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Map Of Ağrı

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General Information
” Noah’s Ark is the last stop ! ” A well-known , according to legend , Noah’s Ark ran aground on Mount Ararat after the flood . This feature thus a world renowned mountain Mount Ararat within the limits where the pain unequaled views over Fish Lake, wide plains, these plains irrigating rivers, springs beauty of the stream length with a distinct beauty has .

Pain has a typical continental climate, which is in the winter half of the year . Winters are long , cold and snowy it is . In contrast, summers are short and dry . Even if the temperature is high due to the low rate of humidity sun is burning . Write scorching temperatures this winter will leave the bitter cold place . That’s why our country at low temperatures ( -45 ° C) measured in pain . Every aspect of terrestrial climate reflects annual average temperature of 6.1 ° C in pain is .

Pain is usually provided by road transport . The four corners of Turkey buses are available daily . Besides Agri Airport , opened in 1996 with flights three days of the week are organized.

Pain of ” historic According to the legends begins with Noah’s flood . Described and extant human species according to the legend of Mount Ararat after the Flood of Noah ” is spread in the world again . Mount Ararat, Noah “s ark ran aground known as the place . Yet another myth of Adam and Eve” their Garden of Eden ” of Mount Ararat ” on the north Aras Valley in ” that is concerned . Pain Central Asia and Anatolia, a transition point between being for centuries, as has been a major strategic importance . Eastern Anatolia at the same time “or were migrating from the first stop pain , it has not been the center of culture and civilization throughout history . Due to immigration and the influx of people living in this region are changed frequently . Limit , due to the raids, wars , and other similar events Pain ” the continuous destruction has caused . M.Ö.15 . Century by Urartu believed to be founded in the city , respectively, whom they , Persians and Macedonians domination and 1514 in” Yavuz Sultan Selim ” s with the city Ottoman Empire ” until a passing Mongols , İhanlı the Karakoyunlus and the Safavids have lived in this land . Ottoman period, years starboard , the city of the Republic ” s with the province was in 1927. Geographic, economic, population and transportation reasons as before Şorbulak , Karakilise and Karaköse names referred to by the city in 1938, within the borders of the area and Turkey” s highest mountain, Mount Ararat from ” pain is called inspiration .

Things to Do
Pain first thing that came to mind at the mention of Mount Ararat guess … Religion has an important place in the literature of Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark landed is known. Even today, which are subject to various exploratory expeditions to Mount Ararat region’s tourism contributes . Pain that comes to mind in other places İshakpaşa Palace … 96 km east of pain , which is 8 km away İshakpaşa Doğubeyazıt governor Ishak Pasha Palace and end of the period, which started to be found a hundred years Baroque-Rococo style palace … Very impressive and having a splendid view İshakpaşa Palace of Pain ‘s must-see places Gerken … Pain when you go to if you are thinking of buying gifts for loved ones , providing livelihoods of local people largely produced by animal husbandry and wool socks girls Painful carpets or rugs, we recommend that tissue .

Wining and Dining
In the area of animal husbandry is common in meat and meat dishes in the kitchen so the pain outweighs . Göşteberg the region’s most famous dishes ( steamed) , selekel the ( hair roasting ) boneless lamb , goat or beef and onions are done abdigor meatballs .

Outdoor Sports
Located 40 miles southwest of pain Bubi Mountain, the ski season with a thickness of 1-2 meters to find snow attracts the attention of those who love winter sports . Booby- Tremblant Ski Resort is located in the region of the ski area length of 1200 meters and a width of 250 meters … Medium and hard track with no hotel in the ski area . And a cafeteria with a capacity of 600 people ‘s lifts . You can come with its own facilities in the region .

Sarikamish, Dogu Beyazit

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -16 / 6 February: -12 / -3 March : -7/2
April : 3/ 13 May : 6/19 June: 10/28
July : 13/ 28 August : 14/32 September: 8/25
October: 4/16 November: -2/9 Range: -7 / 3

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