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General Information
” Kumkoy in the Black Sea ”

The past year , was arguably one of the most popular resorts Kilyos … Istanbul is only 45 km from the sea, hundreds of miles away from Istanbul, with nature and the feeling that you not cause you to fall for the biggest reason of popularity today . Nowadays people from heavy work load and shortage of city life are stripped from the holiday to look forward to and they find themselves at the short breaks even on the day they are looking for a quiet place to be . Here is a unique place for this type of situation Kilyosta …
Kilyos Istanbul is so close to the weekend ensured that the popular attractions . But as the season Kilyos sea mobilization in late May , early June would be like.
If you go to your private vehicle to reach it laid the two main alternatives have . First Besiktas way towards Sariyer , near Maslak past the Forest Service sign on the left side you will see Kilyos . In different sections of the road will take you to the Faculty of Forestry . Kilyos way around , especially since Zekeriyaköy broken up from time to time you will be infuriated … But if you are going to Kilyos a rainy day in the countryside just seen the roofs of the houses will see that how you create a beautiful landscape . Ways of puddles from the disorder do not let you sinilendir .

As an alternative to Kilyos from Sariyer , Mine go through the neighborhood … In this way relatively well compared to the other . In addition to Kilyos is connected to Sariyer Municipality , Sariyer Municipality laid the minibuses and buses are moving .
Region Local Transportation

Kilyos shield during limited hours bus stops and taxi to Sariyer from there . In the same minibus for up to Sariyer at entire neighborhoods and villages are undergoing .
Kilyosta settlement began in ancient times . Were the rage as a small fishing village . Then, having been developed in the Roman Empire . Roman Empire, Byzantine territory scatter attending this charming town, due to its geographical location seafaring region has become a place of their civilization can not share . Genoese domination in this region have a period of time . Upheaval in the region after the period of the Crusades , the Ottoman hakimet find peace with Kilyos shows improvement with Levantine population , became the center of a cosmopolitan settlement . Sariyer Kilyos connected to the Republican period , in terms of tourism started to develop after the 1960s , that era of Istanbul society has become the most popular recreational venues .
Things to Do
Kilyos from the marketplace , if you drill down on the left side you will see the entrance to the beach Turban . By paying a small fee, you can use beach showers and cabins are also available. Kilyosta , Castle Street, on the left side hotels along the uphill climb the hill turn right at the end on the left side of the road if you can karşılarş with the remaining walls . Today, these walls are actually staying in the military zone Genoese fortress walls . In front of the rest of the military , the two sides along the way is also a hiking trail in the summertime , Kilyos road again this is the coolest place .
Wining and Dining
What it laid the way you go , with white table small ” self-catering ”
You can come across restaurants . Kilyos ‘s favorite fish … If according to the season in which the fish on the menu replaces . Fish for dinner , there are two places we can offer you . One remaining on the right side of the beach Champs Elysees Restaurant: on the sea on a small jetty is located. Here, accompanied by the sounds of waves crashing under your desk , you can eat fish . Fish , as well as from the tray next to the table by selecting your favorite appetizers you can eat. Appetizer with olive oil, stewed recommend that you choose from . Castles in the hotel’s restaurant scenery is so beautiful , especially at night … Kilyosta out of it , down towards the beach in the bazaar on the right side , in the form of a buffet , tables laid in front of the small restaurant , French fries, and fried mussels eat , you can drink your beer .
Kilyos small bazaar , where you can find all marine accessories store features a large number of various sizes . All kinds of marine toys for your children, colorful lifeline , swimsuits , bathing suits, beach umbrellas and towels while shopping at local stores where you can find this cute , do not forget to negotiate .
Kilyosta is not very lively nightlife that is used as a cafe during the day takes on a form of small restaurants, night bars . One of the first places we can offer you a small disco bar, the Typhoon Bar Kilyos Bazaar . Other venue in a Turban hotels . The hotel has quite a large disco and bar .
Outdoor Sports
Kilyos football the most popular sport … Turban by renting a canoe from the beach out to the small marine navigation are possible. Also Peat Plant, golf and tennis areas are also available.

Kilyos the sea to be very careful in terms of health at the place. From time to time due to eddies formed on the seabed Kilyos potholes that lead to accidents in the sea , in order to leave a note of caution over the opening .
Kumköy , Sariyer , Karacaköy
Holidays with Children
Write and weekends, crowds of people who will bother degree Kilyosta various children’s playground are available. But we suggest you Kilyosta our lights will be on a long vacation do . Kilyos the sea , but the sea is shallow in places you come across a real potholes do not trust the fact that a lot of people . Children should be careful not to leave before your eyes .

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