cuisine , Southeast Anatolian cuisine is widespread. The region’s unique vegetable meat dishes, stews , kebabs essential in the case of many restaurants .
Souvenir , gift , apple tea, woven carpets, leather jackets, bags near Manavgat and the most sold products. Jewelers, silver jewelery stores overflowing in the summer season . The carpets woven in small villages , often woven famous for the abundance of nature and the number of nodes . Visa and Mastercard are used in all the major local stores .

Glass and ceramic items are also quite interesting. In particular, ceramic figurines, vases, various jewelry boxes, salt shakers in interesting forms the indispensable gift of local and foreign visitors . Turkish Silber, Manavgat of the most important silver jewelry store .

Manavgat is famous for its flowers . In archaeological sites can be found in many wild wildflowers . Without precedent in other regions , so this flower types , scaled in appropriate circumstances and in greenhouses are sold in florists .
Side Titreyengöl and nightlife in the area usually is concentrated in the discos and bars . Side and Side Oxyd near Light House at the Port of the region’s most important night clubs . In Titreyengöl nightlife in the bars and discos of hotels , animators and dancers accompanied by progress. Stones such as Rendez Vous can enjoy the sights of the Mediterranean night .
Outdoor Sports
River sports in the region , snuggling , rafting and offroad activities is done. In the western Mediterranean yacht tours are organized. Taurus ” mountaineering common . Especially Titreyengöl horseback riding , nature, lovely walks , fishing is done. Rafting the most suitable rivers, Manavgat and Köprüçay . Newcomer raftingciler , Koprulu Canyon National Park in the grooves of the bridge, about 100 meters below is flowing from the area where can begin. Koprulu Canyon , Bolas Village and Beskonak at 14 km. length and 100 meters in depth. Tea on the Roman period remaining bridge ‘s . Beşkonaklar later for professionals trail begins . bridges 3km from . then trail ends because the stream of the next part dangerous. region camping in common. Yeşilyaprak one of the best known camps camp.
Is a state hospital in Manavgat . Gives effective health services in private institutions . Special X-rays in the Mediterranean Hospital , General Surgery, Children , Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology , ENT, Ophthalmology , Urology, Orthopedics , Surgery, Internal Medicine department. The rooms are centrally 2 channel music , hot-cold air conditioning, open to international phone calls , bathroom, toilet, television and a refrigerator . 62 bed capacity, two operating rooms, two delivery rooms there . Private Information in Hospital X-ray , General Surgery, Internal Medicine , Neurology, ENT, Ophthalmology , Urology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Orthopedics , Traumatology and Children’s units have . 2 operating theaters , two delivery rooms , two intensive care units , emergency surgery and internal medicine emergency unit there . In addition, 24-hour ambulance service are also provided .
Side, Belek , Serik, Alanya, Akseki Beldibi
Holidays with Children
Baby sitting service in Manavgat not allowed. Several hotels have their own child care services . Located on the coast kumköy Miramare Beach Hotel with kids club . Locality alder Club Nena Holiday Village is located in the nursery and children’s club available . Heavens Mevkii’ndeki Resort Apart Hotel is an advanced on-site children’s playground, children’s attractions such as water slides are available. Private Mediterranean Hospital and child health unit at the Hospital for Special information available .

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