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Safranbolu Map

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General Information
“World heritage town sırtlayan ”

Name in this region, the saffron grown from plants Safranbolu , a UNESCO ” World Heritage ” list located in Turkey and under protection of 40,000 work in 1200 one of the hosts, awe-inspiring historic architecture structure always tourists flocked to is a town . Without damaging the surrounding tissue has reached today . With historic homes and mansions, as well as the date moved to this day , reflecting local traditions is famous for the doorknob . Safranbolu has been restored historic homes and mansions , traditional décor inside , welcomes you with Turkish hospitality .
With features typical Black Sea in summer and winter in the county as it may rain at any moment is good to be cautious . Both in summer and warm in winter weather the judge …
Ankara , Istanbul, Izmir, providing access to the company at the beginning of Safranbolu, Metro , Ulusoy and trust comes from tourism . Safranbolu out Karabuk transportation is provided. Karabük service from the bus companies generally going to Safranbolu . Other than that, Safranbolu has frequent bus and minibus services . Karabük inter – Safranbolu average of 20 minutes.
Region Local Transportation
Safranbolu city buses and minibuses depart from Karabük . Karabük every 15 minutes from the Friday market in Safranbolu Granköy minibus and a shield comes down to the bazaar . Mini bus city bus outside the Karabuk – Safranbolu time of doing . Safranbolu is done with in a public bus .
Safranbolu since the Paleolithic era is an existing residential area . Hittite, Lydian and Persian civilizations , including the many community hosts Byzantine and Roman Empire in this region has been a busy residential area . After the Turks arrived in Anatolia since Safranbolu Kastamonu proceeds in a direction parallel with the history , exactly in 1196 the Turkish domination enters . Çobanoğulları, Danışmentliler Candaroğulları before the Seljuks and later Ilkhanids ” hosted as a dependent after the fall of the Ottoman domination .

Turks before Flaviopolis (Safran city ) , Teodorapolis , Dadybr with names like mentioned is said to Safranbolu 18 “th century onwards , first Zağfiran – Boron then the Zağfiranbol names has taken . 1,940 in the year Safranbolu had a name .
Things to Do
Safranbolu and shopping centers have shown great interest in architecture . Bazaar and bonds divided into two regions , over the years reflects the social and cultural diversity . And district governors mansions dating from centuries before the House Museum attracts many visitors . Cinci Hodja Hamam and Cinci Hodja Caravanserai high historic value of the buildings . Safranbolu privileged nature . Uluyayla and reworked forest in Sarıçiçek , looks gorgeous in the spring . Rural daisies , willow trees and various species of birds wrap your environment . Uluyayla a central geologically examined .
Wining and Dining
Human history in Safranbolu takes time , the most beautiful examples of Turkish-Ottoman cuisine you can find . Safranbolu leading flavors of the local flavors of cheese , minced meat and spinach pancakes , pita bread, casseroles, muffins, flatbread and hair bending . Safranbolu If you want to taste the delicious dishes of local flavors ” Gözümav Restaurant ” a must stop . Safranbolu ‘s favorite kebab kebab reputation of the Gözümavi are spread all over the country .
Safranbolu model that you see your loved ones souvenir shops , statuettes and figurines , as well as famous can take away from Safranbolu delight . Intriguing items made ​​of wood . Custom-made walking sticks , not only for the elderly , young people are interested in the çeiy .
Architecture of Safranbolu, located between the world famous places carry the same claim to say that the night life is not possible. You can enjoy a real sense we can make a suggestion , ” Aras ” named space entry fee at the door of the fireplace, and you can spend a pleasant evening with live music place.
Outdoor Sports
No more activity can be recommended, especially in Safranbolu . Cultural and architectural fields developed in the county, with natural textures can be evaluated from various angles . Nearby canyons and plateaus nature trips , hiking is done. There are areas suitable for camping .
Safranbolu is a small settlement which has no private health center . Toprakcu my , my Ovacu , one in Yassıköy , Safranbolu ‘s at the center of the three health centers . State Hospital is located in the center of Safranbolu .
Bart , transferor, Kızılcahamam , Zonguldak

Holidays with Children
A small settlement in Safranbolu, which is a special children’s entertainment center or area unfortunately not available . In the further development of tourism centers , limited number available in the hotel . Must be booked before moving stretch of the hotels , they apply special tariffs available for children , but not implemented , such as animation programs . Children can play in the city has several smaller parks .

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