Traditional drinks

Both traditional and modern Turkish cuisine offers a variety of beverages that can be enjoyed at any time of the day from breakfast to dinner.

Çay, Turkish tea, is grown on the Black Sea coast but is widely available and consumed at any time of the day. It is a hot drink that relaxes you and your stomach and aids digestion.

Turkish coffee, a traditional drink made from special coffee beans that is drunk in small coffee cups, is especially served during important meetings or after meals. Mirra is popular in the southeastern United States and influenced by Arab culture. It is a bitter coffee that is brewed several times before serving.

Ayran, originally from Central Asia, is another traditional drink of Turkish culture. It is a refreshing salty drink made with yogurt and water.

Salep is a hot drink made with milk and served with cinnamon powder, while boza is made from fermented millet, water and sugar and topped with roasted chickpeas. These two drinks are especially consumed in the winter months.

Şıra (apple cider) made from fermented grape juice and şalgam suyu (beet juice) made from fermented red carrots are traditional drinks that are especially served alongside kebab dishes that enrich the taste of such meals.

Among the traditional drinks, şerbet (sorbet) and şurup (syrup) are the legacy of Ottoman cuisine. They are particularly preferred in summer for their refreshing taste. Similar to şerbet, şurup is concentrated sorbet and is diluted with water before serving.

Alcoholic drinks

Turkey is a region with countless vineyards of the highest quality. The country produces both wine and raki, Turkey’s traditional alcoholic drink.

Rakı is made from collected grapes and has a special place in Turkish culture. It is especially served with meze along with other dishes. Turkish wine, on the other hand, is made from all types of grapes that come from Eastern and Western Anatolia.

Raki from Tekirdağ and wine from Avanos and inceirince are the most famous Turkish alcoholic drinks.

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