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General Information
” East of the peninsula , surrounded by the dam … ”

Rich with the history and culture of the old structure with a wide Elazığ, which have come to present it without disturbing feature is one of the rare cities . Keb the dam, Lake Hazar date Harpoot city, Caspian father Ski Resort , spa and recreation areas, has great tourism potential . In addition to all kinds of innovations and developments in Turkish tourism could answer when an infrastructure is a major hub of the region .

Roads from the west , like a fan that connects to various provinces of the eastern Elazig , it is a major transportation hub in the region . Istanbul, Ankara , in terms of either of these cities in the surrounding areas by bus and private vehicle next to the Istanbul -Ankara- Kayseri- Malatya highway , following Malatya or after arriving in Malatya Arapkir Road following the ferry By Road Return by ferry can reach . After a 3-5 minute ride by ferry of 10 km by road accessible district . Istanbul – Elazig from 1214 km. Ankara – 761 km from Elazig . dr.

Although the new settlement date of Elazig region’s history is quite old. According to historical sources Harpoot BC ‘s oldest residents Hurrians from 2000 are settled in Eastern Anatolia . According to historical records again Hurris then we can see that the region came under the domination of the Hittites . Not last very long after the Hittite domination BC 9 From centuries established a state in Eastern Anatolia Harpoot Urartu ruled for a long time . Even today, standing with its historical grandeur Harput Castle bears the traces of the transfer of Urartu . Stairs carved into rocks , tunnels and aqueducts where cells have been identified. BC 9 With a century fortified castle known as the Kharput include at least has a history of 4000 years .

Things to Do
Northeast of the historic town of Elazig Harpoot Buzluk 11 km . away. Refrigerator cave , geomorphological, climatic conditions that occur here because of the structure and circulation of air in the summer months because of its natural layers , in the form of stalactites and stalagmites in some parts even resembling a honeycomb ice sheets form . On the contrary consists of warm weather during the winter months . The cave ‘s history , as old as the history of Harput Harput first owners of the Urartu period , which is known to extend to the yearbook AmAlArdAn . Harput promenade ; Elazig 5 km. away is the historic city of Harput . An open-air museum which has the appearance and almost every era historical monuments dating from the presence of religious tourism, spa tourism for the preferred Harpoot promenade , the vineyards and orchards occurs , clean air, and that all needs are met because it can be Elazig and local people daily as they will go important recreation destinations is one .
Also belonging to public institutions and organizations around the Caspian Sea camping and recreational facilities and camp sites are open to the public in various locations .

Wining and Dining
Elazig- Harpoot Cuisine depending on the characteristics of the region shows a very large diversity and richness . City ‘s unique and there are numerous dishes bearing his name . These dishes in many parts of our country as well Elazığ dishes are made. Traditional Elazig ( Harpoot ) culinary culture , Turkish culinary culture traces taşır.sofr -adapted from the dishes until the still traditional features that can protect Elazig in the kitchen ; tutmaç , Lich, vaccine Anamas , land roasting dishes such as currently exists .
At the beginning of the preparations for the winter season almost all the fresh fruits and vegetables drying. Pickles and pickled done, noodles and noodles are cut , dried and prepared tarhana ; tandoor bread is done roasting prepared the Orcia , a cocked hat, hold is done.

Wine made ​​from grapes produced in the region without taking Buzbağ , Orcik and return without taking coffee with fruit pulp until the EIA .

Outdoor Sports
City ‘s pointed by the county , South Village, Hacıbey position operating in the Tourism Ministry Licenced Tour -Pol Tourist Facilities within the 300 vehicles , 200 tents, 50 caravan capacity , yet the trip run by the municipality Plajköy Casinos and Recreation Facilities within the 20 -car capacity , and many tents to establish favorable campground with Elazığ municipality belongs to the camp of 200 vehicles , 100 tents with a capacity campground as well as the Caspian shores of Lake public in the regions , Keb Dam Lake shores and Jeep Dam recreation spot for camping is available. Camp sites located in the Caspian shores of Lake of the year in June, July and August, substantially increased the number of tents set up and listened to the various services that are offered here on vacation . Keb made ​​of the Euphrates River and the dam at the lake formed by the dam is located more than about 20 fish species are known , most of these kinds of fish Mirror carp is admired and hunted . In the area of water sports, nature walks are conducted .

18 km from Karakoçan County . Located on the southern coast of Kolan Hot Fairy Tea . 5 liters per second to 60 ° C is the temperature of boiling water . And is used in the form of drinking water bath . The thermal water of the stomach , intestines, liver , gall bladder, gynecological diseases, skin diseases and rheumatic diseases are having a positive impact . Water was Muruk ( jaundice Fountain ); Elazig 7 km. away, and in the north , vineyards and orchards in a place where the environment was Muruk boiling water is flowing from a fountain . Of cold water , lime and carbohydrate composed of many diseases as well , especially due to jaundice is good.
Yurtbaşı ( Hogi ) Mineral Water : 19 km to Elazig . Located near the town of Yurtbaşı away and water , many overseeing formed. Mineral water temperature is 17.5 C , 1 liter per second is flowing . Especially the kidneys, urinary tract and gastrointestinal diseases is good. ICMEC operated by an enterprise of private roads, electricity , etc. infrastructure was built .

Tunceli, Bingöl , Diyarbakır, Malatya .

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)

January: – 5 / February 2, : -1 / 7 March : 1/14
April: 7/19 May: 9/25 June: 14/34
July: 17/35 August: 19/38 September: 12/29
October: 8/23 November: 1/12 Range: 0 / 7
Ski Resorts
Caspian father Ski Centre, 6 km from the town of Elazig pointed in the southeast . away , on the shores of Lake Hazar and 2230 m . in height , which is the summit of Caspian father . Elazig airport 25 km. within the ski center was inaugurated in 1999 .
Although continental climate of Elazığ in Keba ski resort and the reservoir is under the influence of the Caspian lake . Plants including ski house and cafe has 2 buildings . excursionist skis from the ski home is provided, is served in the cafeteria eating and drinking facilities .

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