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General Information
” Which is an indispensable stop for blue cruise in Gocek, Fethiye and Dalaman of small , idyllic bay … ”

Where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean waters, which is a combination of mythology and nature’s immense reputation of this small village , transcended national borders and spread to the world …
Blue is the best season for tours beginning of May until the end of the summer period of October … During these months many activities you will offer the option of Gocek . For excursions to the surrounding archaeological sites suggest that you opt for September-October . Not overwhelm a lot of warm comfort on long trips you can make in this month .
Gocek, Fathia and Dalaman are very close , with an easily accessible area … Dalaman Airport is only 25 miles away … If you came by plane if you Dalaman After we go to Fethiye right path to take , you will encounter detour through in return. A kilometer or so are Göcek’t . Those who choose to access by road or the bus to Fethiye, Dalaman come up again in the same way they reach this small village .
Region Local Transportation
In Gocek from one place to reach the place a little walk will bring you … a little village here … But the environment to region ( by road ) make a trip if you prefer , arcade inside the car hire company BP -Fi tourism will help you .
In the past two sailors Lycra great city, Telmessos (today Fethiye ) and Caunos ( Dalyan with its current name ) of a small bay, Göcek village board … Kalimche name in history … as it is close to the ancient city of Great Göcek coves been very lucky with the ancient ruins … Ancient shipyards in the region , graves, there are the ruins of baths . In mythology, which is located in Göcek of Daidalos and Icarus myth is said to now .
Things to Do
Gocek, Fethiye and Dalaman of pine trees covered with small, idyllic bay … pristine waters, and 4 marina thanks for yachtsmen a unique haven status in recent years with both nationally and worldwide reputation is steadily growing. Gocek with its growing reputation as a modern European city has taken the view .

Gocek first thing to do , a boat taking the tour the surrounding islands and coves for visiting Must … Twelve candidates covering the boat trip you will experience the enchanting landscapes pack for your camera Do not forget … Atbük , the Atbük , the Sıralıbük Horn Buku , Bedri Rahmi , Sarsala the monastery and put Göbün do not miss ! … Pig Island , Yassıcalar, Shipyard island islands to be seen …

Telmessos very close to the ancient city of Caunos and at a distance of Gocek … If you are interested in history , a portion of your vacation to see this town we call disconnect . Which is very close to the center of the town of Fethiye Telmessos Lycian rock tombs and sarcophagi Most of the ruins of the ancient city of … you can see behind the hill where the acropolis .

Other than that , sparkling blue waters and enjoy an unforgettable clarity , of course … There is a beach in Gocek eligible to enter the sea , but about 7 km away from the tranquil shores, ideal for enjoying the water … Also , pull the wind, the smell of pine trees involved plenty to soak …
Wining and Dining
Gocek, all the Mediterranean and Aegean coastline along the current rule does not spoil how to eat : Food is the most favorite choice seafood … harbor many restaurants along the fresh seafood you can likely find … grouper, sea bream , red mullet region’s fish of the … For dinner, we advise you to choose one of the harbor restaurants . When the weather starts to get dark bars and restaurants in the coastal regions due to flaring , fresh fish dishes accompanied by an enchanting landscape will be something quite enjoyable . Do not forget the tasting appetizers . .. Purslane , eggplant salad, spicy butter … Fish – raki will enjoy the fun !

If seafood is not for you , you can turn to the familiar taste . Port Square Square Köftecisi’s very tasty meatballs and chop …

Magic Marina opposite the Municipal Marina , a restaurant and bar service quality is quite good … Here you can stop for a drink in the afternoon .
Yachtsmen indispensable stop in Gocek , shopping options are quite varied … Both private boats , both gulet tours here often suffers because in the bazaar yachting about selling books in a bookstore , local and foreign guests for souvenir shops , carpet , jewelry , antique , you can do your daily shopping ‘s shops . A shop that sells decorative seashells quite popular. Here the memories of loved ones or for yourself you can buy a small Gocek .

Other than that occurred Sunday in Gocek ‘s a market where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables .
Marmaris , Dalaman, Fethiye, Koycegiz
Holidays with Children
Come with your children, you can easily … a region surrounding the ancient city of Gocek , sea or land that you do with your children you can take it on trips .

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