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Turkey Thermal Hotels

Thermal therapy is very important since historical period of time for our health for that reason thermal therapy is very important all of people . Because everything is for healthy life…

Turkey Thermal HotelsAs mentioned and defined in special definitions and terms section; thermal waters developing as a result of underground accumulation and heating of “juvenile” waters with magmata origin, depending on structural and litological characteristics of underground layers, or “vadose” waters with tectonic and athmospheric roots under high pressure and fluids which consist of vapor and hot gases developing in similar ways are defined as “Geothermal energy sources”.

Geothermal fluids or geothermal sources with their development and characteristics mentioned above, are used in electrical energy generation, heating of housing and greenhouses and for cure and treatment purposes as thermal waters, depending on their temperature.

As a matter of fact, geothermal fluids with a temperature of over 180oC are used in energy generation, fluids and thermal waters between 45-30oC are used for cure and treatment purposes through bathing or drinking.

Availability and productivity of geothermal fluids, which became important potential sources in the world and Turkey haved increased after the elimination of problems like corrosion caused by geothermal fluids having high temperatures, rapid sedimantation and scaling has become possible by means of technical developments.

According to the results of geothermal research conducted in the world and Turkey, Turkey has its place among the first ten countries in the world as to its geothermal source assests. Countries like America and Japan, Iceland and Turkey are countries on higher ranks in this aspect.
Totally, 6000 MW geothermal energy is generated and approximately 1 million housings are heated in the world today. Iceland is an interesting example for applications of this kind. 85% of iceland is heated through geothermal energy. The whole Reykjavik city is heated through geothermal fluid transferred from a distance of 61 km. Similar applications take place in southern Paris in France.

On the other hand, Turkey is placed on Alpine-Himalayan orogenesis zone. For this reason, Turkey is placed on the world’s geothermal zone due to its tectonic and volcanic characteristics. Tectonic precipitation areas of Aegean region, Northern Anatolia earthquake zone and other volcanic regions from the main potential areas of geothermal sources and fluids.

CURE: Although it is a term with Western language origin, it is a word frequently used in our language. Used as a term meaning “benefiting from the thermal springs, sea water and climate provided that some certain rules are observed”.
THERMAL CURE: Thermal cure includes the treatment by hot mineral water or hot sea water and cure for therapy purposes.
BALNEOTHERAPY: Cure through spa water.
THALASSOTHERAPY: Cure through hot or normal sea water and sea climate.CLIMATETHERAPY: Living in healthy climate and climate cure
HYDROLOGY: Bath or hydraulics science.
HYDROTHERAPY: Cure through fresh water.
SOCIAL CURE: Spa, sea and climate cure services rendered for no profit and to protect workforce and health and facilities established for this purpose are considered as “Social cure” or “Social thermalism”.
SPECIAL CURE: Spa, sea and climate cures and such services to remain healty. On special cure services, supply and demand rule of economy applies. People in need for cure choose the cure place according to their purchasing power and preferences and make the necessary payments. All services rendered with this understanding are considered as “Health Tourism”. The services rendered in spaa are considered as “Spa Tourism”.

HEALTH FACILITIES: Places where cures are administered with the purpose of protecting human health under doctor control through climate, spa, fresh and sea water, mud etc. or breathing or electrical or mechanic devices or in the form of massage and physical education are considered as “Health Facility”. These facilities are developed for profit or non-profit purposes.

GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES: It is a term used for hot gases and their evaporating components, depending on the structural and lithological characteristics of ground layers. These compositions that are called also “Geothermal fluids” have a higher temperature than the yearly surface temperature of that place. These fluids include more diluted substances in the form of overheated substances and gases compared with surface and ground waters. Using geothermal fluids, energy generation, housing and greenhouse heating is possible. They are also used in thermal cure and therapies through bathing.

HEALTHY WATERS: Hot or cold mineral waters that are proven to be effective in health are called “healthy waters” by the people due to their natural treating effect.As known, hydromineral waters used for drinking are called “mineral water”, and mineral waters drank on their source for health purposes are called “SPRING WATER”. Hot mineral waters that come to the surface in natural ways are called

“HOT SPRING” in Western and Middle Anatolia, as INLET in Southwest Anatolia and Mu§la and as THERMAL SPRING in East and Southeast Anatolia. The facilities established in places close to or over the hot mineral water spring are generally called SPA.Instead “Hot mineral water”, terms of “Thermal water” or SPA WATER; and instead hot or cold mineral water used for drinking cure, the term DRINKING WATER have been used for research studies.

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