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General Information
” East of the mysterious city … ”

Muş province , Eastern Anatolia Region. Is high and mountainous regions . Turkey is the third largest of the Mush plain plains . The climate in general is hard , and under the influence of the continental climate . 2-star hotel accommodation in the province and municipalities often leave the hotel are available.
Where and how to come to the name of Mus absolutely unknown. Small vessel carrying passengers in the river Persian , Arabic, transparent , Hebrew also means that the wet grassland . The nearest one is the equivalent in Hebrew . Founder of the city came forward from the old rumor Muset herds .

Terminal, which is 2 km from the city center can be reached by local minibus . Rail link station which is 3 km from the center of Muş province , east travel is the most preferred option is the proximity to the city center again . Which is 16 km from the city center to the airport Mus Mus Plain Shuttle buses are provided with transportation . 1422 km from Istanbul – Mus . dr. Ankara – the 1,015 km from Mus . dr. It is possible to get within 20 hours by bus .

Mus Urartu begins with the dawn of history , what is included in the musuem BC in the high plains of eastern Anatolia II.B owned settlements, can not be brought to light enough yet , who are the ancestors of Urartu is not known precisely . BC exit the stage of history of Urartu XIII. Although other organizations across centuries BC as a state . IX. YY . ‘Is located. Before the king of Assyria, Urartu , which in the event of a confederation scattered III. Salmanassar the first Urartu King ‘s contemporary Aramaic ( MÖ.850 -840 ) after they become a unified kingdom .
In recent history , on 19 May 1919 in Samsun , Mustafa Kemal Pasha Amasya Circular was issued after the Erzurum now . Meanwhile, the people of Eastern Anatolia and the Armenian massacres of Armenians struggle against the decision to stop receiving scattered among the surrounding province of Mus people also began to return to the city again . East of Armenia Armenian armies entered Anatolia , Turkish army under the command of Karabekir Kazim Pasha was defeated . Eastern Anatolia and slaughter by the Treaty of Gyumri has been liberated from occupation .

Things to Do
Murat River bridge , Mus – Mus Varto on the road is 10km away from the city center . A Seljuk architecture. The exact date of construction is unknown. Marble inscription dated 1817 is thought to be related to the repair . 143 m long, 4.77 m wide. Height 16 – 18 m wide. 12 eyed. Today, standing in the middle has collapsed. Varto Kayalidere Ruins ( Castle City), Central District , 40 km , 20 km away from Varto Kayalikaya village. Urartu is a settlement . British Archaeological Institute , Prof. PhD. Dr. . Seton Lloyd and C. A. Burrey chaired , was found in the excavations made in 1965 . During the excavations , forts, temples , wine cellar, graves and small finds were uncovered. Mus Virgin Mary Church in the city center is the minaret neighborhood . The exact date is not known. Apart from this province madrassas, churches, mosques, shrines, castles, bridges, baths , tombs and mounds many cultural treasures are worth .

Wining and Dining
Mush climatic conditions are reflected in folklore and culture . Çavg the beginning of regional dishes , Mus patties, stuffed Hasut are Kelem Stuffed and stringy .

Traditional crafts in the province still remains true . Kilims, carpets, felt making , saddle making , knitting socks , mesh knitting , beading and lace oyacılıg are mainly handicrafts made ​​. These products can be obtained from Mus city center and the district . Especially sock knitting patterns rugs and kilims necessarily reflect the culture of the indigenous peoples are among the examples will be taken .

All throughout Turkey as well as in the province of Mus is a province rich in spas . Mus is located in the center of Bazika Çermig . Varto 20 km. away. It is good for rheumatism and gynecological diseases . Bicarbonate made ​​of aerated waters . Fuzzy Chi spa lake in the town center is 111 km from the city center . away. Water temperature is 20 degrees .
In addition, one of the government hospitals in the province of Mus , including two hospitals is available.

Bingol, Bitlis , Erzurum , Agri.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -15 / -5 February: -10 / 0 March: -3 / 6
April : 5 /15 May : 8/ 21 June : 14/31
July: 16/32 August: 19/35 September: 11/27
October: 8/19 November: 0/ 9 December : -4/4
special Days
1071 Manzikert Mail Remembrance Day on August 26 , Tulip Festival May 10-11 in the Mus center , Varto ‘s liberation from enemy occupation Varto on March 31 , Mus liberation from enemy occupation Mus City Center on April 30 is celebrated .

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