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General Information
” The unique nature , full of health with the warm waters of health tourism center since Roman times … ”

Naturally occurring white terraces of Pamukkale with the few examples in the world , will take on the beauty of different summer and winter . Just like anywhere in the world is open to afar ; are not allowed to approach . In Pamukkale , this extraordinary natural formations on the ” shoes ” healthy filled with water as you can walk … all kinds of hotels, pool, sauna and therapy services have …
Although the high season from April to October , the winter thanks to the magnificent landscape attracts many local and foreign visitors . The summer months of July and August , due to the continental climate is very warm and does not get many visitors . In the summer, especially in August , with the effect of the hot water supply , would be unbearably hot .
From Istanbul to Denizli 8 hour journey are reached . In Afyon stop , eating of dairy delights , remember to take from the famous sausage … When you arrive in Denizli , 1 km go straight up the middle of the last large town on the road … Pamukkale, you will see the sign . Than 3 km turn left on gitiği are Pamukkale’d wonderland .
Lysimachos’un king of Pergamum ‘wife founded the ancient city of Hierapolis on behalf of Hiera , Pamukkale ‘s are scattered around . At the entrance to the Agora , BC 3rd – 2nd century equivalent to a Hellenistic gate dating from the organizations are still standing. Roman history is very bright in Pamukkale … Water games, health visitors say many Romans has come . Perhaps more so than today, was visited at that time …

Pamukkale, Byzantine ‘ t also maintained its importance . Christ’s disciples, saints St . Philips believed killed here . This ancient Hierapolis has been an important center of Christianity .

A.D. 5 . Century from Pamukkale at Laodicea is located 2 km below the Bible because it is one of the 7 Revelation Church Pamukkale , Byzantium ‘s center has been one of the dioceses . Under Turkish rule , Ottoman -era buildings in the city of Denizli and there are homes .
Things to Do

Pamukkale is close to its rich history and many visits . Hierapolis ancient city , dating from the Roman and Hellenistic architectural work is full . On the road leading to the hotel , the rest spread across the left-right soll Necropolis or cemetery, is the Roman . Unfortunately, in all cases have been plundered … Theatre has been restored quite good , and very beautiful scenery with frieze ( 2nd century AD ) … St . Made on behalf of Philips mausoleum , Temple of Apollo and the old hospital ( on the way to the cemetery , the tipping point came and stood very interesting having a wall ) of places to see … The ancient city of Hierapolis Agora, on the way to the cemetery and in an interesting way , the other door is a door from the Hellenistic period Roman period …

Also nearby another ancient settlement center of Laodicea , the Bible said , apocalyptic signs bearing the seven churches have one ! … Here today remains of a wall from nothing else , although devout Christian groups is a haunt .

Most of the hotels , from ancient cemeteries are ranked slightly ahead of left-right soll . Pamukkale, which is the cause of the formation of hot thermal water , is collected in pools in all of the hotel . Karahayıt in the village , more varied structure has a hot water supply , the Red Water . This source consists of a small hill , where the iron mineral water containing red dye flows .
Outdoor Sports
Pamukkale, today foreign and domestic culture and nature tours are open to all kinds . Also, dating from ancient times , which is a feature of the tour began in health – therapy . Some of the hotel , literally with the United States and in Europe in the quality of samples have to thermals and therapy applications . Curative , which require accommodation for therapy services and medical tourism , hotels, special rates will be .
Afyon, Isparta, Burdur

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