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General Information
“Lovers Butler land ..”

Usak province, part of the Aegean Region is located in West Central Anatolia. Usak province, Aegean and Central Anatolia Region separated from each other are on the western edge of the Inner Western Anatolia threshold.
The old name “Uşşak referred to as” in Arabic: “love the land” means and 15 July 1953 Butler name, the city, at the same time in 1905 in Anatolia electricity, which achieved the first being the province has the distinction.

Butler terrestrial effects of the Mediterranean climate in the region is seen to be undergone. Mentioned effects is increased by elevation and distance from the sea, at the end of summer less hot and less continuous, winter is colder than the Aegean region is seen. Usak province in the Aegean region is located between the Central Anatolian regions, because climate type is seen showing toggle feature. According to the Aegean region harder, according to the Central Anatolia region of a softer type of climate emerges. Our advice for those who want to visit the city in spring and summer will be.

504 km to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir 371 km 211 km away from the Usak province, Inner West Anatolia, Izmir and Afyon on the road verge is located. Kula connection with all districts of the province, which borders the asphalt that is a pleasure to drive and view, beautiful ways linked. Banaz district, 30 km from Usak. Karahalli 65 miles away and the town of Butler. More than 14 km from the district who can reach the bridge Klandıras asphalt road. Ulubey Butler county, 35 km away. Blandaus leave the ancient city 1 km dirt road in the southern path is gone.

Called Inner Aegean region in western Anatolia, the ancient source of Usak, according to today’s first name “Temenothyrai” is. Recent research by Butler and environmental BC IV. showed that bin from inhabited. The Bronze Age more clearly seen in these settlements. After 1071, when the region has changed hands between the Seljuks and Byzantines. In 1176 the Seljuk Sultan II. Kılıçarslan made between the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos Myrakefalon (wooded) as a result of the war has passed to the Seljuks.
In the Republican period, in the Ottoman era Hüdavendigar City of Kutahya due to an accident that Butler, 20 April 1924 Numbered 491 Organization the Fundamental Law and the administrative arrangements made again in Kutahya Province an accident as a kaldı.türki of the Republic new administrative structure in the Ulubey, Sivas, Karahallı Butler and Ulubey accident was attributed to a township. By Law No. 6129 on 9 July 1953 and turned into a province of Usak, Manisa province Eşme connected. Township status was brought to the district.

Things to Do
Natural beauty, recreational sites, thermal springs and ancient cities in the resource-rich province of Usak, which will be completed in a short time sightseeing is not a city. Caves, castle, vegetation, livable with crags and live in the wild beauty of nature, we got to see …. Ulubey district, Sülümenli city within the boundaries of the village, 40 km from the city center. Is away. Dominated environment, surrounded on three sides by steep creek bed is located on a hill in view of the peninsula. The city’s BC organization Is based on up to two thousand years. While walking towards the city from the north gate of the city before entering the castle ruins of buildings with a square section on the right side close to the slopes of four to five pieces side by side are the remains of the same type belt.
Southern and southwestern part of the province of Usak due to the nature of the geological structure in the canyons are formed. Butler-Karahallı east of the road, Gain Creek and tea Ulubey 75 km of the total length of the canyon formed. Is around. Landscaping work was commissioned by the municipality in the canyon. Blaundos there is a gateway to the canyon from the ancient city.

Wining and Dining
Among the traditional dishes of the region, Tarhana Soup, Egg Spoofing, Chopped liver findings, Rotate, Arab vaccine Keskek, Pied Tene, Foam Halva, Halva Höşmerim and is located.

Eşme rugs made from natural vegetable dyes, cotton fabrics, plush blankets and leather clothing can be purchased from local souvenirs. With around Usak carpets made in the 16th century Turkish rugs began the second and final heyday. Usak including the medallion and the stars are of two types. The most important aspect of the medallion carpets reach up to 10 m. 18 After the mid-century with star motifs began to touch Usak carpets.
Esme Rugs, Rugs area’s famous root Esme best examples of painted mosques and prayer is found in the region. In the villages that still keep in touch as Esme Rugs exists crafts.

Which is an area rich in thermal springs of Hot Springs Hamamboğazı the butler, also called Ulubey this spa bath, Ulubey 7 km from the town center. Away, Ankara-Izmir highway side. Usak-Afyon railway passes over. Southern and eastern pine forests and heather shrubs are covered with. Soda in hot springs, sarikiz and the karakiz three separate water. Soda, sulfur, iron and other metals include medicinal. Sarıkız; sulfur and warm, is karakız moderate temperatures. Total flow rate of 40 liters / sec and the temperature is 60 degrees. Physical, chemical and bacteriological analyzes showed very beneficial for health.
Orencik Hot Spring, 35 km from the city center. Away within the village limits of the Örencik, Ankara-Izmir highway 2 km away. Temperature of 38 degrees by means of SPAs in the spa hotels in 52 apartments, two ottoman hammam, an outdoor swimming pool, a three-storey business center, parks and playing fields were made. Similar analyzes have been carried out in this spa, motion system, circulatory system and rheumatic diseases in the form of bathing cure, stomach, liver and bowel diseases is good as drinking cures.
Thermal Aksazlar Ulubey Aksazlar village 3 km from the town Aksazlar spa is located on the creek, the surrounding painful, painful and is known as a place to heal people paralyzed. Flow 4 l / sec is. Emirfakili spas, the spa is located in the central district near the village of Emirfakili flow of 6 l / s, the temperature is 36 degrees.

Manisa, Kütahya, Afyon, Denizli.

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January -3 / 5 February: 0/8 March: 3/12
April: 7/18 May: 9/22 June: 13/27
July: 16/30 August: 17/32 September: 12/25
October: 9/20 November: 2/13 Range: 1/9
Holidays with Children
Usak province, to make your holiday with the kids with nature and recreational areas is a proper city. Licenced hotels, invested hotels, spa hotels and private hotels (up Dülgeroğlu., Etc.) There are many options.

Special Days
Usak Usak centers Victory and Independence Week 26 August – 2 September for a period of 7 days is celebrated. Sivaslı Strawberry Festival is celebrated on 21-28 May.

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