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General Information
“Legend of the fertile city ” Turkey is one of the most original provinces of Adana . Bring the energy of the fertile Cukurova land , the friendliness of the people , the beauty of food , the cool spring breeze on hot summer days … And is a Mediterranean city , as well as the influence of Mesopotamian culture with a thriving center of civilization in history . In the foothills of the Taurus Mountains , on the banks of the Seyhan River of legends and stories of heroism of the land . Basilisk the birthplace of legends . Yasar Kemal our writers around the world as a source of inspiration . Turkey’s precious agricultural , industrial and mining center . When we speak of Anatolian culture , embellished with rich remains of this original pass without our city possible?

Adana is a city warm in winter . In spring and autumn months revealed a significant natural beauty . Due to the start of the academic year in the autumn occurs in urban mobility . In the summer the streets are almost empty . Due to the scorching summer heat , the people of London or go to the highlands , or at least prefer to leave the house during daylight hours .

Adana , road, rail , air and sea to reach the possible. Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir in big cities like Adana flights to all the major bus companies do . Adana Luxury Travel, New Adana Travel like a local bus companies that developed city with frequent time they connect to other centers . Since about 1000 kilometers from Adana to Istanbul , demanding a piece of road transport available . In the distance between Ankara and Adana is 500 kilometers . As to the island location , located on the busiest roads and the Mediterranean, and Southeast Anatolia , Central Anatolia as well as being a major agricultural and commercial center , the city has made it the busiest stretches of roads in all seasons . Railway transport Cukurova Express moving every day , Erciyes Express and Express takes place with the Euphrates . Cukurova Express Ankara, Kayseri Erciyes Express , Express Euphrates moves in the direction of Elazığ . Maritime transportation has gained more importance in the field of trade and transport . Oil and Botas Port is used for the transport of various loads . Air transport in Adana is located 4 kilometers away from the city center takes place from Şakirpaşa Air Port . Şakirpaşa from Air Port and contours , as well as domestic flights are performed.

Region Local Transportation
Transportation in the region , depending on the bus is carried out by the metropolitan municipality . Transportation by bus is very easy. A growing city of Adana and the municipality is struggling to keep up with all the new settlements . Also able to transport vans and minibuses . Pasha Gazi University Medical Faculty with the blue minibus can be reached.

BC 3000 extends until the date of Cukurova . Adana Cukurova where ‘s name is also Cilicia . Herodotus , the name of the Phoenician King Agenor Cilicia ‘s son tells Kilik came from . This name , BC 9 century BC are found in Homer’s Iliad . Luv respectively Kingdom of the Hittites, Assyrians and Persians dominated this region the Hellenistic period began after the Seleucid kingdom and the importance that the city of the Roman Empire continued their dominance . MS . Management has entered into the Byzantine Empire in 395 . In 1071 the Seljuk Turkish domination in the region began. Armenian kingdom was ruled in the region from 1097-1375 , and then passed into the hands of Ramazanogullari . I. Ottoman rule began in 1517 Continued until the end of World War II . I. After World War II the French invaded the region in 1921 after the Treaty of Ankara , the young has become a province of the Republic of Turkey . Adanus throughout history , with names such as the sinking of these provinces , 19 Since the end of the century is known as Adana .

Things to Do
Population of around 1.5 million in the province of Adana, which is located about 40 thousand historical monuments . This extraordinary wealth arising from the intersection of culture , art and intellectual life in the region has given to the development of facilities , has led to the enrichment of local colloquialisms . Legends, tales and fancy Adana culture, unique cuisine refers to the province ‘s unique and interesting sociological structure . If Ferman Sultan , the mountains are ours , with the promise recorded in history as a minstrel Dadaloğlu the region of personalities grows , Hittite, Roman, Arab , Seljuk, Ottoman , bears the imprint of Turkmen culture . Interesting architectural features in the city with castles, churches, caravanserais, mosques are . Interestingly , many of these works to be used by different Civilizations , POIs restored in time to the present day is that edildikçe gaining new features . Ceyhan Yılankale also referred to as Şahmaran castle . Located in a church . Located within the boundaries of the same district vinegar Mound, is one of the Mediterranean ‘s leading historical sites . Dumlu Castle and Assyria, and Persia, and is also used by the Romans . Akoren in Aladdin , which Postyağbas , Mazılık Castle granted to the region this valuable monuments are exemplary of ordeals . Aladdin ‘s belief in the historic churches reflects the history of Anatolia . Karatas, open-air theater in the ruins of the church in ruins and many are observed. Roman -era Magarsus Church, Karakilise are important works . Nium Hittite era frescoes and Roman -era ruins of the church and the theater will come across . Ruins of evil in this district , once the situation was the most important center of the Hittites . Yüregir, accommodates important remains of antiquity , aqueducts , baths traces of such structures can be seen here . Tepebag in the Seyhan district , is the region’s largest mound . 117 in this county , held on Stone Bridge noteworthy. Bebekli Church clock tower, Ramazanoğlu mansion is an important relic . Kozan also three of the castle ruins , the ruins of the monastery attracts attention with Pelesel . Hoşkadem Sultan of Egypt ‘s 15th Kölemen Hoşkadem century mosque which was built a valuable structure. Bridges , aqueducts , highlighted by one of the region’s oldest structures , Pozantı is the Yakarpın Bridge . Saymakla ending the Turkish-Islamic monuments in the region are also of interest . Han Kurtkulagi in Ceyhan , the Great Mosque , Tomb Durhasan , in the range KARAİSALI Khan, in Seyhan Great Mosque, the New Mosque, Kemeraltı Mosque , Masjid Maples , White and Red bastion in Pozantı striking in this respect are the ruins . Adana when you go to all this work and residues when seeing may not find it , but our recommendation , Adana and Anarvarz castles and Karatepe National Park, the Great Mosque, maple Church , Stone Bridge (4th century were made ) the Seyhan Dam do not see the way …

Wining and Dining
Adana cuisine , one of the richest cuisines in Turkey . The chief feature of the region meats and vegetables are mainly spicy food . Famous Adana Kebab, is a specialty of the region and are spread all over the world here . Kibbeh , raw dumplings, pie soup, burdock soup, anal -girl , bartefit , citrus syrup, skim pie, crimping , hummus, cartilage ravioli, meat kömbe , flammable pastry, slurry soup -like dishes with Mediterranean cuisine Arab cuisine breeze carries . Turnip juice, unique dishes to accompany Island . Father Corporal Buckles and Hatay Southeastern Anatolia kitchen table to taste the Ottoman classical RVing coming to our mind first of many restaurants

Adana’s night life, and in the winter , and in summer it is alive. Pubs, where the fireside type Adana cuisine is also able to enjoy . The café-bar format, and night , as well as a place to go during daylight hours fondly ; Hindi Cafe Bar . Towards the lake , there is a perfect environment . Seyhan very popular night spots around the lake and especially the hours until 23:00 then you can go relax in Hindi Cafe Bar ‘s also a disco . Nightclub open until 3 o’clock .
Adana’s night life after the economic crisis in the mean time, although somewhat faltering , always moving and decent.

Outdoor Sports
Delays , Bürücek , Red , Square , Lake Highlands , sandy camping area in the Karatas , Scots pine forests and the environment in Adana hangout spot for those who want to be amongst nature . In these places , especially in spring springs tours, nature walks, nature photography possible. Fishing is widespread. In addition, a water sports and equestrian sports in Adana ‘s club . Islands in the sports hall , billiards rampant.


Adana is one of the most important centers of the region in terms of health care . City depending on the state in many hospitals , two university hospitals, there are two SSK hospitals . Sufficient number of towns and villages in health houses, health centers and dispensaries have been opened. Private institutions also serves a full-fledged health . Now it is possible to come across a pharmacy at every step . With a high quality of health care in this province , the biggest health problems that may be encountered are the scorching summer heat . Continental climate experienced in the province where the sultry summer , especially in July , caution should be exercised in August .

Mersin , Hatay , Nigde, Kahramanmaras .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: 3/14 February: 6/16 March: 9/19
April : 13/ 23 May 15 /29 June : 20/32
July: 23/33 August: 24/34 September: 20/32
October: 16/27 November: 8/20 Range: 7/19
Holidays with Children
One of the city to go with the kids on the island , which can keep the kids entertained , many centers will be happy hosts. Built to be a center , not a large city, has led to all kinds of activities seen . There are so many beautiful children’s park in Adana . Gazi Pasha Boulevard, children’s playground is very attractive. Aqualand water leisure center hosting . Ataturk Park in the nature , family fun where you can relax .

Haruniye Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Garden Haruniye township is in the north side of the Ceyhan River .
» Transportation: Haruniye 22 km from the district center . is remote .
» Water temperature : 33 degrees
» PH Value: 6.1
»Features : bicarbonate , calcium, magnesium , hydrogen – sulphide , carbon dioxide has a composition .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, woman , skin, nervous disorders, eating disorders , liver and gall bladder, stomach and intestinal diseases are positively affected .
»Accommodation : Hot Springs resort (115 rooms, 150 beds )

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