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Traditional wooden yachts
The traditional wooden yachts are built mainly in Bodrum and other parts of the southwestern Turkey. In northern Black Sea Region the boat yards usually built fishing boats, but some beautiful traditional yachts are being built. These boats built handmade by local carpenters. They usually use pine or oak wood for the skeleton of the boats, the skeleton cover is made of pine or tetra, teak deck, the cabins pine or mahogany, the masts white oak wood or iron. The boats are both motor and sailing yachts. Yacht charter held on comfortable, locally built wooden yachts of different designs and sizes:
Gullet: The most popular type of traditional yacht for the “Blue Voyage” is the esophagus. It is a cruising yacht with large, rounded stern area which is well suited for eating and lounging comfartable. Gulets have generally ketch (Marconi) or schooner-rigging, with one, two or three jibs. Change their lengths between 15 to 33 meters and they accommodate 6 to 16 persons in 3 to 8 double bedded cabins with private shower and toilet.Turkey YachtingAynakic: It has a raised, squared-off stern that allows space for additional cabins below a comparison esophagus. There may be a large master cabin at the stern.They accommodate 8 to 24 persons in 4 to 12 double-bedded cabins with private shower and toilet. They are generally ketch (Marconi)-rigging and measure 18 to 33 meters.
Tirhandil: It is the oldest type of local wooden boat with a pointed tail, the best for sailing in Aegean waters. Originally most had lateen sails, now the rigging varies from sloop to cutter to gaff. They measure usually between 11 to 18 meters in length and accommodate 6 to 8 people in 3 to 4 double-berth cabins with private shower and toilet.
** Please note that all give the above information, the possible number of passengers on board without the crew. Traditional chartered yachts with crew.
Modern Yachts
They are made of fiberglass or steel. Modern yachts are either chartered with crew or without crew.
Sailing: It is preferred by licensed sailors who want to find their own way to the sea. They are usually chartered without crew, made while with all the local information and navigational equipment. For those who can not be hired skippers license. In Turkey, Beneteau, Bavaria and Dehler chartered models of sailing yachts in various designs and sizes.
Motor yacht: If time and speed matters is the best choice may be a motor yacht.They are usually double-engined with a higher cruise speed of the cruise to extend distance. Motor yachts for charter with modern navigation systems available usually equipped with crew. The passengers, who can hava an internationally valid license to rent a motor yacht with crew.
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