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General Information
“Trabzon: Black metropolis!”

In antiquity, the first name of Pontos Axeinos (wild sea) first and Pontus from the kingdom of the Ottoman Empire many civilizations had hosted the Black Sea’s largest and most important city of Trabzon, this historic heritage share a rather generous form received … The most famous Sumela Monastery, this Trabzon green field of ruins, as well as carrying a thousand tons a fascinating city with forests and vegetation …

There are many places to see and things to do in Trabzon. Every season you can find something interesting to do. Quite lively in the summer months. Plateau tourism and holiday destination for around Trabzon between May and October is getting plenty of visitors. Join riches, a place so rich in terms of Trabzon. Therefore, especially for foreign tourists in the summer season is not missing.

When you follow the coastline eastward from Giresun Tripolis-Vakfıkebir-Tashkent at the end of the line can come to Trabzon.

Trabzon airport also makes it possible to transport by plane.

Trabzon’s ancient name “Trapezos.” This, “table” means the table in the form of extending a narrow sea the city set on a hill …

Trabzon, M.Ö.800 ‘in the years a colony of Sinop as kurulmuş.dah then from 1204 to 1461 Greeks of Pontus as the capital of a period of prosperity yaşamış.onaltınc the early century, Sultan Selim governor of Trabzon period until the metropolitan nature Trabzon in WW1 as protecting a period of nearly two years of Russian occupation had been.

The distinction of being the busiest port in the Black Sea during the Republican period in Samsun, Trabzon, who lost Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman-era historical monument located near about 150.

Things to Do
Required by the wonderful landscape as well as fascinating historical monuments, a city of Trabzon ride features the Byzantine Byzantine castle which was built on the old foundations can start from.

Hagia Sophia Church, St.Anna Church, a natural cave carved into the rock church of the Monastery of girls who do historical monuments to be seen … Also Vakıfhan, Bazaar and Soğuksu Ataturk mansion that lies on top of the other places also coveted …

Trabzon from “contains Gümüshane road after entering the 50km. Much the Sumela Monastery ulaşacaksınız.ka are carved into this fascinating structure to achieve a fairly steep hill to the right about 200 m. Much zigzags road circling to get required the well worth it, you will see that! According to a rumor here in the early Christian carved into the mountains of the body has a hidden monastery; seeing two monks of the monastery they found the place … in your dreams

St. Mary valley dominated by a broad front in the middle, which was built and quite a steep path by overcoming reachable Sumela Monastery on the history of an interesting legend: Sophronios and Barnabas named two monks person of Jesus Öðenci one of St. Lucas depict the holy Virgin Mary depicted this They found in the cave. Empire of Trebizond resplendent return to the structure during the present monastery maintained its importance during the Ottoman era. In 1910, more than a hundred monks live in the monastery that is important photographs bulunmaktadır.1923 ‘ta abandoned convent eight years later here comes a priest took holy Virgin Mary icons. This work is currently being built in northern Greece is known to be in New Sumela Monastery. 43 km to Trabzon. within a range of 16 km to Macka Sumela Monastery. away from the place … Sumela climbing to reach down from the bus about 45 minutes. Two kilometers away from the road ahead and a shorter reach and horizontal possible … Surely you must see!

Sumela Monastery “, which is located in the Macka-Altindere Valley National Park, Uzungol and Kuruçam Trabzon on the Plateau” s wealth of natural …

Especially on weekends the influx of domestic and foreign tourists Macka-Altindere Valley National Park, about 45 km from Trabzon. away from … Macka-Şolma Tourism Centre where the environment spruce, beech and cedar forests covered with Şolma Plateau; Uzungol Tourism Centre where the extraordinary beauty of a place in which Uzungöl necessarily to be seen the main sights …

Outdoor Sports
Near Trabzon, Trabzon is located in Montenegro, and Erikbeli Hıdırnebi regions suitable for a picnic … Near Gateway Hamsiköy near zigana suited to outdoor activities in the area you can find. Macka Altindere National Park, is another beauty of the region …

Rize, Çamlıhemşin, Gumushane, Giresun

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: 3/8 February: 4/10 March: 7/15
April: 9/14 May: 12/18 June: 18/24
July: 20/25 August: 23/28 September: 19/24
October: 15/21 November: 9/15 Range: 7/13

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