Religious Festivals in Turkey

Religious Festivals
The main reason why religious festivals are not celebrated on the same days each year , is because they are . According to the lunar calendar Calculated Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated 10 days earlier each year than the year before, so that religious festivals may come to be celebrated in every season . According to the lunar calendar, Ramadan is celebrated on the first three days of the month Sevval , and the Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated in four days after the tenth day of the month Zilhicce . These festivals are still in popular tradition , although their effects are not what they once were .
Key Features of Religious Festivals
The main features of religious festivals are that people , neighbors , relatives and friends pay visits and going to see each other . Young people kiss their parents’ hands and receive best wishes and blessings from them. It is a tradition , money or small gifts to these childreen that give kiss your hands . Served during the feast of sacrifice , not only sweets but also the meat of the sacrificial animal for the guests. According to Biruni of Harezm around the 10th Century lived , is the reason why people during these festivals serve sweets that Cem had discovered the sweet juice inside sugar cane on a Nevruz day. In the beginning were only sweet food served Nevruz , but these gradually became a general tradition that spread to all other festivals and feast days. The Festival of Sacrifice is celebrated with less excitement than Ramadan in Turkey. This festival takes place in Islam as a reminder of the story in which a ram fell from the sky just at the moment when the Prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice his son for God.

The period between the month Sevval , is celebrated in the Ramadan and the month Zilhicce in which takes place the Festival of Sacrifice , lasts exactly one month and is called Aralik . Marriages between these two festivals is to be as unhappy. On the first day of the feast of sacrifice , sacrifice Hadji Aries in Mina in Mecca. If a Muslim has the money , a religious duty is to sacrifice. Rams, camels or cattle to be sacrificed. The sacrificial animal must be healthy and if it is female , she may not be pregnant .

A number of traditions surrounded animal sacrifice . Some of them come from Islamic rules , while others are from region to region and nation to nation . For example , in some regions of Turkey rams are washed , painted with henna and are dressed with bridal ribbons . This tradition of painting with henna Aries is also a very old tradition in the Jewish comunity . Dressing, the animal with various bands is a tradition that usually seen in some parts of Central Asia. One third of the meat of the sacrificed animals left in the house . The other parts are given to relatives, neighbors and the poor. Both during Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice people come together , celebrate and entertain themselves. In towns and villages , children and adolescents each other in particular , will meet on hard courts and have fun. Festival areas resemble fairs these days.

The Ramadan Festival comes after a month of fasting. There are also many traditions about the fasting month of Ramadan month , which is known as . In earlier times, in particular, and in the summer when nights are shorter, the people who fasted not sleep, but waited after dinner until sahur (a meal taken just before dawn during Ramadan ) . During this period, people orgainised many different forms of entertainment. Karagoz and ortaoyun were examples of Ramadan shows. In rural areas , the people gathered in homes and coffee houses where wandering minstrels used to play instruments and sing. These wandering minstrel songs, folk tales , which could last up to several days were told.

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