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General Information
” The city center the Red River ”

At the foot of a hill on the banks of the Red River stretches Avanos … Over the city’s oldest residential houses remain standing on the board , with their unique architecture, is also resisting . As you delve down of old and new are intertwined ; pottery workshop since the time of the Hittites are turning stones , the Red River backwater parts of the city are still feeding . Wooden bridge goes down, the other side of the river traces of growth , expanding from history and tradition , but a break from the Central Anatolian town … More distant fairy chimneys , rock churches , the abandoned village Zelve sad … History and nature on the other side of the river waiting for you …
May – September , though more intense cross , Avanos, Cappadocia destinations throughout the year as all the attention. During the winter months , snow fairy chimneys often rides oil güçleşs , although views of the valley under snow does not get tired .
Avanos, Nevsehir province, whose closest center is 20 kilometers away … There are buses from almost every major city of Nevsehir . Between private buses from Nevsehir shield “Shortcut” to those who are labeled as if a thousand , you can drill in Avanos . Contrary to the supposition of some shortcuts visitor attractions of a town or place name , not just a route with fewer stops . ” Long Distance ” is by bus , with fairy chimneys and churches of Avanos, which is one of the absolute must-see in Zelve able to reach … 12 -hour trip from Istanbul to Nevsehir bus can go , or is very close to the city with a direct flight you can get off at the airport .
Region Local Transportation
Avanos, Urgup and Goreme of private buses are every half an hour . The point of departure of the bus near the city center bus terminal … Intercity bus leaves from the same place .

Another stop will be useful for urban transportation , the Red River at the beginning of the vehicles on the bridge , the river ‘s bank a market . If you want to go to Zelve , ” long-distance ” must ride the bus to one of the short road users Zelvia passing a few kilometers away .
Avanos near the first settlement on record , a few kilometers from the city of today Zelve … From the ninth century, for nearly four centuries , the monastery region’s religious life has a central role . Today’s is located in Avanos , for the first time five years between the Medes and the Lydians emerges as a major war occur . This war was greatly damaged both communities . Seljuk period, Avanos , emerges as a small village . Still in the area , Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman period structures able to see …
Things to Do
If there is certainly a lot to be seen in Avanos , this rock churches and abandoned villages in the Zelva …

A few kilometers from the city center in an open -air museum , churches carved into the fairy chimneys and other ruins in the area belonging to the monastery ‘s life . Fish is the most interesting churches , churches Geyikli and Raisin … Zelva is the focus of a continuous influx of visitors , and especially around the entrance door tea gardens, restaurants, souvenir stands, have created a market comprised of . When you step through the door , brought about by nature over millions of years watching admiringly fairy chimneys , carved churches can visit. Zelva within the limits of open-air museum , the remains of the old village is located Zelva . Until 1952, the village where life took , landslide hazards , in places as a result of wear and cracks have been forced to move due to security reasons .

Avanos many of the old houses that are still in good condition , in the upper side of the city center , at the foot of the hill you can see the Old City . Today Avanos, as an extension of the old city continues down the slope ; sometimes potters , gift shops AnlArIylA intertwine with the city’s historic district . The Roman period can be seen in the museum of the town of Avanos Lahti . The most important works of the Ottoman era , and Alaeddin Mosque Saruhan Caravanserai …
Wining and Dining
Avanos local tastes , will find themselves in the middle of town last Kızılırmak’a source … Residents of the city , ” come to Avanos not get from eating fish on the banks of the river ,” they say . Freshwater fish is a favorite of visitors … The edge of the Red River , especially near the wooden bridge at the menus of almost all open-air fish restaurants . You can select from the live trout pond in the garden , accompanied by a smile , even if you want your fish you can catch your own bucket extended network . Still not to the taste of those who are fond of trout , carp hump Although more difficult , ” mustache “, the Red River has carved a place in the local cuisine for centuries as broadcast fish are proposing .
In Avanos pottery, handicraft ongoing since the Hittites … Pottery workshops are found all over the city . Especially in tourist who brought them red soil of the Red River , in the hands of craftsmen able to follow the shaping … If you want you can participate in the production process , you can try rotating your dues on the counter . Besides taking your own piece to take home the most attractive options , ideal for wine testing and soil casseroles hand …
Of health centers in the city as well as private experts and dentist ‘s surgeries . Write and evening sun is burning steppes attention to sudden changes in the weather !
Goreme, Urgup, Nevsehir
Holidays with Children
As in all of Cappadocia in Avanos, difficult to work with the kids … Avanos , at least you can relax after a tiring tour of the fairy chimneys such as the tea garden canopy offers an ease with the majority of places . Permanently installed at the edge of the Red River in an old-fashioned amusement park , ferris wheel , bumper cars and with balerina may be of interest to some small .

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