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General Information
” Swinging in the wind surfers and windmills : Alacati … ”

Devoted which is a favorite of Surfing in Alacati, Cesme … of the most beautiful beaches between May and October each year, of all colors , of all cultures where possible thru ‘to October … only this it? Of course not … white on the wings of the sky -blue defiantly standing modern windmills , you Don Quixote and the story will remind you … cobbled cobbled shopping streets , wandering yourself the historical Aegean While traveling you will find ! …
Alacati, wind surfing …. a very convenient area from May until October , many surfing enthusiasts from home and abroad flock to the area . Which is very close to the region in Ilica , Alacati beach and surroundings with the famous …. In short , from the spring open to visitors until the end of autumn …
Alacati, Cesme Izmir-Cesme 10 minutes away … on the highway , about 70 km take the lead when reaching yet Cesme , Alacati white windmills will meet you .

If you are coming from Istanbul to your private car , ferry Yenikapi- Banda in Banda after the 4-5 hour journey will bring you to Alacati .

If you prefer transportation by bus , any time of year almost all the major cities of Izmir regular
There are buses . Fountain of İzmir in 45 minutes in the winter , in summer 20 minutes minibuses are operating. Cesme Alacati and only 10 minutes from …

Adnan Menderes Airport is also just 50 minutes away from the Alacati …
Alacati, Cesme connected to the fountain known as … Cyssus Anatolia ” M.Ö.1000 years on the west coast of the Ionian cities , one of the estimated 12 to Eritrea ” was the Ildırı Pier . Archaeological and touristic aspects of great importance today in Eritrea , the 7th . and 8 century has been a major economic power . In this period , along with the island of Chios was holding captive and the wine trade . Mö.2.yüzyıl the city , to the kingdom of Pergamum , and then connects to the Roman Empire .

Çeşme region in Roman times is the name of the Cyssus . Roman Empire divided into two remaining Byzantine territory , Eritrea lost its importance , particularly against idols and polytheistic religions strengthened his belief in the period , most of the city’s ancient buildings are torn down and burned . “Medieval Byzantine Empire” is connected to the local area in 1422 from Eritrea and Ottoman fountain “or is getting involved . Fountain , as the name suggests, boasts many historic fountain .

In the 1800s , the environment of the islands and surrounding yore port to drain the swamps and brought Greek workers to be employed in the construction . Then came the immigrants of different nationalities in the region … All she had left in time , but they left behind traces . Balconied houses made ​​of stone in Market Place , mosques , almost become a symbol of local mills, all traces of this history …
Things to Do
Alacati, beautiful beaches , surfing, according to the windy dark and stone buildings and cobbled streets of the village center consisting of a charming, quiet and dark Aegean many different interests that can heartstrings .

Alacati surf of course comes at the beginning of what you can do . This broad statement about the Adventure and Outdoor Facilities are available in our department .

If in the region if you are staying for breakfast Believers Network- Karafırını from the village bakery Get the villages butter with a delicious breakfast edin.sonr stone buildings lying between the cobbled streets after walking your newspaper took on the village square in the coffee sit down , if you have forgotten even happiness is what will remember .

Another interesting detail about the old stone houses : Historic Alaçatı houses , made ​​of pumice stone . This is due to the nature of the substance of homes hot summer , cold winter does not pass .

There are several places to visit in the village . These Old Church Mosque , amphitheater and the old mill wheel … the sea from the beach and the sea is very clean … girebilirsiniz.kumsal shallow waters , ideal for families with children .

Again Alacati, or a close other regions Ilica a gorgeous sandy beach … Fountain Altinyunus Marina and Resort here bulunuyor.ılı by ‘ surfing and sailing yapılıyor.h year in July here International Çakabey Optimist (single boat ) racing is done . Alacati from Ilica or moving day afternoon Ilica If you love the night life ‘ or you can get off , because here is quite lively night … Speaking of night life , Cesme Alacati An alternative you Fountains of course … to only 10 minutes away .
Wining and Dining
All in Alacati and Cesme , such as the Aegean coast to eat seafood should be your first choice . Fountain , especially sea bream, sea bass, octopus and mussels should try . You can find fresh fish at the harbor .

Another traditional flavors of melon, melon … this place is very famous … also one of those who love ice cream , made ​​from opposite Chios mastic gum from bypassing the ice cream never !

There are olive groves in Alacati entry . Aegean olives are delicious ! … Your breakfast in the village of fresh butter, bread, olives and village structures are too ! …
Alacati, a serene locality counted. Many activities during the day to allow the sea . Moving one of those who love the night life , you can go to the Fountain . More recently, in other places … Ilica Ilica night discos and pubs are animate life .
Outdoor Sports
Alacati, according to the windy beach with surf enthusiasts of this sport … of attractions along the waterfront of those two ‘s surf school . What if you opened up a half meters depth not exceeding angled bay, both novice and professional surfers are satisfied.

Alacati Surf Paradise ( AWP ) ‘s Windsurf Championship is organized every year in Turkey . This championship is very high participation rate from domestic and overseas .

Alacati sheep ‘s throat at a surf center : B & G Surf School … School , beginners and professional surfers , surfing is organizing the training . Here, all surfing materials also are rented .

For those interested in the school’s phone number :
0232 716 97 60
0232 716 61 70


Ilica, Cesme, Ephesus, Selcuk, Foca
Holidays with Children
Every year in Alacati International Youth and Children’s Theatre Festival organized by the municipality is . The end of June , this festival held in July coincided If you , your children, many children’s theater and entertainment will have the chance to witness . At other times of the year you can come with your children to the area . Alacati’s shallow waters and golden sandy beaches and very affordable , especially for families with children .

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  5. Les endroits que nous avons vus lors de notre précédent voyage devraient vraiment être visités, vous avez rafraîchi nos souvenirs.

  6. Что нужно сделать, чтобы провести отпуск в Турции? Я зашел на ваш сайт и получаю много информации, когда спрашиваю.

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