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Near Tekirova leads a trail to the ruins of Phaselis, scattered on a peninsula with three natural harbors and sandy beaches.
This old city on the border of Lycia and Pamphilya located, was founded by colonists from Rhodes in 690 BC. Overwhelmed by the Persians in the 5thCentury BC Phaselis was later freed and even independent of Lycia, an alliance with Mausolus, the satrap of Caria, in the 4th Century BC. Phaselis was the most important port city in the region until the establishment of Attalaia (Antalya) inPHASELIS2 the second Century BC. The inhabitants minted coins showing the bow of a ship on one side and the rear on the other. In winter 333-334 BC during his campaign against the Persians, Alexander the Great spent some time at Phaselis, where the population had their authority immediately Applied before he advanced into central Anatolia. After Alexander’s death, the city remained in the hands of the Ptolemies, 209-197 BC, then in the hands of the Seleucids before it was over in 190 BC to the Kingdom of Rhodes passed along with the other cities of Lycia.From 167 BC Phaselis was part of the Lycian League, under Roman rule. But in the first Century BC, as Olympos, Phaselis was under the constant threat of the Cilician pirates, who even at the site for a period and set it on fire when they were defeated by Rome, the city was on the 42 BC . connected. In the second Century AD, for the purpose of the visit to Emperor Hadrian, was Phaselis with new statues, monuments and buildings, and most of the remains, adorned now been seen again from that time. In the Byzantine period the city became bishop. Suffer again by pirates and Arab attacks began to lose importance in the ports and the city fell into complete decay. In the 12th Century when the Seljuk Turks settled in the region covered, they concentrate in Alanya and Antalya, Phaselis and fell into oblivion.
Phaselis was the home of the tragic poets and writers Theodectes, who was the disciple of Socrates and Aristotle.

Are on the west side of Main Street:

The bathroom, which is part of the bath-gymnasium complex was. PHASELISHadrian, Agora, nearly square, is situated south of the bath and was lined by arcades and shops. The side of the Agora was overlooking the main street adorned with statues and fountains.
Domitian Agora is located along the second block of Main Street. An inscription was written in honor of the Emperor on one of the two gates, facing the street found. At the other end of a late period Agora is connected to the South Harbour.
The monumental gate of Hadrian bears an inscription in honor of the emperor.Located at the end of the main street, the gate opens onto a beautiful sea and mountain scenery.

One of the east side of Main Street are:

The Bath (Late Period 3-4. Century), made the brick foundations, the heat available can still be seen. A little further along the main road are the Public Toilet, which were covered with mosaics.
The Roman Theatre, located above the bath replaced an earlier Hellenistic theater and had a capacity of 1.500 – 2.000 Spectators. It overlooks the city and the sea.
The Acropolis, covered with dense vegetation, in front of the theater. According to ancient writers, here stood the temple of Athena, where Achilles was’ broken spear on display, and which is said the first place Alexander the Great on his arrival to visitors in the city. But the temple was not located. Other temples, a palace and public buildings were also built on this site.

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