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General Information
” Land of Civilizations .. ” Which is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia Adiyaman, belonging to prehistoric finds , as well as belonging to the Commagene civilization , the world ‘s 8th called great and UNESCO ” Cultural Heritage of Humanity ” list located in the province of Mount Nemrut ruins, and having spread across 150 historic importance because there are cultural assets . Civilizations of Adiyaman city, about 16,000 pieces of historical artifacts are on display in the museum .

Adiyaman each season has been a haunt of locals and foreign tourists . The historical sites and historical heritage has led to the proliferation of these visits increase every year . In particular, the Ataturk Dam Nemrut Mountain and his wealth to the region , the region has made summer and winter are preferred . Snow in winter , in summer with all the vitality of spring that has to do Adiyaman province is one of the cities to be visited .

Which is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Adiyaman highway connections are everywhere . Rail and air transport in the province but also provided in the foreground are from road transport . Rail and air transport in the province but also provided in the foreground are from road transport . The town is a complete intersection lakeside location , Malatya, Kahramanmaras – Gaziantep highway transportation is provided through Gölbasi . Adiyaman by road, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa , Malatya, Kahramanmaras and Diyarbakir route, including 5 is reached. Available on this route can be seen many historical monuments and tourist attractions . Istanbul – 1209 km from Adiyaman . dr. Ankara – Adiyaman distance is 756 km . dr.

Adiyaman, is one of the oldest settlements in the history . Adiyaman Palanlı Cave of the investigations in the history of the city in BC It is understood that dates back to 40,000 years . Adiyaman name are various rumors about where you’re from . One of them is made ​​in the middle of the city of Adiyaman Mansur’s castle fortress known as the ‘ ye people , Hisn- i Mansur gave its name . Hisn- i Mansur two separate narratives about the origin of the name is available. Sources VII. century Umayyad commander Qays tribe members who come here Mansur . This name is given to Ca’vene’y izafet is being narrated by another tale of that name Abbasid Caliph Abu Jafar al- Mansur’s name comes from.

Things to Do
Mount Nemrut Adiyaman, 86 km from the town of Oracle 51km away. The world’s 8th referred to as the great and this place is located in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List 2150 on the Eastern Taurus Mountain in height , with the passage of the Euphrates river , on a hill overlooking the plain . 1 Commagene King Anticeos ‘ a ( Antikos ) built on bedrock and breaking on a tomb stones stacked tümlüs was created in the form of a big hill . East -West and North of the tumulus to the rocky giant king and god of 9-10 meters in size , were placed statues of lions and eagles . Sanctuary of ARSAMEIA Adiyaman province , sometimes within the boundaries of the district is located . BC In the 3rd century ( Hellenistic period ) was founded by experienced arsemes was known by this name . We Hellenes after the prehistoric era , Rome and the Middle Ages is also used as the location . There are train towards the south Mitras’ın relief style . PERRIN 5km from the ancient city of Adiyaman . Örenl within the boundaries of the neighborhood are away . Perrin city, is one of Commagene country’s fifth largest city . Currently, very few reached a hangover . In the ancient city walls , still being used by people and nearly 200 rock fountain is located in the necropolis with the tomb .

Wining and Dining
Adiyaman, show similarities with the neighboring provinces in the kinds of food but , should the names of foods and are different in terms of both construction methods . Licenced by the Ministry of Tourism in the province Eating – Drinking leisure facilities available. However, in the city center , whether in the districts get 100 – 150 person capacity domestic and foreign tourists services to offer exquisite food – drinks and the Ataturk dam on the coast fish with will serve restaurants and resting places are .

Adiyaman in towns and villages carpets, rugs, saddlebags, saddlebag art and aesthetic taste of the local people , such as , handicrafts and traditional handicrafts that reflect the people of the region to meet their needs , as well as tourist commodity is produced . Besides, young girls , the language, the writing can be considered needlepoint , cross-stitch embroidery has great importance and value in the region . Köşkerlik not protect against the presence of the new technologies ( Yemenicilik ) has been almost non-existent .

Outdoor Sports
Which is our national pride and the world’s 4th Large Dams in history as the National Olympic Committee of Turkey in the Ataturk Dam Water Sports Festival Adiyaman done on the premise that water sports spread rapidly. Rowing, sailing and swimming made ​​from the branches of this feast 4-5 October 1996 in traditional , country’s elite universities , the Middle East , the Marmara, the Bosphorus , Hacettepe, and Kocaeli University participated in the feast , 6 Feast Underwater Sports Federation also took place.
In addition to the historical sites in the region trekking , camping and climbing can be done.

Çörmük Besni district , 16 km from the hot springs . piles of distant springs and it is said to be good for rheumatism any discomfort . Kuruçay Besni again near the hot springs . Experts, this spa also stated that good for hemorrhoids and rheumatism .

aziantep , Sanliurfa, Kahramanmaras , Malatya. Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -6 / -1 February: -8 / 1 March : -10 / 0
April: 0 /7 May : 5 /14 June : 9/20
July: 13/24 August: 12/20 September: 10/17
October : 5 /9 November : 0/4 Range: -5 / 0
special Days
Kahler International Festival of the Commagene between 25 to 27 June each year for 3 days Kahler is made in the district . Education and Culture Festival between September 22 to 24 at Besni is made for a period of three days . If the Prophet in Gölbaşı Raisin Festival September 29 to October 1 in 4 days time , with the Honey Festival in Çelikhan since 1983, with one -day festival is at the end of August .

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