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General Information
In Anatolia ” is an open air museum … ”

Towns History of civilizations ‘ve Nevsehir, a holistic beauty IC ICE doğaal career that one of the living paradise of Turkey Tourism and Rich Culture UNIQUE passing ‘ve exhibits . In Central Anatolia , Erciyes, Hasan Melendiz Ile composed of volcanic ash accumulation of a bunch of old as lavdağ are large and have a plateau on ‘ve been in the news . Continental climate of the region season continues to be in the limelight of tourists Logged Properties him …

Transportation in the area due to its presence on the main tales place in Nevşehir Province in Central Anatolia Region is located can be easily obtained ‘ve quickly . Istanbul – Nevsehir 729 km. Eger ‘ve distance between Ankara and 276 km . dr. Therefore, a region near Landscapes weekends is preferred from a distance . Aksaray, Nevsehir from Istanbul to Eskisehir follow ‘ve evolved in easily accessible road outside . NATO , the second hour is a time direction by Aksaray, Nevsehir province Ankara Transportation is provided.



Airport is about 30 km away . uzakşeh to the center . Reaching the airport buses, minibuses and taxis are needed. Turkish Airlines Wed, Thu , Fri and Sat evenings there are flights from Istanbul and Thu, Fri , Sat and Mon morning flight to Istanbul . Flight time 1 hour 15 min.

by car
From the country by road ulaşant able to Nevşehiril

Several bus companies and other bölgelerdedig day when you can run it directly from the cities of Nevsehir overnight bus there

Sauna – for real authentic non-touristy experience , Nevşehiruyg the hammams ( Turkish baths) , try one . There is one near the intersection of Görememinibüsdurag to yanındakia . Price £ 15 for Sauna , sauna + body scrub and foam massage £ 25 .

Kapadokyaantik in Nevsehir, Nigde and between Kayserişehir is located in Central Anatolia . Millions of years ago, violent eruptions of the volcano Mt . Erciyes and Mt. Hasan ileçevre tuff plateau . Wind and weather , pink, green and yellow colors of oddly shaped pillars, cones and ” fairy chimneys ” of hundreds of volcanic rock içineyumuşak quashed . Since ancient times , men holy and those on the soft rock cave churches, chapels and monasteries have made .
There are kiliselererk Christianity . Kiliselerinsanat style can be divided into two categories : 8 and 9 yüzyıliconoclastic years – the temsil13 azizlerinhayat decorations and a variety of Jesus . yüzyıllarda10 . . Kiliselerinmimar plans are uncomplicated .
Goreme and Urgup two lively tourist centers. Cave dwellings , both in this city and there are çevresindeka cone . Avanos, the Red River in the little town to visit the river and there are Ortahisarkıyı .
Bulunankal spectacular views of the valleys of Cappadocia Uchisar visible.
Goreme Open Air Museum back to the 10th century , is a complex of churches and chapels . There are many great frescoes , Serpentine Church , Buckle Church is one of the important .
Zelve, more irregular and rough hike in sunanbölge many impressive valleys.
In addition, the enemy is hiding underground cities are used by Christians . Grain storage rooms, sleeping rooms, kitchens and ventilation shafts had .
Kaymakli and Derinkuyu underground cities are the two important . There are also two others from the past and equity .
Cappadocia is great and very local wines with carpets and rugs , is an important area for shopping . It is also a perfect area for trekking in vesahn great for photographing every season .

Gore during the excavations conducted in the province of Nevsehir Information Obtained Adi ” NYSSA ” that is utilized in the foothills of the Day Coffee Nevsehir anlaşılmaktadır.hitit BC Era It has a history dating to 3000 . Near a village in the Ottoman Period DENR muscarinic Nissan ‘s was founded. Muşkaral Ottoman Grand Vizier Damad Ibrahim Pasha , not a new city , town, village in veçevre So Muskara developing in the village NEVŞEHİR ‘ve alıryıllıkgörev name . Up to 20 years of Nigde , Nevsehir province is a district in July 1954 , has been the meth in history .

Things to Do
Melendiz for Ihlara Valley , 40-50 feet wide in places HIGH 70 to 80 meters in length , 10 miles a canyon . It rocks so hard on that . Its 100 churches carved into the rocks on the sides , who will leave you astounded . This church is made of better quality than the cog , was carved in the second century . Bulbous Valley, Urgup go from the square is the location of our içintabela . 5 km THEN come. After you reach 47 kilometers from Urgup Soğanlarmerkez Eger . Almayol a lush environment for a 5-kilometer road . Everyone’s Attention Within Damsa so on the road in the location field – Features geographical in nature plateau Taşkınpaşa shooting … Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Derinkuyu, DG Ortahisar beauty to be seen ..

‘ve Eating
In the region, molasses, Avanos pottery kebab , Acıgölkabak sweet , lemon, grapefruit Ortahisar stored in caves delicious wines made from grapes ‘ve surely must eat apricots .

Ile Handicraft carpet, ceramic , Rich … One feature that made using cloth doll , Special root Paints Onion rotation without considering gibibölgeninvadi HERE ARE handmade dolls have a very nice Very nice, I’ve been under maximal in sadecebölge .. Again, make fruit sellers Getmeyv Giderken onions . This REGION apricots, pears, apples ‘ve FAMOUS .. ALSO potter jugs, ashtrays , ornaments can Buy Goreme Inc. Urgup ‘ve pot .

View larger map Outdoor Sports
Suitable for pad around Ortahisar vekal is a field . Çavuşin Village Zelvia can have a picnic camp , Goreme Uchisar can swim around the lake have Damsa . INTERNATIONAL AIR balloon tours in the region at the time of the game are organized SIM ‘ve Express .

Charter of the Red River valley to the southern slopes of the 1,150 that was established in metreyükseklik . AIR Ile region of Cappadocia in dry continental climate , especially for asthma patients is GOOD ‘ve . Manufacturing Research for olanevlerinbölge taste the flavor of the wines produced in ‘ve hua Will Be Ready .

Kayseri, Tectonophysics, Yozgat , Nigde, Aksaray .

Months ( ° C) , the lowest average maximum temperatures compared Inc.

January : -5 / February 1 : -2 / 6 March : 2/12
April: 6/18 May: 8/21 June: 12/28
July 13 /28 Aug : 17/33 September: 10/24
October: 8/19 November: 0/10 Range: 0 /8
special Days
I Veli Commemoration Ceremony is held – her Year 16 august 3 DAYS BETWEEN INTERNATIONAL Hacıbektaş , 18 In the region . IN December 22 to 23 Hacıbektaş Hacıbektaş Atatürk’s arrival in Ile 2 May Day is celebrated for two of history between the dates of 6 G , – Christmas liturgy Mevlut 5 ‘ve Zelve Open Air Museum .

Kozaklı Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: Kozaklıbelediye she’s in there .
» Transportation: Kayseri – Ankara, 24 km from the main road . away .
» Water temperature : – 93 Degrees 27 Degrees
» PH value : 6.7 to 7
Chloride, sulphate , bicarbonate, sodium , calcium compounds have properties » ‘ve radioactive .
»Applications : Drinking cures BATH Inc.
» Diaesses Treatment: Rheumatism, skin, heart , circulatory , respiratory , women , nerve muscle fatigue ‘ve neurological diseases, joint arthritis ‘ve postoperative discomfort disease on like this in a positive impact ‘ve been .
Accommodation, Facilities » : 102 rooms , 309 beds Facilities There are motels .

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