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General Information
” Cleopatra fascinates beaches”

Alanya, on the Mediterranean coast of Antalya , 135 km. away from the center of the popular holiday … Beaches , outdoor and fitness facilities and a trendy district with a warm climate . Among the most coveted places ; stalactite cave is said to be good for asthma , next to Red Tower , dating from the Ottoman period Armory Five Burner ‘s Dockyard and the next . When you stop and take a look at the Alanya Castle , the city can be seen in all its splendor . Interesting bird species and favors the occurrence of nature with lush vegetation, this county , throughout history, have not shared . Today, however, enjoying the beauty of it all , stuck to explore the little-known to us again .

Alanya ” ‘s tourist season is almost 12 months . Matter of fact , more than domestic tourism in the spring and summer months the movement. But visitors from abroad , Alanya ” y do not neglect throughout the year . Just as Antalya and Side , Alanya , “or is the large number of foreign visitors who decide to settle . County’s population began to increase in April , August ” t remove its peak . Those who prefer eco-tourism , often come to the area in spring and autumn . In addition, employees affected by heat , in April and October, and may opt for plateau region .

135 km of Antalya . Located in the east of Alanya, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir ‘s a direct bus connection . Alanya major bus firms may prefer to transport . If you do not benefit from direct buses from Antalya to Alanya quite easy transportation . Antalya , a journey of about an hour out of Manavgat to Alanya is reached. Alanya, Antalya Airport is 130 kilometers away . Easy access from the airport to the bus to and from the Antalya-Alanya ‘s .

Alanya is a complete pleasure to do business with denizyolculug . In the summer, you want to anchor in the port of Alanya
There are a lot of yacht owners .
Region Local Transportation
From the center of Alanya in Alanya ” to the other resort minibus routes run every five minutes . Dolmuş Friday to Sunday from” moving. Other than that, very often in urban public bus available .
Alanya, since prehistoric times, an existing settlement. BC II ” th century as the residence of piracy in Alanya , then the Eastern Mediterranean , a region ” in a state of unbridled piracy area was conquered by the Romans, who want to suppress . Herodotus ” , according to some who migrated to this region after the Trojan War was . Alanya” s climate and vegetation , are attractive to all civilization . According to a story error , even in this region have suffered Cleopatra , was influenced by the beauty of the beach and palm trees . A.D. After 395 years , the city came under Byzantine rule , “beautiful mountain” has been given a name that means . Alanya, 1220 ” Selçuk ruler Alaeddin Keykubat is occupied by . Alanya ” s in the north of the capital city of Konya ” y protections taken for this city, Alaeddin Keykubad extremely important for a marine military base . Seljuk ruler here, for this purpose consists of three sections spectacular He built a castle . Alanya east, west and north all the way to connect to the Mediterranean ” in the Anatolian coast is the most important naval base property has been held for hundreds of years .
Things to Do
What’s where ?

Alanya ” worth seeing are so many places . Beaches, shopping centers , restaurants, day moving you are holding. Historic buildings and ancient settlements often are visited . Town 20 km. Far distant ” Leatres ” , churches , baths and temples with the üstsüt to tells the stories of civilization is founded . Alanya ” or 30 km . that ” Lotape ” port city, famous for its natural harbor and about the manufactured myth . Antiaküs king “reputation of the city bearing the name of his wife , carries the remains of the Roman period . ” Syedra ” Near the Kargycak Village . Alanya” the ten -minute walk from Mahmutlar expired . The castle , the agora and the temple ruins can be seen. To see this city built on a hill to walk out of a need to take part . If you intend to come up through the path , we recommend that you wear comfortable athletic shoes . Alanya ” the Seljuk and Ottoman-era architectural masterpiece there . ” Alanya Castle “,” Red Tower “,” SHARAPSA “and” Alara Han ” are just a few of them . 33 meters in height Red Tower , Alanya ” one of the icons . Red Tower ” on the southeast Seljuk Shipyard while in 1228 were made . Alanya count of caves not mention would not . Hasbahçe Cave Dim Cave, stalactite cave , Phosphorous Cave , Lovers Cave and the Pirates Cave separate ways interesting. Hasbahçe Cave Dim Cave, stalactite cave amazing formations and attracts attention. Boat trips crawled Phosphorous Cave , Lovers Cave and the Pirates Cave, the various stories been subject to . Alanya ” or twenty minutes away Gazipasa located at” pirates Cave , Pamfilyalılar pirates hide a time . Gazipasa, fish dishes and the famous. Atatürk’s House and Museum, the Museum of Alanya Azov Street ” ta open to visitors .
Wining and Dining
What to Eat ?

Alanya is literally a paradise à la carte restaurant . Alanya ” the most famous a la carte restaurant is one of the ” Brothers Restaurant ” incurred the place to be top of the list . Fish , grill and meat varieties found in the restaurant, as most in-demand specialties tiles of fish is a must try . World cuisine is different and delicious serving Chef’s Place Restaurant and Soup hall ” among the fine dining alternatives . Chef’s Place to savor the French cuisine, unique . Fish, meat and chicken varieties you can find another restaurant ” Grand Island ” . Also served in the cafe also note that there are very privileged . Kleopatra Beach and cafes around , you may encounter a very interesting menu . If you do not want to fill your stomach than you are on vacation , you can opt for such a charming place . Alanya ” also have options for vegetarians . Many were able to find food in the restaurant for vegetarians .

You can find all kinds of shops in Alanya . Well-known clothing brands , Alanya have not neglected to open a branch . Leather clothing and accessory stores, carpet stores intriguing. Jewelery shops in the surrounding counties as well as many , many more here . One filled with silver jewelry and trinket stalls are sold. If you are interested in antiques , there are a few places you should visit in Alanya . Moreover, you can also find a world of interesting gift . Small statuettes, figurines pushing the boundaries of imagination
adorn the showcase .
Alanya summer with an extremely mobile entertainment life . Night venues usually Pier Street , Ataturk Avenue, Dim and Gazipasa the density gösteriyor.iskel Street on the James Dean, Zap Han , Colonial, Gazipasa street ” n If the Club 13 and Club Manhattan önerebileceğimz place between . Them outside to enjoy the hotels bars preferred to add us to neglect.
Outdoor Sports
Alanya ” the interest in sports , nature is a requirement . County at the international level triathlon , beach volleyball and handball tournaments are held. Cleopatra Beach , in recent years the popularity of beach volleyball lovers’ haunt .

1997 ” from organized Alanya Rafting Triathlon has attracted great interest . Demça yourself, rafting excitement has overtaken the right one for your location . Trekking the right place. Springs and valleys, nature walks, great possibilities for offers . Sülek Plateau, the most popular trekking areas . Plateau trips , picnics, jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains ” is taking place in the shadow .

Alanya ” also has the ability to do many water sports . Wind surfing , water skiing, kayaking can be done . Snuggling and
scuba diving is also very popular. Here’s a reminder of the need to make : between Karaburun and Kargıçiftlig
smoking area to dive .
Wide beaches , tourist facilities and historic monuments that our city is an important holiday in Alanya , both private and public hospitals and clinics are available. Intensive health organizations gathered in the city center a distance of no more . Write suffering heatstroke usually seen.
Manavgat, Anamur, Aydinkent , Silifke
Holidays with Children
Tourist Facilities rich , Alanya ” in at all hotels , administered to children take advantage of discounts possible . Especially little prepared for educational and instructive animations, children could play areas, special children’s menus hotels offer their customers the benefits just a few. Apart from Alanya” the one in the city a two of them outside the city, including entertainment center . Located in the city park, promises unlimited fun for kids .

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