Turkey Cellulite

In medical terms, cellulite is not a severe disease. It is no doubt that improvement of living conditions, development of medications, press, advertisements, TV and cinema, women publications affected the culture of youth and beauty and determined the aesthetiC rules in which all of us are closely interested.

Turkey CelluliteAt recent times, a social taboo has arisen, leaving no room for discussion; CELLULITE became a problem that bothered women a lot and made them unhappy.

It can be defined as fat accumulation in under-skin cell tissues due to obesity and circulation disorders. Later on, this fat accumulation seems like an orange peel and becomes more apparent.

Cellulite is observed in two ways:

1. Local type observed on neck, waist, knees and hips.
2. Common type that is observed on legs, hip and interior surface of the knee and that causes obesity.

Cellulite is attributed to capillary vein complications with its results like fatigue and edema.

Actually, researchers argue that cellulite is not only a fat accumulation, but also a disorder observed in vessels and lymph.

Since the toxin and other waste substances arising from the normal functioning of cells are not extracted due to the disorders in vessels and lymph under the skin, they lead to a water and toxin accumulation between the celis.

As a result of this metabolic change in the tissues that can not receive enough amount of oxygen, cellulite arises on the skin that seems like an orange peel. For all these reasons, the only person who will deal with these problems is a doctor, but generally, that is not the way things happen. On the one hand, it is argued that a doctor does not have enough knowledge on this issue and on the other hand, he or she does not like working with an aesthetician. Due to this, this issue is dealt with rather by Beauty Institutes. Anatomic and physio-pathological explanation of the disorders leading to cellulite, since they arise on the most important parts of circulatory system.


Blood circulation consists of central organs flowing blood. CAPILLARY VEIN SYSTEM is placed, which is a very thin vein system, between ARTERIES, which bring oxygenated blood coming from heart to various organs, and VEINS, which take the blood bearing carbon dioxide and waste substances to the heart.

The exchange between the blood, which brings oxygen and nutrients, and the intercell lymph which discharges carbon dioxide and waste substances to the blood takes place through these capillary veins.


The vessels coming from various organs take blood to the right auricle of the heart through intermediate veins. Then the blood passes to the right ventricle and goes to lungs through lung artery. It is converted to artery blood and lung vein blood and moved to left auricle through lung vein. This circulation is called PULMONARY CIRCULATION OR LUNG CIRCULATION.


Artery blood coming from left auricle passes to the ventricle and then to aorta. From aorta, it is taken to various organs through the consecutive movements of arteries, small arteries and capillary veins. Blood comes to vein system after the changes in the capillary veins mentioned above. The vein system passes blood to the mai:n vein and right ventricle. This is called systematic circulation.


This is not considered as a real circulation since the lymph does not return to its starting point, it only moves in lymph vessels. Lymph placed in the cavities around the cells is accumulated in lymph vessels. The vessels that absorb the coulisse coming from small intestines and the vessels on the left side of the body discharge the blood to the thoracic canal. The upper part of this canal is a kind of storage. This is also called PECAUET TANK.

Thoracic canal is disposed to the vein under left clavicle moving along the spine.

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