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Top 10 Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski Resorts

The list of the largest ski resorts in Turkey is based on figures from the Turkish Ski Federation. All the Turkish ski resorts belove have in recent years developed excellent facilities. They are as a result very family-friendly destinations.


Turkey Thermal HotelsUludag Ski Resort is the oldest and most popular alpine village in Turkey, situated 36 kilometres away from Bursa. The ski area lies between 1800-2500 meters and the best season from December to April. The total lenght of ski tracks is about 20 kilometres, and the longest one is about 2000 meters.


Palandoken Ski Resort in Erzurum is one of Turkey’s largest ski areas and considered by many the best, with good hotels, good conditions, good facilities, and Colorado-type powder. The ski area is at an altitude of 3185 meter covered with snow for 4-5 months during winter.


Kartalkaya Ski Resort is 40 kilometres away from Bolu in the Black Sea Region. The ski area is at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters. The best season for skiing is from late December and late March.


Erciyes Ski Resort is one of Turkey’s oldest ski resorts. The ski resort is at Mount Erciyes, approximately 3915 meters the highest summit of Anatolia, and located 25 kilometres away from Kayseri.


Sarikamis Ski Resort is 50 kilometres away from Kars. The best season for skiing from December to April, and the track length is 1200 meters, height is 2100 meters. The powder is good, but hotels are few and fairly basic.


Ilgaz Ski Resort lies 40 kilometres from Kastamonu, and have an altitude of 2850 meters. The skiing season runs between December and April. The ski runs are between 1800-2000 meters altitude.


Saklikent Ski Resort is 50 kilometres west of Antalya, in the Beydag mountain range, with an altitude of 2550 meter. The altitude for the skiing areas is between 2000-2400 meters, with a snow depth 1 meter and a short season.


Elmadag Ski Resort is a few kilometres southeast of Ankara. The resort is on the northern slopes of Elmadag between the altitudes of 1500-1850 meters. The area is treeless and covered with alpine meadows. The season runs between January and March.


Kartepe Ski Resort in Kocaeli is a good beginner’s and intermediate skiers’ hill with three chair lifts and a 1700 meter summit.


Bozdag is 110 kilometres away from southeast of Izmir. The skiing season runs between December to March, and there is a snow depth of around 100cm. The ski areas are at an altitude of between 1700–2157 meters and the northern slopes are suitable for alpine discipline.

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