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General Information
” Cukurova’s peanut land .. ”

Up in Çukurova , the Ceyhan River on the eastern side the its vast hinterland , Osmaniye , Ceyhan River , Khamis , Karachai , Kesiksu and Soap Tea due to the wetland , as well as the Çukurova region to the east roads linking because it is a busy area is . Çukurova patients with extensive forests, rich agricultural land and is not cute . Osmania Karatepe, with Aslantaş Open Air Museum and the ancient city is a major tourist center .

Climate in the province , a mountainous and lowland areas vary , but a typical Mediterranean climate is characteristic . Climate , summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. With the effect of hot air springs are highly developed culture . June-September period ; Zorkun , Product, Fenkim , Almanpınar Maksutoglu springs and the great migration to happen. Osmaniye to spring on the property during the summer to come and see the range of activities is recommended terms .

Osmaniye , in terms of transportation are very fortunate position . D-400 highway connecting to Adana Province departure , arrival is double-stranded . Also Tarsus-Adana – Gaziantep and Iskenderun (TEM) Osmania from motorways pass. With its close proximity to the port of Iskenderun Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia in the west of the railway connecting the pass from Osmaniye province, provides an advantage in terms of transportation . Total road network of the province is 376 km : State road 66 km , 238 km of provincial roads and highways is 72 km . The railway network is 60 km away . Istanbul – Osmaniye 1026 km. Ankara – Osmaniye 577 km. dr.

Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Ages Leleg reigned in the land of his people from the Great Hittite state and later , Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine , Seljuk and finally came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire . Been with the proclamation of the Republic of province in 1933, again as the county has maintained its administrative structure . Ex- rights on 24 October 1996 have been returned and has attained the status of Osmaniye .

Things to Do

Toprakkale linking to Syria in the first ages of Çukurova Amanos / Demirkapı gate was built in order to keep under control . Ceyhan , Osmaniye, Dortyol crossroads and dominate the southern gateway 75 m . height of a rocky hill on the stack , and it is added . Toprakkale located around the inner and outer walls of the castle walls oluşmaktadır.kal sequential nature of rubble cover edilmiştir.iç castle built in the black basalt stone walls are standing , although generally higher elevations is in ruins . Castle in the north of the island on the way to the old city of Kınık ( disproportionate ) residues are available.

Zork Plateau : in the southeast of the province of Osmaniye , Nur is located in the foothills of the total 26 km to the highlands . asphalt road . In the summer of Zork springs of the town of Osmaniye city bus , minibus and taxi passenger transport yapmaktadır.yol 16th Gargoyle is located at kilometer highland, very cute, among pine trees , the house is set up with a completely wooden highland area’s . Zork the springs are spread over a very wide base . Pine and juniper trees, the village has been installed in the wood near the upland homes and villas built in the architectural style is very different to other houses can be seen. Zork infrastructure , which was largely completed in the spring , the summer months the mobile health clinic and serves gendarmerie . Osmaniye, Ceyhan , Kadirli intensely popular with the people of the districts in the highlands ; grocery store , teahouse and restaurants , butchers , greengrocers , bakers are . On the plateau are eating and shopping places . The locals use the springs are home .

Wining and Dining
The local cuisine is the most important material evidence . In this regard, the majority of local dishes made ​​with bulgur , stuffed meatballs , lentil patties, raw meatballs, vicious , sarmaiç the bulgur , as Batırık … Other main dishes are; wimp (beet) , tOGGer to , CICC as ( tomato rice), dry beans, chickpeas dishes , cabbage rolls, stuffed eggplant , thimbles soup, Maloti soup, chicken soup , season as various vegetable dishes and meat kömbe is . Also on Eid al-Fitr is dry kömbe and molasses .

Dyed with madder Karatepe rugs made ​​from wool , is world famous and are exported abroad .
Karatepe and vicinity villages, families are made ​​of wood with hand spoon, fork and a variety of ornaments , are beautiful examples of handicrafts .

Outdoor Sports
The area is rich in hunting .
Hunting areas of the province in terms of area 5 km outside the ideal of land; Zork springs , Product district. Here, usually quail, wild boar hunting is done. In addition, in the province Aslantaş dam lake duck hunting is done. Hunting club located in the province are in , organized by the association of Zork springs are made in the range shots .

Furthermore, the region of Erzurum , Dortyol , due to its proximity to the county Ovarian day are suitable for swimming and hiking . Zork is installed into the forest uplands , especially in the region may be climbing .

The region is very rich in terms of spas and drinking is not .
Drinking in pregnancy is 7 km from the town of Osmaniye . Situated near the village of Gabala is . Gall bladder, liver, stomach it is recommended to patients .

Adana, Antakya, Gaziantep , Kahramanmaras .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January : 3/ 13 February : 6/16 March: 9/19
April: 12/23 May: 15/28 June: 20/31
July: 22/33 August: 23/34 September: 19/31
October: 15/26 November: 7/19 Range: 6/18

special Days
Hasanbeyli in the township of Cherry Festival Hasanbeyli
For a period of one day is celebrated on June 8 .
International Osmaniye Osmaniye center Peanut Festival 5 – October 7 is celebrated .

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