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General Information
” The land of tea gardens ! ”

One side of the deep blue sea on one side always green and wet and lush nature, fascinated by the Rize , Black Sea, the typical features of carrying a tea garden land of … high plateaus where you will spend a week cheeks of vermilion is more than enough already!

Rize is the most beautiful season in July and August. As is common in the province of mountain tourism is most suitable for mountain tourism months these months . About 1500-2000 m above sea level . in the other months , the village is getting cold. If you go to the highlands between May and October Rize, quite convenient for trips .

75 km to Trabzon . away from the coastline to reach Rize which to advance eastward along gerekiyor.yol Araklı , to places like Resumption Of and your not and should not be missed in these natural beauties to enjoy a advise .

Historic BC Rize is believed to have been based on the 2000s, the name of the Greek ” foothills ” is said to come from Rhiza meaning .

After the tea through a small border kasabasıyk 1950 in Rize, a Byzantine castle outside aspiring to be worth seeing too many historical monuments have been built in yok.14.yüzyıl Rize yeralıyor.kent southwest of Castle in the center of the city 16 İSLAMPAŞA century and the history of this city Gulbahar Mosque, the only items that make up tissues …

Things to Do
Rize is not very rich in terms of historical buildings this open mind with stunning views of the magnificent nature and the closing springs that will come easy . Towering Rize Agriculture Garden is a great place full of flowers !

After half an hour journey eastward Cayeli, which is able to reach the village of fishermen . Kaptanpaşa on the road and through the woods Çürükbel Incesu Falls picnic places worth seeing … 4 km from near Çamlıhemşin ZILKALE . After Moe Palovit spectacular waterfall located in the valley also another place to be seen to do … Kaçkarlara wandering the highlands in the north will feel the enthusiasm will not put it into words !

Rize, when you go to places you need to do but do not see the beginning of the plateau attracts ! Ayder’de famous for its hot springs about 10 miles . Beyond the Up and Down Kavron Plateaus, and fog highlands of the country Hemşin worth … Rize each side of the valleys, plateaus, waterfalls , verdant forest-covered stretches !

Wining and Dining
Rize of the Black Sea were able to find quality restaurants where you can sample local dishes … Also famous pita along the Black Sea Rize tea should try it! Rize some unique dishes and recipes include :
Buttermilk Window : Corn bread is prepared by chopping the yogurt .
CIRIH with a sweet variety. Cut dough round . After the syrup is poured over fried . Eat when cool .
Çirmulis : The oil was dissolved . Lubricate the inside of the crushed corn bread .
Pan of beans : Beans are made by roasting pan or pickled .

Trabzon, Artvin, Çamlıhemşin

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: 2/3 February: 3/10 March: 6/14
April: 9/15 May: 12/19 June: 18/25
July: 20/25 August: 23/30 September: 18/25
October: 15/21 November: 8/16 Range: 6/13

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  1. I luoghi che abbiamo visto nel nostro viaggio precedente dovrebbero davvero essere visitati, hai rinfrescato i nostri ricordi.

  2. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.


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