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” Aristotle ‘s Utopia , a gift of nature .. ”

In one corner of the Dardanelles , a town full of ancient ruins . When you look westward from Behramköy , once Aristotle and inspiring clarity of mind you will see the endless Aegean Sea . Stars shining in the night sky , with the works today develops and elevates humanity , a time famous philosophers, scientists dazzle of the stars is dominant. Assos work such a place . History, not only remains , it is unique, imbued in nature . Olive trees, fishing boats, small hostels and turquoise waters … Beautiful Aegean coast … Assos unique architecture … Harbor filled with quaint restaurants … Daytime separate , distinct Since the night in this place where life is sacred and precious how you can remember again . Of childhood love , assimilated wisdom, humble creativity , which is a part of human nature in its entirety capital : Assos .
Assos, one of the crossing points of the Mediterranean and Black Sea climate in the extreme heat of the summer because it is not seen. Spring months are rainy . According to the center of Canakkale , said to be a warmer place . Uçuruc of Çanakkale where the winds are not too effective . Assos, close to big cities such as Istanbul and Izmir due to be visited in all seasons . Fall in winter, high school and equivalent schools in big cities organizes trips to this area . Travel agents, tour weekend for hiking and prefer to Assos . Eco-tourism and cultural tourism in the spring and autumn months are the months that the very lively . In July and August it is possible to go overboard . However, the beach season does not last very long .
Assos quite easy to achieve . You have a lot of options . 420 km from Istanbul Assos , Assos 280 km from Izmir . Assos between Ankara and 750 km. From the town of Canakkale, Assos Ayvacık every half hour you can find a means . Istanbul ” driving from the direction of Tekirdag can use to reach Assos . This way , according to the Eagle -Bursa- Balikesir way short. Gallipoli ” in the Lapseki Car ferries departing every hour you can use . Then from Canakkale Ayvacık counties and 20 km after the Assos “a will . If you wish, from Eceabat to Çanakkale ferry can also use . These ferries also per hour depart. Canakkale – Assos between 2 hours. Ayvacık – Assos between the 20-kilometer , an exquisite view of the road , and ramp , as well as the bends . for this reason, many have to be careful . İstanbul and İzmir bus ride on also when you Ayvacık get off at and there Assos can get in … Istanbul by sea those who come from Mudanya can use the fast ferry . Banda- out Susurluk- Edremit -Küçükkuyu may have to Assos .
Region Local Transportation
Assos is the best option to rent a car or take your own car you have come . This is the best in the region , the presence of its transport facilities . Because many surrounding towns and villages worth visiting . Should not be forced to scheduled flights . If you come across some of the districts for the period fairs , do not forget to visit . In Çanakkale highway transportation , as well as by sea occurs. From the center of Troy , as Alexandreia centers can be reached by minibus and bus . Able to find a car in half an hour . Eceabat from Canakkale Bozcaada and Gökçeada ferry service is also available .
Assos (Behramkale) history of BC To 2000 are based . BC In the year 1000 , founded by colonists from the Aegean island of Assos , respectively, Lydians and Persians came to the sovereignty . BC Delos in 500 years ( Marine Expeditionary Unit ) was a member . BC In the years around 300 who took over the management of the rich and noble Euboulos Assos , a city’s environment through science and was thought to be a center . During this period he married a woman of Assosl famous Greek philosopher Aristotle , did work in the city and opened a school of logic . ( 348-345 BC ) then ruled by Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire was . A.D. Byzantine rule began in 395 BC . Byzantine, Makram has called the settlement . This name was later transformed into the present Behram . In this period, but still a well-guarded residential area began to shrink , I. Murat attended during the Ottoman Empire . During the Republican era began in the region considered cultural treasures . Assos and the surrounding historical and cultural values ​​, 1970 “s after , both locals and foreign visitors’ interest was the focus . During the 1980s in the excavations made important remains are encountered , Assos in tourism further claims has won it .

Assos many myths and rumors about the history there . One of them is the subject Aristotle . Reportedly , Assos King Hermias ‘s sister was the legendary beauty of Pythias . Hermias , Aristotle had called Assos , not from Athens Aristotle sees Pythias fell in love. Hermias , a friend put a condition for the marriage of his sister ; Aristotle establishes a school in the city , with the marriage of his sister ‘s gonna be approved . Aristotle married Pythias and Aristotle with the end of the city has made ​​great contributions to the scientific and intellectual development .
Things to Do
In Assos, there are many places for sightseeing . The most important temple of Athena . Anatolia’s oldest temple of Doric style from the beginning of the Temple of Athena , the agora, theater and gymnasium with the remains intriguing. Unfortunately, there are now around a state of ruin . Standing a few columns of the Temple of Athena , the restoration work is in progress. Assos in the same environment can also see the castle and bridge . Since the circumference of Acropolis from the Bronze Age settlement became a center , so here there are traces of many civilizations . Some of the valuable remains from excavations looted a portion outside of Turkey , a portion of the Canakkale Archaeological Museum . Assos ” ‘s history in more detail those wishing to examine , Canakkale Archaeological Museum to see the magnificent should . Of Behram , Assos remains are found high hill face when you look at the island of Lesbos will see . Assos Harbour , the views and restaurant with a very attractive place . Harbour 3 kilometers from the future the beach is waiting for you . Galley beach to walk possible , a boat skip to go as well. Behramkale 25 kilometers west Chrysler ancient city ‘s . Apollo Smintheus ruins of the Temple here. Gülpınar the beach to go swimming favorable. nearby historical sites as well You may want to see . Trouser ruins of Alexandria in Ezine ‘s . Yeşilyurt Village next to the Altar of Zeus, one of the places to be seen .

Assos half an hour away in Hisar Role in ” Troy is a distinct destination like … the most romantic legend of one of the passes Troy, domestic and foreign visitors pass by without seeing their place. Later the wooden horse , Homer, from the pen we read the epic moment keeps alive . Visitors wooden horse to enter into , close to have pictures taken are queuing . Troy the Bronze period since been inhabited place. excavations here in the parliament , theater and city hall ruins were found. wars for many structures damaged , residential areas have been destroyed . Trojan enacted in Canakkale Archaeological Museum remains important in the moment .

Assos and the surrounding natural beauty and well worth a visit . Mount Ida, which is the subject of legend fresh air , picnics and camping sites , offers a unique setting with flowers as you dream . Let’s not forget the surrounding hot springs . Kestanbol in Ezine , Gure in Edremit , in Küçükkuyu Küçükçetm , the Edremit Aphrodite spa attracts visitors from the four seasons .

Festivals held between August 10 to 14 in Canakkale Troy in ” çekebilicek interested in so many events are held . Already Assos ” s environment is spliced ​​with local festivals and fairs . Especially in the summer will surely come across someone .
Wining and Dining
Most of the restaurants around the harbor in Assos and specialize in seafood . Squid, as well as seafood such as shrimp , grilled fish also another taste of Assos . Depending on restaurants, hotels and hostels are run often . Parallel with the Mediterranean coast tourist attractions in prices .

There are seafood specialties outside of Assos . Because pure olive oil and olive groves are in demand these dishes cooked with olive oil . Halva cheese , yogurt, buttermilk, butter, cheese, dairy products such as cheese really privileged . Behramköy ” reputation suggest you try the pancakes .
In Assos, olive oil, soap , handmade carpets of the highest quality of products as diverse as you can find. Troy will remind you of various sizes may also be interested in the wooden horses . While you will come across the road from the old peasant women in Behram manual labor , you can get eye-straining booties . Thyme also not be forgotten. Olive oil and oregano, will add flavor to your meals . Not too many shops in the village . If you need to make a very detailed shopping , Ayvacık need to go to the county .
Outdoor Sports
Regional surf , ideal for underwater sports . Babakale to dive off the coast of the Gulf of Saros can enjoy . Sortie in the Dardanelles is also a distinct pleasure . You can use the yachting marina in the Dardanelles . To begin the journey are at the point where the true blue . Assos and the surrounding area who have an interest in hiking , trekking is a haven for lovers . Trojan National Park, Gallipoli National Park centers in this sense . Of Edremit – Behramkale and horseback excursions are organized , as well as walks . Legends , as well as clean air and taken under protection with flowers famous trekking trails around Mount Ida in popularity day by day . Mıhlıçay historic bridge and mill around and catch your attention immediately . The scent of thyme and olive trees, the region’s properties. Surrounded by rocks on the lake at a depth of 30 meters , make diving a separate feat. In the surrounding hotels tennis , billiards sport is being done. Bike trails around Assos targeting a healthy life offers an opportunity to the visitors . Even going up to Troy from Canakkale bike is going well . Babakale inter – Behramkale attracts campers . Galley Bay quite popular places in the camp . In the summer and camp life , you can enjoy both the beach .
In Assos best-known elements to create health problems , the wind in the winter months . Other than that mild maritime climate, the type does not overwhelm you , it will freeze in the winter . On the contrary, in a wooded area , both physically as well as mentally , relax , you will rest . Such a peaceful location in Assos Assos … you can find a public health service . There are health centers . In the Dardanelles on many issues present an improved state hospital . Canakkale State Hospital between the hours of 12:45 to 13:30 noon 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning examination can be examined by appointment .
Edremit , Edremit Edremit


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