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” In the East a fairytale princess ”

If you have never been before , Diyarbakir , Diyarbakir , especially today may not Visualize . With the current growth rate of Diyarbakir , Turkey’s fourth largest city of the candidate. Cultural and historic dock for those who want to embrace this beautiful city which offers us a perfect holiday , fairy tales and myths need to go without seeing land …

Continental climate prevails in the spring and fall of Diyarbakır where we encourage you to visit . In the spring, it takes on a poetic beauty of fairyland . Watching the sun set can not fill. Cultural excursions and activities are frequent in this period , after you, a sweet wind starts to wander . In spring and fall on the road following the Tigris and go for a trip to the heart of nature . Nearby Hasankeyf would advise you to see as well as great value

Diyarbakir, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara to achieve the ideal tool or aircraft. The city’s airport is both modern and very close to the city center . Regular buses from neighboring provinces of Diyarbakir are also available. Of course , in the summer the temperature is too high road transport quite difficult. Established in 1935, the railway , affordable way to Diyarbakir, one of which is used to achieve …

Date of Diyarbakir, BC 3000’li is based on . Hurrians who settled in the Upper Tigris region , have established settlements in the territory of present-day Diyarbakır . Hurrian kingdom of Mitanni kingdom was replaced by then replaced . Later on , respectively, the Assyrians, Urartu, the Scythians, the Medes, the Persians and Alexander the Great became dominant. BC The Romans took the region in 69 years , MS Byzantium around 300 places left in the year . That occurred in the area of permanent war , the city of Byzantium , a portion of which can be seen today , encircled by walls . A.D. In 369 Muslim armies had conquered the city . Companions who died in the war , was buried in a cemetery in the Inner Citadel Mosque . Seljuks and principalities ruled the region to be constantly fought . Timur was dominant in Diyarbakir shortly . Diyarbakir, 16 century had control of much Akkoyunlular’a . In the same century the Safavids seized the city , made ​​a great slaughter . Yavuz Sultan Selim period of Ottoman rule in the 18th century began. The people of Diyarbakır , revolted against the Ottoman Empire was to connect Shah Ismail .

Things to Do
Anatolia ‘s oldest mosque, the Great Mosque , Artuk , Seljuk and Aqquyunlu bears the characteristics of the architecture . The Turkish-Islamic works of the rarest surviving one of the representatives . Kale Mosque , 12 century remained .

Mesudiye dating from Artukids and Chain Madrasa , architecture and taşıdıkl with the inscription importance. The oldest inscription found in the city of Anatolia , Diyarbakir is . Abbasid Caliph al- Muktedir, bearing the name of H 297 / M. Cufic 7 inscription dating from 909 years in the city walls is possible to read . Dağkapı Mardin gate with bushes adorning the exterior of this inscription is unique. Great Seljuk Sultan Alparslan, which was built by Shah son of four of bushes and flowering cufic inscription of the west wing of the Grand Mosque , Sultan Grip repair a wall inscription bearing the name can be seen in Diyarbakir in Turkey alone .

Wining and Dining
The people of Diyarbakır are many bonuses . Almost every shop and you ‘d offer tea or food . Certainly not like the cities that they hear , you’ll immediately notice the joy in his eyes .

You have many choices about the food . On the banks of the Tigris , able to eat the fish . But if you are in town , be sure to visit the famous Tavacı lungs . Meat dishes are specialties of South-East Anatolia … Grids, kebabs are cooked differently . If you love rice , have lived . City cuisine , Arabic and Persian cuisine fused with the traditions of the old city on the Silk Road has received a grant from the cultural exchange . Iraqi origin in food ” derelict ” t issue … Housewife who is cooking this meal . Pieces of chicken or beef is fried beautifully . Tomato sauce over rice, with the pattern reversed by the pot dumped . Cake that looks like food, fried eggplant and tomatoes are filled with parts . The view is so beautiful , can I hesitate to dip your spoon .

Diyarbakir specialties at another … Pistachio pudding melts in your mouth shredded wire . There are numerous bakeries in Kaleici . Comfortable you can sit and enjoy the area’s original dessert . In addition, fragrant tea , ice cold drinks will be proposed buttermilk . Besides Raki South East Anaoldu those who want to taste the delicious appetizers , such as the Association of Journalists venues may suffer .

Pink molasses dumpling unique to the region pudding , can not fill a taste of naan and pita .
Do not leave food on your plate in Diyarbakir , received a lot of cooks . But heaping plates full income. Therefore, in the elections of serving notice. Servings of meat dishes are a Diyarbakir , Istanbul generally accepted portions are usually twice .

South East Anatolian cuisine specialties of Diyarbakir, often you’ll find include: ribs , stuffed babakanuç , stuffed meatballs , raw meatballs, stuffed with exertion , semolina dessert …

Hotel Dedeman Diyarbakir ‘s nightlife centers , historic Caravanserai Hotel , Veterans Pavilion and Journalists Association . In addition, many of the walls near the tea garden . This charming garden where you can cool off in the summer , as well as tea , dinner meetings around the restored Veterans Pavilion can also find very convenient for restaurants . Universities around the pond near the well where you can sit up late you can find restaurants serving alcohol .

Outdoor Sports
No more sports facilities in Diyarbakir . Single football in a very advanced state . Directorate of Youth and Sport of the university are working in the field . Youth camps are organized. But yet surrounded by nature, sports facilities have not been developed much .

Continental climate imperative to pay attention to during the hot summer special . Health services in the Eastern provinces of Diyarbakir one of the most gelişkin . State of SSK hospitals as well as hospitals and the health care provider complete a very special giving .

Batman , Hasankeyf, Urfa , Mardin

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: -3 / 4 February: 0 /8 March : 3/16
April: 8/20 May: 10/27 June: 16/36
July: 21/37 August : 22/ 40 September : 16/32
October : 11/ 25 November : 2/15 Range: 0 /12
Holidays with Children
Stay with the children in Diyarbakir , visiting historical sites can be a real joy . Especially if you have coincided with the summer heat … Diyarbakır which will be held every year beginning in 2001 and has a children’s festival . The festival organized by the Municipal showing children’s films , puppet theater is made , and concerts , art workshops for children opens.

Cermik Thermal Tourism Center

» Location: Diyarbakir- Cermik is located east of the town center .
» Water temperature : 48 degrees
» PH Value: 6.3
»Features : bicarbonate , chlorine, carbon dioxide , hydrogen sulphide and has partly radioactive .
» Applications: Drinking and bathing
» Diaesses Treatment : Rheumatism, skin , respiratory tract , women, makes a positive impact on diseases such as joint and arthritis .
» Accommodation Facilities: The 100 -bed facility is available.

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