General Information
“The city of the Prophet!”

Urfa, a city which has hosted the prophets throughout history … history pervasive throughout the city gives it a mystical air … the smell of spices and a thousand of colorful local costumes of people in Urfa thinks himself in a dream …

In Urfa continental climate is very hot summers, while winters are cold and rainy goes. Many visitors have hosted various civilizations of the city you are visiting during the summer months. If you do not like heat in the winter months you can visit this city. Each season has a different beauty of Urfa …

As you can come to bulunuyor.uçakl in Urfa airport, for those who prefer the highway from the big cities are held constant time.

Open to human activity since the Neolithic age, which is a region of Urfa, thanks to the Hellenistic Seleucid era is kentleşiy. Aigai located in the territory in Macedonia, which is a district of the city of Edessa Urfa name gives the Seleucid. Urfa by the phrase is derived from the Aramaic legend has Urhai.

According to a rumor Aramean king IX. Abgar hz.is’ t Urfa is calling. If hz.is transfer by Vasiliy wiping his face with a handkerchief ways that show the miracle. This phenomenon is called the Syriac faith Mandilio events.

Things to Do
Architecture, Fish Lake, the prophets being the city with the historic heritage-rich region in Urfa ride bazaar will start from if we primarily focus our attention Ottoman-era many han çeker.rengarenk fabric and region-specific clothes are exhibited in the shops When you visit the medieval You will feel at a time.

From the market Balıklıgöl When you head here you guys Even if you do not want the Balıklıgöl story anlatacaklardır.göl of fish in the healing that söyleniyor.göl next to the edge of a room göreceksiniz.bura Urfa’s famous coffee Mirra can savor and crafts can get.

The ancient name of Kalirrho (Güzelsu means), which follows the story of Fish Lake: According to a rumor Nimrod Hz. Abraham threw it into the fire catapults from Urfa Castle. But Allah’s command fire had turned to water, firewood and fish Hz. Abraham was saved. The girl who set himself on fire behind him, where he fell in Zeliha today Zeliha formed lake called Lake. Fish Lake today respected as a sacred place, Urfa, one of the area’s many visitors …

Akcakale on the way hz.eyüb ‘cave’s reputation. But it endures patiently caught leprosy and healed with the help of his wife hz.eyüb yaşamış.bura in this cave there are many people in the hope of healing.

Wining and Dining
Of course first comes to mind kebab … But I know home-cooked meals in the spices used through many different flavors that göreceksiniz.isot and pomegranate, local spices from … Food on the region’s “mırra called” small cup presented in the sugar and bitter special We recommend the tasting coffee.

Customs Inn near the historic bazaar in local dress, veil, robe and silk drapes, Sipahi market of carpets and rugs and fur saddlebags, Keçeci in the market felt, Hüseyniye bazaars copper works, Pamukçu market and Stars Square near jewelers gold and Silver, jewelry can be purchased.

Although the population size in Sanliurfa lack of health facilities emerges as an important issue.
Furthermore, the region is very poor in terms of water resources.

Harran, Birecik, Adiyaman

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures (° C)

January: -1 / 9 February: 3/13 March: 6/19
April 11/25 May 16/30 June: 23/38
July: 25/39 August: 26/41 September: 20/34
October: 16/27 November: 6/16 Range: 5/15


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