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” Land of apricot .. ”

Join Hitie based , having a rooted culture of planning a trip to Malatya things do not go the way of taking notes …

Mostly visitors to Mount Nemrut , one of the stops for sightseeing outside uproar in Malatya, historic buildings and natural beauty are important . Things to Do in Malatya examining our article can have an idea about this place .

Mosques: Malatia the places most visited by tourists from across the history of Malatya ‘s mosques . Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mosque, Malik sunullah Mosque, Battalgazi Grand Mosque and New Mosque of the mosques in Malatya, we recommend you to see . Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mosque , as well as Bazaar and Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravanserai in Malatya do they see two historic buildings of visitors .

Castles: Castle in Malatya , Malatya Arapgir Castle and Doğanşehir Castle is located between the historic buildings and places that we recommend you visit . After visiting the castle , these three may have information about the history of Malatya and can make an enjoyable trip .

malatyamapMuseum : Both of the two museums in the city center of Malatya Malatya Museum and the Ethnographic Museum Beskonak you should not stop you from your trip well . Regional archaeological finds that shed light on thousands of years of history and tradition and reflects the culture of Malatya these two items are exhibited in the museum without straying from Malatya .

Natural Beauties : Malatya not only the natural beauty of historic assets worth seeing . With caves and unusual landform known Levent Valley , located in the county in Dare and having a tremendous beauty Günpınar Falls in Malatya, we recommend you to see the natural beauty.

If the Malatya do you need to see in the summer theres a place there , he Nemrut Mountain . Nemrut from Malatya approximately 90 km and is quite easy to reach by car . A world-renowned national parks and protected areas , Mount Nemrut National Park, you will witness the sunset and sunrise are sure that you can not forget throughout your life …

Anatolia is the gateway to the east of Malatya . Eastern Anatolia Region of the Upper Euphrates Basin located in the province of Malatya , geographic location, historic caravan routes , the famous King’s Road and Silk Road on the discovery and its rich water resources , due to the Neolithic since settlement has been achieved . Malatya generally consists of high plateaus and mountain terrain has a . Malatya , eastern and central Anatolian culture bears traces .

The climate is continental , summers are hot and dry, winters are cold and often snowy . However, in recent years under the influence of the Karakaya dam and other climate softened Mediterranean climate shows from time to time . Most precipitation is observed in spring and autumn . During the winter months the wife of Mount Nemrut , spring and summer with the green of nature in all seasons is another beautiful Malatya ..

Malatya both land and rail transport north to south and east is located at the junction of the roads . 5 km from the city center . Located in the central bus station , taxis, buses , minibuses, buses and transportation possible. Because there is a civil airport in the province 30 km. Aninamor kullanılmaktadır.havaal within Erhaç military airport taxi service and can be reached by Turkish Airlines . Railways 3 km from the city center . In the distance , a quiet train travel if you prefer to call it thinking . Istanbul – 1113 km distance between Malatya . Ankara – 660 km from Malatya . dr.

As a result of research and archaeological excavations , historical background dating back to the Palaeolithic in Malatya , BC It is understood that the first settlement began in the year 7000 . Region , then the Hittites, Assyrians , Urartu, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Seljuks and Ottomans lived. Malatya, from the year 1515 to the Ottomans lived in peace . In Diyadin from Damascus in Syria in 1577 from Turkmen tribes revolted Shah Ismail, a person claiming to be . To join her in Malatya region of Turkmen numbers of more than 50,000 rebels , marched up to Kýrþehir region . Scarcely suppress this uprising was the Ottoman Empire . After the year 1582 the war with Iran has increased the confusion in Anatolia . Malatya and Sivas Kizer , the rebel son Mustafa , the man tied with the tribute here . After his death, his men continued their revolt spread from Malatya to Nigde . Following the agreement with Iran in 1582 a large part of Anatolia, the soldiers returned to their homes . Celaliye then the Ottoman Empire ( the rebels ) went the way of punishment . A portion of the rebels in the province of Malatya were captured and punished , while the rest continued their rebellion .
Together with the Republic of the Malatya province , which do not undergo the alien invasion , is one of the rare cities .

Things to Do
Malatya , nature, history , culture and attracts attention. Mount Nemrut, Museums, Castles, Mosques and Tombs of Han , Recreation malatya-haritasi-2Areas doyamayacağınız ride with is a wonderland . The southern part of the province composed of oak tree groves and swamps , while the north is covered with deciduous forests damaged qualified . Poplar , willows are found on the edges of rivers and streams . City center in the villages and towns , apricot orchards are located mainly large .

Wining and Dining
Malatya having a delicious cuisine in the kitchen a lot of meat and wheat vardır.çoğunlukl important findings and other materials made ​​with a mixture of 70 species ‘meatballs ‘ are . Wheat, beans, leaves, cherry, quince, the vines and mulberry leaves used in the wrapping . Also of kebabs , desserts apricot and products used in so many places , there are a lot of important flavor palate . Of the favorite dishes of the local cuisine while paper kebab and stuffed meatballs taste is not saturated . Which we believe will be insufficient to define a variety of delicious and the desserts Malatya apricots Be sure to taste your visit .

In addition to dried apricots , apricot made ​​from various types of frozen apricot, apricot preserves , jelly, jam, marmalade and cream, pickled green apricot and dried fruit also is recommended for purchases to be made . Bazaar in the city of Malatya , Coppersmith Bazaar , Dried Apricot Sunday , Ataturk and Inonu Caddesi Street and National Sovereignty shopping centers.

Outdoor Sports
Mountaineering, trekking, camping , hiking, sports is one of the most widely held in Malatya . It also is of increasing interest in the region and paragliding .

Balaban drink , in the province of Malatya , in Dare Balaban is in the village in the district . Malatya- Kayseri is located on the highway . Constipation , diabetes , asthma, kidney, liver and biliary tract discomfort is good. Mud bath, the skin is healing and rheumatism sufferers . The Mineral Rotuma , Malatya Province is located in the village of Rotuma . Draws the attention of the people of the region . Water, CO2 gas contains , is pleasant to me . Source location , 1000 m from the sea . is high . During the summer , attracts great attention as the resting place of the environment . Water temperature is 14 degrees . İspendere down to drink , Malatya Province , near the center İspendere down in the village. Is located 1200 m above sea level . is high . Three sources. It is pleasant to me . Light laksatik (softener) is . CO2 gas are in . Stomach, intestines, liver and biliary tract disease is effective. Water temperature is 29 degrees .

Adiyaman , Istanbul , Bursa , Sivas .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January : -5 / February 1 : -1 / 7 March : 3/14
April: 8/20 May: 10/25 June: 18/33
July: 19/34 August: 22/37 September: 15/28
October: 11/23 November: 1/13 Range: 1/5 of

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  2. Места, которые мы видели в предыдущей поездке, действительно стоит посетить, вы освежили наши воспоминания.

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  7. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

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