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General Information
” Smoky mountains surrounded by green corner ”

Kemer from Antalya along the beach towards the sea on your left side when you begin to take the lead , taking the right hand side of the forest to continue. Sharp bends in the course of this road which is great. If you are driving your own car you olmals a highly cautious . Twenty-five miles of road in the first series, along with Beldibi Beldibi can be reached . 1 Beldibi , Beldibi Beldibi 2 and 3, consisting of the main center of the municipality of Beldibi Beldibi 1
One side is covered with mountains and forests , the other side of the sea , which Beldibi, large and small hotels along the coast with a small tourist center. Summit the Smoky Mountains in the sky , a dream city is no different than with a relaxing atmosphere . Especially those who are tired of the Mediterranean and the lively resort of Beldibi those who want to relax in the unique atmosphere can be very happy .
Beldibi extending along one side because of the mountains and forests of Antalya and its environs than in a cool place . In the late afternoon with the sun sinking air in the cooling . Summer in the morning you can still sense a western Black Sea air . Nevertheless, tourists began to arrive in April, leaving the region to find the end of September .
Istanbul, Izmir , Ankara and Antalya Kemer to reach the region of such centers to the intercity bus companies can use . If you come with your own vehicle , Antalya-Kemer Beldibi to follow the path can be found. Beldibi , Antalya, 25 , is 15 km from Kemer . Sandy from Antalya – Finike going in the direction of all intercity bus passes the edge of Beldibi . Because Beldibi three stops on the busiest road in this case have already been established . Every 10 minutes from Kemer to beldibi minibus minibus – ‘s . Tree-lined road with views of the insatiable , but must be very careful to bend .
Region Local Transportation
Kemer- Antalya from Istanbul plying inter-city bus also goes through three Beldibi . Also moving on from Kemer Beldibi able to travel with minibus . You can also make an enjoyable walk between three Beldibi .
BC 333 century. Began the time of Alexander the Great Eastern Lycia . According to some , the gods had helped him in this challenging road . Beldibi and environment , respectively, after the death of Alexander the Great to the Roman and Byzantine rule entry . Was occasionally exposed to pirate attacks . Persians were in the region to seize the request . Nevertheless, Beldibi, had not been transformed into an urban center such as Phaselis . The remains of prehistoric settlements in the region that have been observed . The last thirty years has accelerated the development of the town and established hotel with Beldibi recent years has become one of the favorite holiday places .
Things to Do
Beldibi , interesting architectural structure arranged side by side hotels, colorful landscape attracts attention with its gardens, repeatedly ranked high and lush green mountains, the sea and the beach with the watch only , but even you can enjoy a small and wealthy town …

Beldibi not able to find a lot of activity on the beach, but that is to be recalled that the award winning blue flag beach . Stay in Beldibi , near the ancient city , you can also easily visit Olympos and Phaselis .

Beldibi, Kemer and Tekirova than offers affordable accommodation . 25 kilometers away from Antalya Beldibi Cave , both on and attracts nature enthusiasts .
Wining and Dining
Beldibi is on the road along the way you meet the pancake house and tea garden . But the common food fish . If you prefer fish, sea bream and trout in the …

Usually visited by German tourists in Beldibi common German cuisine . Sesame omelets are found frequently in the menu . Also if you want to eat pizza, pitta and one of the many open air restaurants should make a choice from . Along with freshly brewed tea in a tea garden , to enjoy delicious Mediterranean flatbread also neglect.
Beldibi one of the richest regions in terms of shopping opportunities . Here ‘s numerous silversmiths and jewelers . Karatas , you can find everything you are looking at the market . Beldibi 3 ‘ te a bazaar called Beldibi 3 ‘s Bazaar . Here, too , especially wearing apparel, leather goods, carpets can be found in products such as . If you are looking for souvenirs , Beldibi 3 must stop . Both rates , as well as many cute souvenirs will come across . They are most interested in seeing a variety of handicrafts, ornaments and jewelery …
Beldibi each of the hotel’s on-site bar and club where not colorful nightlife for the outside . Beldibi 3, on the right side of the road Janine region’s most popular entertainment venue . If the preferences of visitors in Beldibi from Casablanca since 2 …
Outdoor Sports
Quite common in Beldibi hiking . Swimming , jet skiing and diving facilities . In addition, on certain days of the year parachute training is also provided. Fishing , cycling , such as those found in hobby too will find what they are looking at this quaint town .
Beldibi that appears suddenly in the night to mosquitoes and should be wary of cold air . Besides, you can hit the mountain air . If the sea should pay attention to your foot for that gravelly . With a special outpatient clinic in Beldibi , depending on the state ‘s health clinic and a pharmacy .
Burnt , Pear , Kemer, Tekirova
Holidays with Children
Beldibi more Germans retired attractions . The biggest reason for this, of course, this place is much more calm compared to other resorts …

Really a good idea to stay with kids in Beldibi . Especially Beldibi 1 , a very safe place , ideal for a holiday amongst nature . Tea gardens , playgrounds , camping areas crowded with pleasure welcomes families . Beldibi visiting attractions such as camels are also available.

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