Pastries – Turkey

Turkish cuisine is rich in delicious pastries as an indispensable part of afternoon teas and Anatolian breakfasts.

These delicious pastry dishes are made with filling ingredients such as meat or vegetables or without filling ingredients and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Kayseri mantısı (Turkish ravioli), 40 pieces of which are supposed to fit in a tablespoon, along with pancakes and bread, bagels, kete, skillet, and pretzels are some of the most famous local flavors waiting for you.

One of the main ingredients of Turkish cooking culture is bread. The types of bread made in different ways differ in all regions of the country.

White bread is one of the most commonly consumed breads with meals. Corn bread, Trabzon bread, Pide (flat bread), barley and rye bread, Bazlama (flat bread), Tandır Ekmeği (tandoor bread) are some of the Turkish breads. In Turkey, bread can also be made with ingredients such as Swiss chard, anchovies or leeks. Apart from this bread, an essential element of Turkish cuisine can also be used as an ingredient in making meatballs and even desserts.

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