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Ankara Escort


General Information
” East of the thousand faces … ” Separated from Kars in 1992, is connected with the converted Ardahan, history and natural beauty waiting to be discovered , with a potential holiday destination …

Ardahan, has a continental climate . Winters are long and harsh and snowy , while summers are short and cool .

According to research from the 9th district , which is an old residential area century was under the reign of Urartu . Then the Medes and Persians, Armenians and Georgians in entering the region ‘s management to be the ancestor of the people lived. 1st Dikran century administrator has added the territory of the region . MS 1 After centuries of the region changed hands between the Romans and the Parthians 3 century passed into the hands of the Sassanids . 7 After centuries of domination by the Byzantines and the Arabs entering the region 11 century Turkmen began to arrive . Later, these lands became involved in the 13 Georgians century the Mongols were exposed to the attacks and 14 century passed into the hands of Timur . Karakoyunlus, Akkoyunlus and managed by the Safavids in 1534 the area was connected to the Ottoman Empire . For centuries, the area within the boundaries of the State of crazy many times, was attacked by the Russians and the Safavids . A section within the boundaries of the region of Kars Province in 1828 and was occupied by the Russians in 1855 . Then Erzurum province of Sanchez ‘s crazy that is connected to this land was occupied by the Russians again in 1876 . Occupation , after the October Revolution in 1917 ended with the withdrawal of Russian Armles . Starboard started to be managed as a Ardahan, Kars, Batum and starboard with around – i SELAS adiyla Elvia was known . Russians after the withdrawal of British support of this land to be occupied by Armenians in the Soviet-type local governments were established to prevent . But the British Kars National Islamic Council , Ardahan National Islamic Council was occupied by the Georgians . Ardahan survivors of the invasion in 1921 , the other with the standard immediately after the proclamation of the Republic in 1926, the county made ​​in a province if the province of Kars was attached to.

Things to Do
Wild Lake : Located 45 km from the center of the province of Ardahan Wild Lake 1956 meters high above sea level . Here it is very enjoyable to watch the sun set . As it is now very cold winter frost in late November, the ice on the lake exceeds 1 meter in depth . In this season of ice drilled yapılır.ayrı frozen Wild Lake fishing contest takes place on the sleigh , if you come across , you can get a chance to watch a spectacular show . Akçakale Island: crazy Akcakale is located within the Lake as well as the natural beauty of the island in the first degree is the archaeological site . This is worth a visit in the old city ruins are the remains of a chapel . Ardahan Castle : History is an old Ardahan Castle excavations in the obtained in different civilizations are the remains of the region in the early Bronze Age, from the presence of a settlement , and the region’s various kingdoms came under the rule shows that . Halil Efendi neighborhood in the north of the city center , with the city center just on the left bank of the Kura River separating from each other in terms of architecture from the fortress was based on a rectangular plan layout . Check the date of opening just above the belt is being written as Gregorian 1544 . Devil’s Castle: crazy Yildirimtepe of the town near the village of Castle of the Devil is estimated that in the middle ages . Castle , 1 km away from the crazy Yildirimtepe approximately 1.5 km northeast of the village in the valley of Karachai area is made quite steep . They boast of landmarks in Ardahan outside of the cave , to Kurtkal , Kalecik Castle , Akcakale, Kinzer Castle, Cute ( Vela ) include Castle .

Wining and Dining
Lake fishing is done in crazy . Freshwater fish lovers we recommend the tasting of the fish .

Kars, Iğdır

Months compared to the average lowest and highest temperatures ( ° C)
January: -16 / 6 February: -11 / 1 March : -6/4
April: 0 /11 May: 4/17 June: 24/7
July : 10/ 23 August : 11/ 28 September : 5/21
October: 2/14 November: -4 / 5 Range: -10 / 0
special Days
Festivals: Animals and Animal Products Festival City Centre / August 20 Goose Festival City Centre / 18 November

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