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General Information
” The owner of the most beautiful sky , Marmaris ”

Herodotus, the ” world’s most beautiful sky with a ” he Marmaris, relied on pine forests in the southern Aegean unique tourism center. Live and breathe as if veriyormuşca a district of personality . Lively resort center and only 24 hours . One of the major yachting centers of the region . Ideal for extreme sports and sightseeing . Marina , 12 months in the service of yachtsmen . On the one hand there is the wildest of the Mediterranean nights , put a hand in immaculate perhaps the only place where there could be a deep peace . Marmaris friendly people . There is not able to get lost in spite of all the action and intensity . But happy people can mingle .
Overall for the season opener begins in May in Marmaris and Icmeler . While leaving vacationers and tourists in Marmaris happens to coincide with the end of October . In July and August, when the average air temperature is 33 degrees, the average sea temperature is 24 degrees Centigrade . During the winter months the average air temperature 21/22 degrees, the average sea temperature 14/15 degrees is going
Marmaris Turkey from all over the resort where you can have all kinds of transportation through the city easily . Many bus companies all year long voyage of the additional sailings are added to the summer season .

If your preferred airline transport Dalaman Airport is 90 miles away to remember. If you go from Izmir to Marmaris and Marmaris as it looks now ( currently ” Here in Marmaris” you will find yourself at the bottom of a table ) , you can watch a city like stop your vehicle . Datca consistently throughout the season and Rhodes can be reached by ferry and hydrofoil . Also in the basement are held during the summer hydrofoils .
Region Local Transportation
Marmaris , with bus and minibus Sites fly through the city , Icmeler, Marmaris, like Yalancıboğaz able to easily reach the surrounding villages and beaches . In addition to Turunc Icmeler and sea transportation facilities are also available. During the summer season in Marmaris – Datca ferry has consistently between . 45 km to Rhodes ferry tours possible for you to travel with the day . Marmaris Castle and beaches as well as some historical places you can go on foot .
Marmaris history of BC ‘ s extends to . The first settlement in the region , the president of a people who profit the name starts with failure here . Snow in the region of the country later given the meaning of the name Karin is written. Pyhskos is the first name of the city . Today mevkiiye called Asartepe still be seen. Marmaris name of Herodotus sources ” Marmarissos “, the famous sailor Piri Reis in his book ” Mermeris referred to as” . On trips to do here Caria, Rhodes , Egypt, Asder , Ion, Dor, Persian, Macedonian , Syrian , Roman, Byzantine , Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations to see
possible .
Things to Do
Here at the beginning of the places you should do “Drinking ” comin ‘ . Until recently, by someone unknown, the road construction with frequented by tourists , which became Marmaris ” E , 10 km away in Icmeler enjoy the beach , enjoy the experience . Others wonder of nature, Turunc, Marmaris, 20 km far away . Daily tour boats that frequented Turunc to Marmaris by road access is also possible. Hisaronu, Marmaris – Datca right, two dark a charming fishing village. yet Marmaris if you are already Marmaris Castle absolute must visit . Landscapes against the non -glory can do the castle while disappeared while careful not to you have to . Sela famous Turgut If you go to observe the savoring should not leave . the village for visiting if you intend the other places you should visit the Bayırkö will be . village in the square of 2000 year old trees like us, you stunned at will . Moreover, this village If you go to flower and pine honey do should get . 35 km to Marmaris . distances depending on the Willow Village Seranda (Republic Quarter) will be drawn from the top if you like old Greek houses suggest a panoramic view .

Selimiye, Marmaris, with its clear sea fish restaurants and places you should visit on your vacation . Kumlubük suffered daily tour boats is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region . Hisarburnu now located at the top of the ancient city of Amos , which has survived from the Hellenistic era . In the ruins of Amos , theaters , temples , and you can see the remains of the walls surrounding the city . 30 km away from Marmaris Orhaniye minibus trips are organized during the season . Farms in other places you should visit in Marmaris is one .
Wining and Dining
There are many restaurants in Marmaris . Having therefore a great resort city of Marmaris difference from other towns , the presence of all kinds of restaurants which cater to the palate . Here Turkish cuisine and seafood as well as British cuisine, Italian , French and Chinese will have the opportunity to eat their meals as well . We also pass by the bakery at the mall instead , we recommend looking into a taste of the cake . Especially at the entrance to the marina görünml street café patisserie offers a wonderful chocolate cake . Spices and honey in Marmaris region-specific art shops you must visit at least one .
Tasteful boutiques, colorful bazaars where you have everything you need with a yangözl he can see is a shopping paradise . Find the ones you will not be left in the big city rich markets and economic shopping opportunities as well as create. Marmaris awning -covered , in a small covered market , protecting skin from the sun shops, silversmiths and jewelers possible to travel comfortably . The Turkish carpets, textiles and hand-made products , even if you do not see the need to avoid doing . And while we’re up here in Marmaris honey ( to çambal ) would not be right to return savoring .
Marmaris , Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of the night one of the most vibrant holiday destinations . You can go in Marmaris numerous cafes, pubs and bars in the area . Especially towards the marina , along the coast of bamboo cafe – bars ideal for those who want to spend a quiet but fun night . For beer against sea accompanied by chatting pleasant to spend the night . Marina, from those who wish to spend more lively night in Venice , accompanied by the creek provides a bit more when I return scroll Marmaris Bar Street you can assign your step . Marmaris exotic mood of the old house where one can spend the night suit your personal tastes . Rock bar chart hits in recent days , while adding movement is in the streets , bars, live music with songs stand out. If the program coincided with musicians such as Ati Ötünç , do not miss . Opportunity to listen to all kinds of music you can find in Marmaris, Icmeler and Antique Disco Disco Bar in the Turkish House we can offer .
Outdoor Sports

Rafting in Dalaman River is a golden opportunity for lovers . You can participate in the tour , Dalaman moving waters , relying on professional accompanying you can experience an unforgettable adventure . If you are passionate to or still are correct. Held in November each year to watch the Marmaris International Yacht Cup, you have no option . Marmaris renting a jeep safari may also , views and keyfiniz to truely want to spend a day by day trekking trips can be made .
Unlike other places in Marmaris encounter no major health problems . While on an evening stroll in the Marina do not forget to take precautions against the wind . If you have any health problems , you can get help here you can find numerous health organizations and pharmacies . Also right in the bazaar you will see many doctors and dental surgeries . 200 meters away from the marina , in almost every area of specialist doctor ‘s office .
Dalyan , Datca , Gokova, Koycegiz , Dalaman, Turunc
Holidays with Children
Marmaris market is a shopping paradise for your children . In the bazaar , Pamukkale Tourism Toys Toys at the store located on the side of your kids will be ecstatic . Here interesting toys for your children and take Sevdiye can cheer them . Talking fish, touch-sensitive fluffy toys at prices that make you laugh your face .

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  3. I luoghi che abbiamo visto nel nostro viaggio precedente dovrebbero davvero essere visitati, hai rinfrescato i nostri ricordi.

  4. I luoghi che abbiamo visto nel nostro viaggio precedente dovrebbero davvero essere visitati, hai rinfrescato i nostri ricordi.

  5. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

  6. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

  7. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.

  8. Я разделяю благодарность за то, что вы предоставили столько информации о Турции.

  9. I luoghi che abbiamo visto nel nostro viaggio precedente dovrebbero davvero essere visitati, hai rinfrescato i nostri ricordi.

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