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Map Of Artvin

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Artvin province, 400 35 ‘and 410 32’ north latitude and 410 07 ‘ and 420 00 ‘ east longitude , located at 7367 km2 , is a province of the Black Sea region . Province Turkey ‘s land surface area ( 783,577 km2) and 0.9% is up . East of Ardahan, Erzurum south west, Rize, is adjacent to the north, Georgia . North – west coast of the Black Sea has and is 34 km in length .

Extending parallel to the Black Sea coast of Eastern Black Sea Mountains in the province extensions; Kaçkar , Altiparmak , Sulfur , İskaris extends to the border with the name of the mountain . This mountain range mountains and high hills on the numerous takes place . Black Sea coast in two rows extending from west to east following the 3937 m. the height of the Black Sea in the Kaçkar Mountains form the highest point of the mountains . This section of the mountain water lines ; Artvin , Rize and Erzurum determine the boundaries . Located between the towns Şavşat and Borcka Çoruh and Bert valley extending to the border with Georgia Mountain Karcal 3428 m. More important is a mountain with a height of provinces .
In the province , Arhavi and alluvial plains in Hopa is not available outside the plain, flat areas that can be called . Plateau covers a wide space in the province ( 51% of the territory of the province ) .

Artvin, Eastern Black Sea region in terms of climate variability is the province most . Life with Seafront get into the chain of mountains in the area where the typical Black Sea climate is observed every rainy season . Lifeguard mountain range to the center of the debt and Artvin in the area of climate colder winters and less summer precipitation is in the form of the Black Sea climate . This area also possible to add Şavşat and vicinity . Ardanuç and Yusufeli also partly a Mediterranean climate with a continental climate with hot summers and a mixture of dry, while winters are relatively mild compared to normal terrestrial climate and less rainy climate is concerned . Even the climate in some parts of this area are very close to the Mediterranean climate (especially in the valley bottom ) .

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