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General Information
“The North Star ..”

Samsun, natural, historical and cultural richness of the sea, land, air and rail transport facilities Tourism Potential of the Black Sea region is one of the highest cities.
Turkey’s most important water into the forest and the Red River Delta area of ​​318 bird species and enthusiasts is flooded with different varieties of plants. Green and blue embrace of the coast in winter, separate, own beauty, the plateaus, lakes, healing spas Samsun with one of our rare cities where you can find various tourism activities.

Climate of the region shows distinct characteristics of coastal and inland areas. In coastal areas of the Black Sea climate, the inland areas are relatively continental climate. Social and economic aspects of the Black Sea region is the most developed city. A large port, international airport and the city of Anatolia is one of our most qualified in tourism. Long and natural beaches, unique beauty of the forests, springs, lakes, thermal springs, with a wide variety of tourism activities serve tourism. Samsun is a city that should be seen in every season.

Access status as the most fortunate of the Black Sea province of Samsun Land, Sea, Air and Railways have. Weather in the area was not suitable for the landing of large aircraft in terms of Samsun foundation was laid in 1995 with the completion of the field of international air transport has become a very important center. 737 km distance between Istanbul and Samsun. dr. The 419 km distance between Ankara-Samsun. dr.

Region Local Transportation
82 km from Samsun. Located Ladik and other districts always possible to find the car. Wednesday from the town of Samsun city center with easy access to road and rail links provided. Rail link from the city center since 1926 continues. Bafra district of the province’s 50 km. to the west. Transportation is not a problem.

“Samsun” name “in Greek Amisos” words come from that end of the “Os” or “S” suffix looking argued Although the word origin of the ancient Greek period prior to rest on a stronger possibility is stated that. In this case Amisos name, not a name given by the Greeks arriving by sea, the neighboring city of Amasis (Amasya), as it is understood that a word originating in Anatolia.
The first human traces in Samsun region has been observed to occur in the Tekkeköy. The flat settlements in the caves and in the excavations made in the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age-BC 600 000 10 000) and Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age-BC. 10000-8000) age of the artifacts were found.
Samsun region BC 5 Starting at the end thousands of Northern Greece, Bulgaria, and is in a tight relationship with the Aegean islands, these relations are provided by coastal shipping and Late Chalcolithic (MO 3500-3000), this relationship has been found to extend to the middle of Anatolia. During the First World War to the maritime trade paralyzed, suffering great hardships from the economic aspect of Samsun, kept the ball four times by Russian warships. Is significantly damaged (1915). 3 to Samsun on 19 May 1919 Army inspectors set foot as Mustafa Kemal Pasha (Ataturk), the War of Independence began in Anatolia, and the city also due to this feature becomes a symbol of the War of Independence. XIX. century. At the end of the province of Trabzon managed as a mutasarrıflıklara Samsun province after the Republic became the center bearing his name.

Things to Do
Natural vegetation is favorable, the Red River delta and Yeşilırmak presence of the province’s most important feature. Springs, Red River Delta, festivals one more layer increases the attractiveness of the province. Atakum, Samsun – Sinop on the highway, 5 km from the city center. within this coastal town has a wide sandy beach and shallow sea. Kocadağ nature walks are conducted every year to the city 30 km promenade area. away. Haskovo forest recreation facilities panorama of the city is on a hill can be monitored. Accessible by public transport. The thermal spa is also common in the province of facilities at the hotel also presents itself with a modern style. Turkey attracts local and foreign tourists from the four corners of this property consists of comfortable and cheap with each passing day more and more are preferred.
Briefly Samsun Monuments, museums, mosques, bazaars, natural beauties, beaches and camping sites to be seen in winter and summer is one of our provinces.

Wining and Dining
Black Sea Region in the province of Samsun too can find local tastes. Fish, pasta and vegetables to the weight which is famous for its local cuisine, especially pita. Corn bread, which is called open and closed succulent cakes, anchovy bread, anchovy rice, and kale soup and stuffed keskek regional dishes in the region are most preferred. Say we have this outside the southern and eastern cuisines in Samsun examples you can find easily.

Outdoor Sports
Sports facilities with swimming pool in Samsun sports activities constitute an important part of social life. Forests of the province because it is rich in lakes and rivers, hunting, camping, fishing, sports and swimming are quite advanced in tandem. In addition, extreme sports like paragliding, trekking, rafting are made. Rich nature, because it is suitable for mountain tourism region has been consistently preferred.

The area is rich in spas. Samsun-basin Basin hot springs spas located in the town center and 1 km from the center of the road Samsun, Amasya. away, and is west of the road. Situated at the foot of a hill in the center there are five spas. Three of these springs since ancient times made the snapdragon, kızgöz are maarif and healing baths. Water temperature 49.8 Basin hot springs which 7i8 value rheumatism, gynecological diseases, nervous disorders, joint and arthritis versus makes a positive impact. We provide spa Samsun – Ankara highway 3 km. east of Samsun yaklaşık60 km. away. The temperature is 38 degrees, nerve and muscle fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis is effective against.
In addition, it is also suitable for drinking and bath cures.

Ordu, Amasya, Sinop, Corum.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 1/8 February: 2/11 March: 5/16
April: 8/16 May: 10/20 June: 16/24
July: 18/26 August: 20/29 September: 15/24
October: 13/21 November: 6/15 Range: 4/14
Special Days
Events can say for Samsun city. Just to watch these festivals and a lot of traveling to the region from neighboring provinces are realized. May 19th Aviation Fair and Festival every year in July or August, Tekkeköy culture and nature festival, 01-02 September, Samsun international folk dance festival, 16-27 July, Bafra traditional summer festival every year in August, Asarcık Wrestling and horse races in September In the month of June march in Samsun Kocadağ nature, Ladik Akdag highland festivals are performed each year in July.

Ladik Thermal Tourism Center

»Location: Ladik” Hamamayağı “or” Hıllaz “spa is located in the east of Samsun-Ankara highway.
»Transportation: Samsun city center is 60 km. away.
»Water temperature: 38 degrees
»PH Value: 7.2
»Features: bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, and partly has a radioactive compound.
»Applications: Drinking and bathing
»Diaesses Treatment: Rheumatism, mental and muscular fatigue, joint and arthritis, nervous disorders, such as post-operative fatigue has a positive effect on the disease.
»Accommodation Facilities: establishing a tented camp are taking advantage of the summer season.

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